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Newsletter for Oct – Dec 2018

Here are some of the highlights from this issue…

Plane makes emergency landing at Double M Stables!

A small plane made an emergency landing in the infield of the racetrack at Double M Stables on October 2nd. A vintage plane arrived at Hot Springs Memorial Field the morning before, pilot spent the night in Hot Springs that evening and took off the next afternoon.

Apparently the engine began giving the pilot issues, so he put it down. John Ward,former ATBHA Mem- ber, and thoroughbred owner and trainer who owns property and a restaurant, Ward’s Craw- fish Hole, near the training center was outside the restaurant when he heard the plane go over heading north and sputtering. He said he knew something wasn’t right, then the plane came back headed in the opposite direction extremely low. Ward said he could almost touch the wheels so he immediately called a friend at Double M Stables and warned them that a plane was going down and appeared to be headed to their infield. Sure enough, the plane was a little sideways coming in, but it went down pretty smooth, had a successful landing … and that was it!

Rayana, Registered Arkansas-bred

In 2013 at the age of 21, Kelsi Harr began working for Al Cates as an exercise rider. She continued in that position until 2018 when she began to accrue a string of firsts during the 25th year of her life.

At the end of March 2018 Kelsi took the test to become an assistant trainer and passed it on her very first attempt. She continued to ride in the mornings and saddled in the paddock. in the afternoons for Al Cates Racing. She received her first win as an assistant trainer on the third horse that she saddled at Oaklawn Park, Bella My Girl, for owner J & J Thoroughbreds (Joe & Jeannie Benight).

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