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Newsletter for Jan – Mar 2019

Here are some of the highlights from this issue…

It’s A New Year!

Oaklawn’s 2019 live meet started with record attendance and temperatures to accommodate the faithful patrons!! ATBHA’s 2018 foal registrations are complete and the calculations for the incentive awards have begun! What a wonderful start to the new year!

The new year also means the breeding farms are gearing up to bring the 2019 foals into the world followed by breeding broodmares so this same cycle can continue next year. What a wonderful life!

Louis Cella first announced an extended 2019 race meet … Stay Until May!

Then he announced a $100,000,000 investment for Oaklawn’s many expansions His visions just keep on coming! What a beautiful beginning!

The pre-expansion preparations have started. Just look around. The heavy construction will begin May 6th. Expansion to the gaming area. Construction of a Hotel. What a wonderful story this will be!

We are all a part of the story … we are all excited to see it come to fruition!
Hats off to you Louis Cella! Folks, hang on for the ride! It’s gonna be fun!!!

Awards Banquet Update

The ATBHA Awards Banquet will be held at the Hotel Hot Springs Friday, April 5, 2019. The format will basically be the same as previous years, but with a “Down Home Buffet” to keep the cost the same as it was previously. Hopefully most Arkansans like fried fish and baked chicken breast with the sides, plus cobbler and bread pudding for dessert! The Hotel Hot Springs is offering complimentary chips and dips and half price house wine and domestic beers for the cocktail hour.

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