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13290 2002 C Sunday Express Thisjudgeisaprinc A Proper Lady Horton Syd
13286 2002 F Risky Redhead Unbridled’s Risk Abby Anja McDonald Judy L.
13541 2002 C Sandy Moment Sandpit Ackouthemoment Prentice, III Bryant H.
13347 2002 C Adequately Bold Bold Anthony Adequate McDowell Farm
13442 2002 C Adios Kip Kipling Adios Carr Center Hills Farm
13488 2002 F Etbauer’s Song Etbauer Aerial Launch Biggs Hays & Kaaren
13410 2002 F Janets Storm Storm and a Half Affy Goodwin Jay
13297 2002 G Ain’t He A Pistol Country Store Ain’t She A Pistol Gibson & Jorja Fourroux John
13335 2002 F Entrant Etbauer All Blue Peppertree Farm c/o Joe Mayers
13348 2002 F All Bold Bold Anthony All Sold Out McDowell Farm
13487 2002 C Etbauer Power Etbauer Alydisia Biggs Hays & Kaaren
13468 2002 Reds Cinnamon Cinnamon Creek Amber Branch Dixson, Sr. Emmett M.
13365 2002 C Special Bargain Country Store Amen Special Raabe Carl
13577 2002 C Lil Bit Stormy Storm and a Half Appreciate Slone Paul
13407 2002 C Scatcango Scatmandu Athena Patina King Edward
13231 2002 C El Beach El Amante Beach Caper Newman C. Frank
13446 2002 F Stormy Beat Storm and a Half Beat Lady Luck Adams Ron
13237 2002 F Beau Legged Martha Sumkind of Game Beau Leggs Jones Don R
13379 2002 F General Benefit American Geneal Bellaczar Witt Ernie
13445 2002 F Silver Gremlin Gremlin Grey Benjamin’s Lady Gibson & Jorja Fourroux John
13246 2002 C Stormy Half Storm And A Half Bertie’s Trick Sargent Jim
13357 2002 C Gold Chance Tricky Six Black Mist Hunt, Jr. William M.
13263 2002 F Golden Jessica Gold Case Black Tie Event Newman C F
13253 2002 C/G Take Care Business Marquee Star Blazin Joy Hamilton Jimmy D
13398 2002 C Country Digger Country Store Bloomin Lady Branum Eugene & Linda
13380 2002 C General Genius American General Bold Genius Witt Ernie
13296 2002 C Hay Sy Cinnamon Creek Bomballurina Tooth-Acres Farm, LLC
13339 2002 F Doll and a Half Storm And A Half Brass Doll Millsap Stable, Inc.
13466 2002 C Breezies Spirit Late Act Breezing Bonnet Carter Donna
13264 2002 C Megabyte Chief Seattle Bright Royal Newman C F
13229 2002 F Rowdy Bouquet Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy Burgandy Bouquet Coleman, Jr. Water C.
13489 2002 C Treg Etbauer Etbauer Cahill Kitty Biggs Hays & Kaaren
13437 2002 F Caller Up Lucky Lionel Caller Waiting Center Hills Farm
13388 2002 C The Capt.’s Reddie Saint Reddie Capt. Golden Girl Ward, II Mike
13381 2002 C General World American General Carols World Witt Ernie
13236 2002 F Mertzon Certain Conviction Hall Bobby Lee
13537 2002 F Lauren Marie Idabel Chanels Lisa Marie Prince Gerald
13429 2002 C C J’s Country Country Store Charming Dream Raabe & John C. Knoll Carl
13476 2002 C Paint Creek Cinnamon Creek Cherokee Paint Choctaw Racing, Inc. Dwight Sutherland
13276 2002 C Outspoken Out of Place Chunter Tooth-Acres Farm, LLC
13256 2002 C Posey Joe Littlebitlively Cindy’s Mark Howell Chris
13473 2002 F Haps Honey Etbauer Classic Metfield Poindexter Allen
13341 2002 C Bold Acceleration Accelerator Cool Plum McDowell Farm
13289 2002 F Mandy Lea Storm and a Half Court a Lex Wright Jack G
13386 2002 F Cozy Reporter Joy’s Report Cozy Glade Ward Kathy
13387 2002 C Cozy Forecast Storm and a Half Cozy Moment Ward, II Mike
13382 2002 F General Session American General Crafty Plot Witt Ernie
13475 2002 C Rip Dabs Cinnamon Creek Crimson Flagship Choctaw Racing, Inc. Dwight Sutherland
13226 2002 C Montut A V Eight Crown Princess Holthus Debbie
13279 2002 F Mary’s Miss Kitty Storm And A Half Cynpamdeb Kilgore Mary M
13967 2002 F Tori’s Pine Siberian Pine Dance Tori Dance Finkbeiner & Joe Roach Ron
13417 2002 F Tango Session Bold Anthony Dancen in the Rain Smith Don R.
13499 2002 G Cat and a Half Storm and a Half Dancing Deborah Fourroux Jorja
13474 2002 F Joyful Gal Etbauer Dancing Jana Poindexter Allen
13459 2002 F Star of Idabel Idabel Daring Appeal Phelps Jimmy R
13530 2002 F Queen Sandra Cinnamon Creek Daytona Sherry Ward William R.
13239 2002 F Such a Trick Tricky Six Delightful Duchess Moore Melvin
13245 2002 C Take a Pass A V Eight Demons Beware Sanders Roy G
13329 2002 C Humble Deputy Humble Eleven Deputy Clerk Danaher James
13368 2002 F Hurricane Junction Storm and a Half Dereks Junction Cole Kim
13463 2002 F Salem Sez Salem Drive Desert Appeal Thiel Libbie & John
13505 2002 C Storm of Diamonds Storm and a Half Diamondsonmyshoes Roman Mary F
13285 2002 F Doc’s Final Dance Harperstown Doc’s Dancer Thornton Denver
13383 2002 F General Sacrifice American General Donny’s Dawn Witt Ernie
13423 2002 F Single P Bold Anthony Double P. Smith Don R.
13295 2002 Wodrow Juel Siberian Pine Double Progress Juels Woody
13317 2002 C Wild Shivers Wild Zone Dynastic Merle Winemiller Becky
13278 2002 F Jimgems Harperstown Earl’s Pearl Huff Jimmy L
13373 2002 F Brandie Bee Unbridled’s Risk Easter Secret Matthews Walt R
13808 2002 C Rocky Joseph Pm Valid Expectations Eightress Winemiller Becky
13424 2002 C Pass It On Bold Anthony Evil Passion Smith Don R.
13230 2002 F Ms. Greed Evansville Slew Excavating Reed Jack
13274 2002 G Sir Roger Dodger Storm And A Half Fair Majesty Walls Tommy
13518 2002 F Babee Jingles A V Eight Faisana Hild Sharon & Glenn
13338 2002 C Half a Rumor Storm And A Half False Rumor Millsap Stable, Inc.
13441 2002 F Somebodyloveme Littlebitlively Fearless Love Center Hills Farm
13419 2002 F Tony Chapeau Bold Anthony Fifi Fedora Smith Don R.
13283 2002 C Storm And A Half Five Forty Five Ward Kathy
13509 2002 C Powerzoom This Picture Fleet Fleet Calhoun Karl
13547 2002 F Lou’s Girl Louis Quatorze Folia Burdette & Jim Stephenson Ross
13266 2002 F My Liliana Louis Quatorze Forever Wild Again Newman C F
13602 2002 F Juli’s Prospector Speak Forlionjuli Favre Gerald & Jeff
13411 2002 C Jaystown Leestown Full of Life Goodwin Jay
13336 2002 C Stormy But Crafty Storm And A Half Gastashun Millsap Stable, Inc.
13402 2002 C Seeking Freedom Southern Forest Gentle Tiff Branum Eugene & Linda
13318 2002 F Nina’s Pick Forever Dancer Ginny’s Ellie Mae Winemiller Becky
13392 2002 F Glitz Kickoff Country Store Golden Glitz Ross John & Nancy
13403 2002 F Unbridled Mystery Unbridled’s Risk Granma’s Demand Welch Billy
13405 2002 C Unbridled Bubba Unbridled’s Risk Grannycandance Welch Billy
13360 2002 F Half a Storm Storm and a Half Grey Code Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
13271 2002 F Angel’s Shadow Laffer Hale’s Angel Hale Jimmie L.
13504 2002 F Rosa Tigre Storm and a Half Halifax Rose Roman Mary F
13249 2002 C Heaven Helpus A V Eight Heart Gifts Bayley Sonja
13304 2002 F Bold N Love Bold Anthony Helen Blazes McDowell Farm
13490 2002 F Hollie Etbauer Etbauer Here Comes Claire Biggs Hays & Kaaren
13310 2002 C Must’abeencrazy Valid Expectations Hey Kiddo Winemiller Becky
13291 2002 C Gottabeacrook Leestown Hillian McDowell Farm
13636 2002 F Stagedoor Act Late Act Hold Your Prospect Buttercup Enterprises/Neal Short
13494 2002 C Epps Bold Anthony Horn’s Girl Five Star Racing Stable
13332 2002 F Humble Ronnie Humble Eleven Humble Heidi Ho Danaher James
13331 2002 C Humble Burford Humble Eleven Humble Retha Danaher James
13330 2002 C Humble Traveler Humble Eleven Humble Seventeen Danaher James
13334 2002 F Humble Kelly Storm And A Half Humble Thirteen Danaher James
13375 2002 F Paige is a Princess Caracey Hungarian Wish Morris David
13521 2002 C Givemeahurricane A V Eight Hurri the Queen Hild Sharon & Glenn
13400 2002 C Never Ack This Picture I Gotta Code Branum Eugene & Linda
13354 2002 F Flashy’s Storm Storm and a Half I Survive King Dennis
13728 2002 F Arara Cinnamon Creek Ice Boat Edwards Randy
13471 2002 F Rosebel Idabel Ile de Clare Anthony John F
13809 2002 C Gray Trooper Fashion Find Ile de Dixie Gray Winemiller Becky
13361 2002 C T Code Super Code Imatexantoo Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
13292 2002 C Calaja Deputy Diamond Improvising McDowell Farm
13352 2002 F Snowstormandahalf Storm and a Half Inphonet Ramey Lina L
13362 2002 C Pana Code Super Code Ipana Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
13496 2002 C Irish Regent Big Woods Irish Gray Key Tommy
13344 2002 C Flameanahalf Leestown Is Rosalind McDowell Farm
13376 2002 C Turner Connection Caracey Its All Yours Morris David
13351 2002 F Cinnamon Rocket Cinnamon Creek J. J. Bay Jacobs Keith
13416 2002 C Joel Like a Soldier Janets Starry Nite Black Ralph
13250 2002 F Jeri West Moving Shoulder Jeri Top Johnson Don R.
13272 2002 F Inahaleofahurry Laffer Jim’s Lucky Lady Hale Jimmie L.
13288 2002 F Thisisyourday Unbridled’s Risk Josh’s Gray Dawn Kimberlin James
13282 2002 F Western Tigress Tiger Tiger Journey West Ward Kathy
13430 2002 C Captain Dodge Kipling Juana Dodge Center Hills Farm
13315 2002 C Cody Creek Cinnamon Creek Judge Coder Lew-Mar Partnership (See copy of Court papers in awards file) c/o Johnny Lee Marshall
13452 2002 C Action Shot This Picture Jumpette Brennan Terry
13280 2002 F Pay Mea Lode Comstock Lode Just Got Paid Ward Kathy
13312 2002 F Fashion Release Fashion Find Just Released Winemiller Becky
13287 2002 F Lovely Linda Country Store Karen Robyn Williams Charles
13328 2002 C Humble Nijinsky Siberian Pine Karleen’s Toast Danaher James
13235 2002 F Sister Bobbye Mertzon Kathywithak Hall Bobby Lee
13346 2002 C Storm Chant Storm and a Half Keep on Dancing McDowell Farm
13413 2002 F B B’s Darling Broadway Bullet Kelly’s Legion Cline & Lloyd Hedden Leon
13251 2002 F Lookin’in Unbridled’s Risk Kristaldancer Welch Billy F.
13210 2002 C I’m Catty Cats Career Lady Emma Ives Tommy
13439 2002 C Lady Chaser Mutakddin Lady Garthorn Center Hills Farm
13299 2002 F Demanding Lady Idabel Lady Kilowatt Wright Jack G
13353 2002 C Cool Bobby Olympic Prospector Lady Trina Ramey Bobby
13393 2002 F Darion’s Dream Cat’s Career Lali Ives Tommy
13444 2002 F Zeroah  DIED Cinnamon Creek Laredo Rose Walker Robert
13389 2002 F Club Siberian Siberian Pine Lark Hawk Shortleaf Stable Kathy
13539 2002 C Hillbilly Hart Cinnamon Creek Larry’s Angel Rinehart Larry
13293 2002 C Pepay’s Steve Bold Anthony Late Flight McDowell Farm
13243 2002 F Junion High Queen A V Eight Laughing Queen Covington Nena & Bob
13457 2002 F My Girl Cinnamon Cinnamon Creek Letdaddoit Edwards John S
13307 2002 F Ashley’s Indigorain Harperstown Libba’s Nightie Henry Jack & Christine
13527 2002 C Lil’s Town Harperstown Lil’s Fur Coat Wright Jack G
13267 2002 C U R My Son Acceptable Links Leading Lady Newman C F
13363 2002 F No Help Needed Super Code Liska’s Legend Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
13465 2002 C Grey Picture This Picture Little Ira Annie Carter Donna
13422 2002 F Surroundedbyfools Bold Anthony Little Queenie Smith Don R.
13209 2002 F Swinging Siberian Siberian Pine Lively Lizzie Sabin Ray E. & Nancy A.
13542 2002 C Screen the Sand Sandpit Losthepicture Prentice, III Bryant H.
13313 2002 C Tollie Tee I’Am Cured Love My Style Frazier M H & Pat C
13377 2002 C Easy Luck Caracey Lovinyou Morris David
13308 2002 F Don’t Cry Kip Kipling Mae Cry Phelps Ralph E
13356 2002 F Maggio Joy’s Report Maggie Ann Tolin Tim
13300 2002 C Scottish Man A V Eight Maid in Dixie Ezekiel Marshall
13277 2002 C Idaorphan Idabel Maris Orphan Huff Jimmy L
13443 2002 C Rluckyrock Lucky Lionel Martini Rose Center Hills Farm
13501 2002 C Straightupndirty Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy Meadow Creek Queen Rand Antoinette
13314 2002 C Merci Man I’Am Cured Merci’ocain Frazier M H & Pat C
13462 2002 F Sweet Chatter Talkin Man Mining’s Majesty Thiel Libblie & John
13528 2002 C Bob’s Real Deal Idabel Miss E Ward William R.
13523 2002 F Hurricane Alice Cinnamon Creek Miss Sun Lover Hild Sharon & Glenn
13350 2002 V. Eight A V Eight Mississipi Mae Dodd Leland
13418 2002 F Joe T’s Wendy Bold Anthony Missouri Force Smith Don R.
13514 2002 C Your Guess Cinnamon Creek Mo Kitty Hild Sharon & Glenn
13364 2002 F Snow Code Super Code Modest Glow Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
13397 2002 F La Blue State Dinner Moonbound Branum Eugene & Cody
13367 2002 C Half Splendor Storm and a Half Morning Splendor Millsap Stable, Inc.
13378 2002 C Morning Payne Caracey Morningstar Maid Morris David
13525 2002 F Concret Angle Cinnamon Creek Mountain Meadow Hild Sharon & Glenn
13275 2002 C Stormthe Barracks Lost Soldier Mousekneer Tooth-Acres Farm, LLC
13394 2002 F D J’s Boy Comstock Lode Mucca Ives Tommy
13467 2002 Ritas Wampus Cat Storm and a Half Muy Rico Dixson, Sr. Emmett M.
13461 2002 F Zazen American General My Thanks Witt Ernie
13802 2002 C Natgear Idabel Myrna Anne Glover James
13621 2002 C Nalees Picture This Picture Nalees Lady Dunlap David L.
13434 2002 F Kipling’s Arrow Kipling Native Marshua Center Hills Farm
13455 2002 C Bold Rastus Bold Anthony Necromancer Bussey Jim
13372 2002 Devil Bold Bold Anthony Nee of the Night Lawrence David
13453 2002 C Attheflash Storm and a Half Nipsy Von Corley, Jr. Bill
13311 2002 F Fashion for Sher Fashion Find No Good Winemiller Becky
13506 2002 C Northern Thistle Harperstown North Sea Blossom Roman Mary F
13301 2002 C Prospects of Gold Mertzon Notimelost Kirkland Kenneth W.
13522 2002 F Noxie’s Storm Storm and a Half Noxie Hild Sharon & Glenn
13309 2002 C Olympic USA Spectacular Son Olympic Fling Phelps Ralph E
13303 2002 F Half Merit Storm And A Half On Her Merit McDowell Farm
13232 2002 C Blackjack Again Bold Anthony Orgullo Del Sur Newman C. Frank
13240 2002 F Silver Canyon Cinnamon Creek Owney Moore Melvin
13512 2002 F Whiskeyparty Western City Partyball Hild Sharon & Glenn
13491 2002 C Kord Etbauer Etbauer Pat’s Gift Biggs Hays & Kaaren
13242 2002 C Feasibility Siberian Pine Patienceisavirtue Hall Bobby Lee
13343 2002 C Rock Island Bridge Bold Anthony Peaches M. McDowell Farm
13408 2002 F Eight Pearls A V Eight Pearle’s Holme King Edward
13261 2002 C The Bigger Picture This Picture Pentfoot White & Starr Racing, Inc. Dan
13284 2002 F Misty Sugar Babe’sgremlinpeace Permiss’s Miss Olds Lowell
13251 2002 F Stormin Chels Storm and a Half Persistent Holly Hutzel Jim
13472 2002 F Bella Pina Idabel Pinon Anthony John F
13340 2002 F Jet Angel Pine Bluff Pixie Missy McDowell Farm
13470 2002 F A.Z. Zip Cien Fuegos Pizza Puddle Mix Tom
13497 2002 F Little House Big Woods Play House Key Tommy
13502 2002 F Barbedwireandroses Storm and a Half Play My Song Oliver Barry
13801 2002 C Country Store Playsump’nsweet Letterman Sheela
13374 2002 F Flameanahalf Storm and a Half Pocahontas Flame Billeaudeau James Roy
13370 2002 C Pocazzone Wild Zone Pocasset Parra Ro
13448 2002 C Phil’s Lucky Touch Storm and a Half Popolue Longtin Joseph C
13500 2002 C Best Storm Ever Storm and a Half Presiding Lady Whited David
13359 2002 C Storm and a Half Princess Keys Gulla Vincent
13420 2002 F Wendy Mogambo Bold Anthony Princess Mogambo Smith Don R.
13456 2002 C Blue Drifter I’m Hell Raiser Princessipian Bussey Jim
13469 2002 Malcolm D Cat Storm and a Half Promise Time Dixson, Sr. Emmett M.
14004 2002 F Cinnamon Ring Cinnamon Creek Proper Halo Roach & Ron Finkbeiner Joe J
13741 2002 C Crooked Prospect Storm and a Half Prospect South Juels Woody
13540 2002 C Halo Hart Saint Reddie Queen Anglia Rinehart Larry
13526 2002 F Guite This Picture Queen Mum Hild Sharon & Glenn
13319 2002 C Cox’s Run Divine Anointed Quick Kick Kit Cogburn Bobby D
13431 2002 F Kiplingette Kipling Rahy’s Sport Center Hills Farm
13436 2002 F Kipling Kiss Kipling Raiding Party Center Hills Farm
13225 2002 C Raja’s Star This Picture Raja Momma Kilkerry Farm
13254 2002 C Little Reb Little Red Reb Rebel Ace Miller Glen
13412 2002 C Janet’s Son A Corkering Limmerick Rev’s Rocket Goodwin Jay
13294 2002 C Wow Yao Bold Anthony Robin’s Daria McDowell Farm
13252 2002 C Taylor’s First Brazoria Room for Two Hutzel Jim
13492 2002 F Jacie Etbauer Etbauer Rose Code Biggs Hays & Kaaren
13384 2002 C General Wolf American General Roseisaroseisarose Witt Ernie
13531 2002 C Spicey Water Cinnamon Creek Royal Hick Altom Russell
13414 2002 C Lucky Partee Satan Sleeps S.P.’s Big Honey Black Ralph
13529 2002 F Holli Wood Run Cinnamon Creek Sable’s Able Ward William R.
13255 2002 F Little Red Reb Saganaw Miss Miller Glen
13249 2002 C Explosive Nights Explosive Ridge Scoot n Boogie Hill James R
13560 2002 C Young Knight Precocity Seattle Jingle Center Hills Farm
13233 2002 C Pocket Phone Seattle Sensation Amyx Bobbie
13305 2002 C Stormin Bleu Storm And A Half Sehrehzade Henry Jack & Christine
13460 2002 F Dazzle of Beauty Etbauer She’s the Key Phelps Jimmy R
13533 2002 F Shirkeys Ready Southern Forest Shirkeys Star Beebe Bill
13458 2002 C Shuggare Southern Forest Shuggie Dunn Bill
13556 2002 C Rusty Edge Croydon Silver Hope Schiff & Joan Petruzzo Sylvia
13333 2002 C Humble Silver Humble Eleven Silver Villa Danaher James
13247 2002 C Furs Gonna Fly Brassy Wells Simps Robertson Richard L & Wayne Moorehead
13515 2002 F It’s Question Cinnamon Creek Sister Pretty Hild Sharon & Glenn
13415 2002 F Miss Blue Secret Secret Claim Slew of Blues Black Ralph
13508 2002 C Imthelord Lord of the Field Slewcano Crooker Steve
13406 2002 C Smoking Creek Cinnamon Creek Smoking Riva Hicks Alton
13464 2002 F Wild But Sweet Wild Zone Snowcapade Thiel Libbie & John
13238 2002 C Uncle Marty Cinnamon Creek Sob’s Pet Moore Melvin
13391 2002 C Dancin for Joy Joy’s Report Solid Gold Dancer Price David
13714 2002 F Rainbow Kisses Storm and a Half Southern Debutante Fields Bobby
13358 2002 F Send It All Storm and a Half Spark O Matic Gulla Vincent
13519 2002 C I’m Abyrd Cinnamon Creek Sparrow Hild Sharon & Glenn
13342 2002 C/G Mr. Shock And Awe Deputy Diamond Spectacular Song McDowell Farm
13316 2002 F Champagne Fizz Manzotti Speedy Enforcer Winemiller Becky
13281 2002 F Saint Reddie Spicy Patty Ward Kathy
13447 2002 C Kemper Camper Storm and a Half Split Dividend Longtin Joseph C
13268 2002 C Stafsgt Chuck Romanov (IRE) Sportin’ Image Newman C F
13298 2002 F Cree Esta Believe It Star Tone Newman Don
13516 2002 F Torn Storm and a Half Stitch and Sew Hild Sharon & Glenn
13524 2002 C Stripe It A V Eight Stripe Hild Sharon & Glenn
13345 2002 C Diamonds for Dixie Deputy Diamond Struttin Ruffin McDowell Farm
13349 2002 F Sassy Town Charmer Leestown Study the Beat Dodd Leland
13421 2002 C Region Banker Bold Anthony Suzy Banker Smith Don R.
13432 2002 F Diva Bride Kipling Swing Into Action Center Hills Farm
13248 2002 F Treasure Creek Cinnamon Creek Ten Mile Creek Davis Ron D
13425 2002 F Bold Witch Bold Anthony The Good Witch Smith Don R.
13355 2002 G Wild Honcho Lil Honcho The Infidel Shumake Ray
13390 2002 C T L’s Bullet Broadway Bullet Thorn Lady Price David
13520 2002 C Itstimi This Picture Timi Sister Hild Sharon & Glenn
13493 2002 C City Heat Cinnamon Creek Tiwa Baby Clem Susan
13269 2002 C Kemper Parade Ground Touchy Subject Newman C F
13435 2002 C Kipling’s Tower Kipling Tower Belle Center Hills Farm
13401 2002 C Wavering Buck A V Eight Treaty of Riga Branum Eugene & Linda
13438 2002 C Mighty Tuk Mighty Tukwila Center Hills Farm
13302 2002 F Lady Tunafish Lord Carson Tunita McDowell Farm
13810 2002 F Distinctlypossible Valid Expectations Turn the Flag Winemiller Becky
13337 2002 C Leon’s Best Storm And A Half Twining Terry Millsap Stable, Inc.
13244 2002 F Two By Eight A V Eight Two Stefees Covington Nena & Bob
13211 2002 F DIED Etbauer Two Steppin Molly Sanders Roy Gene
13409 2002 C Noble de Fence Noble Assembly Under Defence Slatton Lyman R.
13396 2002 F Dave’s Gal Harry Union Valley Gal Baker David
13507 2002 F Berry Rosey Lord of the Field Upper Berry Crooker Steve
13221 2002 F Cinnamon Queen Cinnamon Creek Vicksburg Queen Carman Winford
13395 2002 C Not Humble Harry Victoria Girl Baker David
13369 2002 C Lynx Creek Storm and a Half Vitabrite Cole Kim
13536 2002 F Prince’s Heiress Idabel Wall St. Heiress Prince Gerald
13433 2002 F Kiplings Moon Kipling Ward’s Precisioncut Center Hills Farm
13270 2002 F Hula Whoopi Bold Anthony Western Hula Newman C F
13451 2002 F Come On Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy Whatsthematterbooboo Brennan Jean
13517 2002 C Walkin A V Eight Whose Boots Hild Sharon & Glenn
13306 2002 F Jasmine on My Mind Idabel Wild Jasmine Henry Jack & Christine
13399 2002 F Sister Jill Southern Forest Wild Mystery Branum Eugene & Linda
13371 2002 F Witch’s Twitch Service Stripe Winthataway Parra Ro
13498 2002 F Lindy Luck Big Woods Wzup Linda Key Tommy
13440 2002 F Annie Buttons Lucky Lionel Yazma Center Hills Farm
13385 2002 F Academy Girl Joy’s Report Yukon Terror Ward Kathy
13495 2002 F Lareas Wish Hapigrin Zarb’s Wish Skelton Gary R
13404 2002 F Joann’s Red Dancer Unbridled’s Risk Zephyr Miss Welch Billy