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15402 2008 C Klumsy Stauder Abby’s Legend Blakely Mountain Farm, LLC
15327 2008 F Funontherun Aeneas Ragsdale Jonathan
15272 2008 C Barham Cinnamon Creek Alice de Rodashay Witt Ernie
15225 2008 C Woostershear All Blue Pepper Tree Farm
15369 2008 F Dance Dance Senora Running Stag All Signs Go Cornacchia Joseph
15413 2008 F Gretl Storm and a Half Alpine Spring Shortleaf Stable
15370 2008 C Shuflin Arnie New Trieste Aniko Cornacchia Joseph
15364 2008 C Jonesmill Oneofthejonesboys Annie Pannie Cannon T Ray
15250 2008 C Indy Trucker A P Million Ashleys Paige Watkins William & Susan
15437 2008 F Funontherun Atys Secret Nichols & Bob Nelson Nick
15475 2008 F All About Allie Storm and a Half Be Good Molly Sanders Brothers
15425 2008 F Faith Rising Wildcat Shoes Beautiful Bay Sheets Jeff & Greg
15392 2008 F Diva Eva Father Steve Belle Toujours Baker Mike & Cindy
15415 2008 C Storm and a Half Big Truffles Shortleaf Stable
15271 2008 C Star North Stark Ridge Bing Girl Jayaraman K K & V Devi
15443 2008 C Howdy Doody Time Southern Forest Black Chance Hunt, Jr. William M.
15410 2008 C B B Sampson Forty Won Blooming Bluff Black Ralph
15301 2008 F Southern Tunes Sweetsouthernsaint Blueshirts Dream Gulla Vincent
15263 2008 G Proper Rainbow Proper Ridge Bold Rainbows Dunlap David L
15227 2008 F Dixiebell Ring On Storm and a Half Brass Doll Millsap Stables, Inc.
15202 2008 Lexis Brief Flame Fan the Flame Brief Summary Wright Jack G.
15223 2008 C Rediron Man The Cliff’s Edge Broadstreetphilly McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15433 2008 F War Bonnet Macabe Brookside White Dan
15344 2008 F Sister Brown Father Steve Brownsugarhoney Martin Philip
15188 2008 F Champangefortwo King of Scat Buck’s Best Anderson Doug
15389 2008 F The Cliff’s Edge Bucks Talk Newman C. Frank
15292 2008 F Divine One Divine Spirit Callone Lancaster Douglas
15434 2008 F Indian Bluff Pine Bluff Candlestick White Dan
15208 2008 C Casanova Cowboy Storm and a Half Casanova Junction McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15432 2008 F Silver Case General Silver Casey’s Cool Cat Taylor Larry W
15378 2008 F Granny Joy He’s A Bull Certain Conviction Hall Bobby Lee
15193 2008 C Coreys Stormin Mad Storm and a Half Charlottes Find Dixon Ray
15213 2008 C Steamboat Steve Storm and a Half Chocolate Crunch McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15265 2008 F Paige’s Forest Southern Forest Cinnamon Ring Mullins Barbara
15404 2008 F Silk Dancer Stauder Cinnamon Silk Blakely Mountain Farm, LLC
15243 2008 F Ile St. Rosie Ile St. Louis Clever Encounter Glover James H.
15245 2008 Ile St. Rustin Ile St. Louis Cody Zamorra Glover James H.
15414 2008 F Orchard House Storm and a Half Cookie Bight Cove Shortleaf  Stable
15203 2008 G Hot Needle Fan the Flame Court a Lex Wright Jack G.
15708 2008 C Palace Romeo Proudest Romeo Courtly Ballad Brennan & Jack Preston Terry
15309 2008 F Soaring Suzanne Funontherun Dancingwithpassion Prince Gerald E.
15387 2008 F Millydawn Storm and a Half Dawn’s Chance Biggs Gene & Darla
15385 2008 C Paige Cheer Bid Glorious Bid Debs Paige MX2 Farms
15329 2008 C Deputy Forest Southern Forest Deputy Violet Anderson Farms
15313 2008 F Stonesez Grandstone Desert Appeal Thiel John & Libbie E.
15288 2008 F I Like My Chances – DIED Storm and a Half Destin’s Chance Vermillion Eva & Joe
15291 2008 F Father Steve Devilish Rose Crowell Lonnie
15416 2008 G Straightenemupboy Storm and a Half Different Opinion Abner Steven
15287 2008 F Cherry Dancer Hesabull Don’tbetardy Vermillion Eva & Joe
15273 2008 F Donna Cinnamon Creek Donny’s Dawn Witt Ernie
15375 2008 Girls Gotta Dance Running Stag Dream of Riches Cornacchia Joseph
15304 2008 F Angelic Hannah Explosive Truth E’s Beautiful Ward William R.
15255 2008 F Charm and a Half Storm and a Half El Prado Charm McFarlin Teresa
15205 2008 C Franks On Fire Pastor’s Caper Ememgeeemem Nielsen Charles D
15394 2008 C Go Harper Go Harperstown Emerson’s Go Jo Smith John Lee
15262 2008 F Proper Attitude   DIED Proper Ridge Emily’s Attitude Dunlap David L
15270 2008 C Star Affirmed Stark Ridge Encore Amour Jayaraman K K & V Devi
15226 2008 C Embolden Woostershear Equivalent Pepper Tree Farm
15318 2008 C Haydays Payday Father Steve Era Ives Tommy
15450 2008 C Hurry Hoss Storm and a Half Evelyn’s Rose Bailey Ed
15204 2008 F Allelulah Pastor’s Caper Excessive Success Nielsen Charles D
15269 2008 C Stellar Explosion Stark Ridge Explosive Trick Jayaraman K K & V Devi
15347 2008 C Kate’s Bluff Pine Bluff Fair Kate Smith Don R.
15256 2008 C Half a Well Storm and a Half Fare Thee Well McFarlin Teresa
15350 2008 F Emily Will Father Steve Fast Foxy Dory Williamson, Jr. James H.
15320 2008 F Girlsaten Tenpins Fighting Ruler Blankenship Jerry
15248 2008 G Storm Force Five Storm and a Half Fiveoutofsix Shields James H.
15399 2008 F Bebobaloo Bob’s Prospect Flash Run Bepop Bonhoff & Jerry Don Smith Nancy
15337 2008 F Confetti Queen Croydon Fleet Feet Street Hattenhauer Chris
15338 2008 F Kum Bi Yah Croydon Flop Deal Hattenhauer Chris
15254 2008 F High Diligence High Cascade Forever Diligent Covington Nena & Bob
15633 2008 C Humble and a Half Storm and a Half Forever Humble Creighton Brett
15482 2008 F Swish and Sway Storm and a Half Frisky Anne Whited David
15209 2008 C Ice Storm Storm and a Half Froze McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15228 2008 F Crafty For Sure Storm and a Half Gastashun Millsap Stables, Inc.
15189 2008 F Hazel Dell Belle Pine Bluff Geri’s Gaiety Whited & Phillip Partlow David
15355 2008 C Future Storm Give Way McFarlin Teresa
15200 2008 C Echo Zavata Zavata Glitter Bond Woodswith  Farm
15219 2008 C Copper Cowboy Indian Ocean Glittering Sky McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15377 2008 F Amber’s Prom Saint Afleet Gonnie Hall Bobby Lee
15268 2008 C Taste The Truth Explosive Truth Good Taste Jayaraman K K & V Devi
15253 2008 F Granny’s Bluff Pine Bluff Granny’s Kitty Covington Nena & Bob
15218 2008 C Act of Duty Great Trick McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15305 2008 F Rusty Code Storm and a Half Grey Code Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
15373 2008 C Halo’s Gold Mine Comeonmom Halos and Stripes Cornacchia Joseph
15214 2008 C Storm and a Half Hanyah McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15283 2008 C Devil’s Rage Rinka Das Harpy Branum Eugene & Cody
15424 2008 F Hunter’s Fun Girl Funontherun Hawk’s Melody Double A Thoroughbred Farm, Inc.
15215 2008 C Strong Suit Rahy Helwa McDowell – McDowell Farm, Robert N Clay & Gainsborough Farm, LLC Bill
15195 2008 F Skeet Her Mogul Kilkerry Farm, Inc.
15609 2008 C Bailmeouttoo Father Steve Hesabull Walker Robert
15374 2008 F Thats Dancing Ruler’s Court High Heel Sneaker Cornacchia Joseph
15319 2008 F Shekinah’s Ride A. P. Million Hollie Etbauer LeBlanc & Michael Hampton Alaric
15390 2008 C State City Holly Bugs Newman C. Frank
15418 2008 F District Humble Eleven Roberts Stanley & Delia
15330 2008 F Humble Keeper Southern Forest Humble Gloria Anderson Farms
15419 2008 C Bubba Rhea Storm and a Half Humble Kathy Morrison Bill
15331 2008 F Keeper Humble Southern Forest Humble Ronnie Anderson Farms
15438 2008 C Aristocat Rex Aristocat Hurricane Alice Higgins Bobby
15259 2008 F Hurricane Electra Divine Anointed Hurricane Disco Cogburn Joe D.
15676 2008 F Silver n Cinnamon Funontherun I Survive Ross, III William E.
15242 2008 C Ile St. Roy Ile St. Louis If Elected Glover James H.
15306 2008 C Codes Diamond Super Code Imatexantoo Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
15310 2008 F Pretty Mary Ella Funontherun Impetuous Bell Prince Gerald E.
15476 2008 C Rattlesnake Holler Hesabull Impetuous Molly Sanders Brothers
15709 2008 C Cause a Scene Proudest Romeo In An Uproar Petro Kara & Jena
15328 2008 F Stacye’s Flame Fan the Flame In Stacey’s Honor Boggan Jim
15372 2008 C Commander Sport New Trieste Ingenuous Cornacchia Joseph
15274 2008 C My Ordeal Cinnamon Creek Insure Me Witt Ernie
15308 2008 C Spanas Storm Storm and a Half Ipana Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
15409 2008 F Gray Lady Partee Satan Sleeps Jessie Macdonald Black Ralph
15352 2008 C Me’nmy Funontherun Funontherun Just Like Boranda Weir Gary
15229 2008 F Stormin K J Storm and a Half K J’s Girl Hobego Racing
15187 2008 F Redlam Pike Pass Kellynutter Juels Woody
15290 2008 F Keykas Girl Storm and a Half Keyka D. KRK Thoroughbreds c/o Larry Knolton
15233 2008 F Half A Kiss Storm and a Half Kissmelikeumeanit Henry Jack & Christine
15339 2008 F Kodi’s Red Rose Croydon Kodi’s Sunshine Hattenhauer Chris
15275 2008 F Cinnabean Cinnamon Creek Kogo Witt Ernie
15412 2008 F Too Chic Storm and a Half Kreech Shortleaf Stable
15186 2008 F Southern Forest La Blue Boyett Charles
15316 2008 F Hatter Nu Nu Storm and a Half Lady Emma Ives Tommy
15403 2008 F Hail to a Lady Stauder Lady High Indy Blakely Mountain Farm, LLC
15317 2008 F Dancing Darion Father Steve Lali Ives Tommy
15608 2008 F Rosie’s Bull Hesabull Laredo Rose Walker Robert
15261 2008 C Decibel Laura’s Wine Haynes Dennis
15368 2008 F New Trieste Let Us In Cornacchia Joseph
15348 2008 C Lib’s Reality Proper Reality Libby’s Lovebug Smith Don R.
15343 2008 C Twin More Decibel LIberated Lady Goodwin & Jackie Goodwin Robin
15322 2008 C Phil’s Good Funontherun Lilesofthevalley Ferri Elaine
15361 2008 C Oneofthejonesboys Liliana L Cannon T Ray
15276 2008 F Cinnamon Creek Lillemor Witt Ernie
15383 2008 C Calhoun Stonewall Glorious Bid Living Stone Morris David
15477 2008 C T. Thomas Father Steve Lost Halo Sanders Brothers
15246 2008 C Anarkie For Sure Zavata Maggie Auxier Glover James H.
15257 2008 F Magic and a Half Storm and a Half Magicalparisbreeze McFarlin Teresa
15201 2008 C Cook’s Firebreak Fan the Flame Mandy Lea Wright Jack G.
15286 2008 C Goodby Jester Lil Honcho Martha O’Riley Matthews Walter
15302 2008 I’m Mary I’am Cured Mary’s Rainbow Gulla Vincent
15279 2008 F Bulindamarie Hesabull Me ‘n Linda Marie Monarch Thoroughbreds, LLC
15654 2008 F Meafarel’s Reward Good Reward Meafarel Prichard William
15421 2008 C Memphis District District Memphis Lady Roberts Stanley & Delia
15199 2008 C Oops and a Half Storm and a Half Miss Ali Oop Burbridge & Angela Favre Bonnie M
15653 2008 F Auspicious Flame Fan the Flame Miss Auspicious Prichard William
15877 2008 C Cannoneer Storm and a half Miss Digamist Small Bud & Georgia
15217 2008 C Insomniac Woke Up Dreamin Miss Fire Dancer McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15422 2008 F District Miss Gregory
15391 2008 C Our Roscoe Hesabull Miss Rah Rah Baker Mike & Cindy
15401 2008 F Hail to Seattle Stauder Miss Take It All Blakely Mountain Farm, LLC
15260 2008 C J B’s Shyster Hesabull Missyshy Wolfe Farms
15335 2008 F Codes Wide Open Super Code Modest Glow Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
15323 2008 F Maggie’s Hope Bob’s Prospect Molly’s Hope Cranston Mel
15315 2008 F Dancing Dakota Storm and a Half Mucca Ives Tommy
15267 2008 F Explosive Disco Explosive Truth My Disco Dancer Jayaraman K K & V Devi
15326 2008 C Harris Corner Storm and a Half Nabby Lake Roush Charles
15196 2008 C Skeet Naughty Prize Jagoe Scott & Carmen
15531 2008 C Don’t Run Grunk Canyon Run Never Grunk Again Tinsley Thoroughbred Farm
15583 2008 F Roansome Funonetherun Nipsy Von Corley, Jr. William H
15206 2008 C Father Jess Father Steve Nora Nora Clement Jesse W
15365 2008 C Funintherain Funontherun Northern Theme Shinn Andrea
15297 2008 F Finnuala Ile St. Louis Noxie Pride Hild Sharon
15407 2008 C Little Red Ruler Whywhywhy Nuts About Mom Black Ralph
15333 2008 C Kate’s Forest Southern Forest Oh My Mary Kate Anderson Farms
15249 2008 G Teddy’s Dream A P Million Pat’s Cowgirl Watkins William & Susan
15207 2008 F Father’s Dream Father Steve Personal Dream Clement Jesse W
15324 2008 F Sweet Abby Lane Storm and a Half Phoney Rainbow Baker Steven
15354 2008 C Jo Derby Jo Joy’s Report Pine Country Ward Kathy
15367 2008 C Whoa Sailor Ruler’s Court Pluma Cornacchia Joseph
15543 2008 F Florada Storm and a Half Preflora (ARG) Anthony John F
15406 2008 C Thunderin’ Tony Storm and a Half Pretty Toni Five Star Racing Stable
15239 2008 C Hesaprivate Hesabull Private Equity Wilson Andrea
15356 2008 F Future Prize Future Storm Priza McFarlin Teresa
15435 2008 F Angel Fire Father Steve Pushy White Dan
15484 2008 C Pyramid Flame Fan the Flame Pyramid Girl Vaught, DVM Carl Rodney
15222 2008 C Izzo Three Wonders Pyrite Martha McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15366 2008 C Warrior’s Chapel Southern Forest Queen’s Chapel Tutor William F
15285 2008 G Uptheriver Rinka Das Rain River Branum Eugene & Linda
15358 2008 F Red Devil Gal Devil His Due Red Kisses Nafe Larry
15436 2008 F I’m Feeling Groovy Storm and a Half Relentless Luv White Dan
15379 2008 F Mi Cielo Right Dance LaVista Farm
15405 2008 F Half of a Redhead Stauder Risky Redhead Blakely Mountain Farm, LLC
15238 2008 G Risky Prospect Sequoia Grove Risky Ruth Halter Richard V.
15357 2008 F Dashing D.D. Father Steve Rita’s Hope Bussy Jim
15216 2008 F My Mandy Girl Alke Rivers to Sail McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15342 2008 C Dazzlin Dalton Decibel Robyn My Sis Goodwin & Jackie Goodwin Robin
15264 2008 C Brian’s Bullet Hesabull Ronnies Answer McKiddy & Tom Pariseau Mark
15293 2008 F Roses for the Lady Southern Forest Roseyetta Reed William T.
15381 2008 C Royal Eavesdropper Eavesdropper Royal Actress Cook Bradley R.
15386 2008 F Bidway Glorious Bid Royal Manor Way MX2 Farms
15314 2008 C Landon Joseph Proudest Romeo Royal Ruddy Labiak James E.
15194 2008 F Skeet’s Joy Skeet Royal Squaw Kilkerry Farm, Inc.
15294 2008 F Ruffled Storm and a Half Rubelite Reed William T.
15280 2008 C Havingtoomuchfun Laffer Run Away Mama Hale Jimmie L.
15244 2008 C Crimson Cyclone Ile St. Louis Run Maria Run Glover James H.
15384 2008 C Doones B Glorious Bid Sanddoones MX2 Farms
15345 2008 C Bold Sensation Bold Anthony Sandye’s Sensation Woodburn Kenda
15224 2008 F Woostershear Santaka Pepper Tree Farm
15258 2008 F Celebrity Storm Storm and a Half Saratoga Celebrity McFarlin Teresa
15210 2008 C Woo Pig Sooie Storm and a Half Saratoga Sparkle McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15395 2008 C Trooper York Macabe Sassy Ain’t I Clark Rickey & Rebecca
15234 2008 F Destiny Gayle Mi Cielo Scarlet Smook Benight Joe
15334 2008 F Robin’s Milady Southern Forest Sea Robin Anderson Farms
15190 2008 C Turn Heads Storm and a Half Secret Charm Whited & Phillip Partlow David
15426 2008 F Secret Hope Flatter Secrets for Sale Sheets Jeff & Greg
15430 2008 C Seymour of Steve Father Steve Seymour Moves Martin Brothers
15299 2008 F Mylittlesweetpea Hesabull Sharp Shark Cline Donna
15307 2008 C Heza Rainbow Storm and a Half Sheza Texas Code Hogue, Jr. Richard P.
15240 2008 C Ilebeshrewed Ile St. Louis Shrew Be Do Jolly David
15231 2008 C Texarkana Siber Lady Anthony John F.
15332 2008 F Halfdressed Storm and a Half Silk Dress Anderson Farms
15289 2008 G Doc. Evans Limehouse Silly Miss Vermillion Eva & Joe
15360 2008 F I’majonesgirltoo Oneofthejonesboys Silverdepositday Cannon T Ray
15192 2008 F Furious Funontherun Simply Follow Me Welch Billy F.
15321 2008 F Monte Cristo Storm and a Half Siphons Dream Duffield O. F.
15281 2008 C Bandito Bounce G.W.’s Band Skip and Splash Wells Becky M.
15382 2008 C Pajamiano Jamiano Sky Darlin’ Ironwood Farm
15408 2008 F Satan Sleeps Slew of Blues Black Ralph
15376 2008 C Abigchoice Big Woods Smoking Choice Sterling Jim
15444 2008 C Changeintheweather Snow Diva Crowell Lonnie
15220 2008 C The Bay Phantom Pollard’s Vision Soldier’s Angel McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15230 2008 C Bull Bayou Hesabull Some Kinda Beat Lorenz Jim
15241 2008 C Ile St. Frances Ile St. Louis Southernsluckystar Glover James H.
15341 2008 F Joanna’s Rat Pack Oneofthejonesboys Space Maiden Fureigh Ray
15417 2008 F Bluff on the River Pine Bluff Spacious Roberts & Bill Morrison Stanley
15362 2008 C Fathergonewild Father Steve Spirit Woman Cannon T Ray
15235 2008 F Calamity Jeanne Mi Cielo Splashappy Five Star Racing Stable
15429 2008 F Arky Springs Father Steve Spring Cat Martin Brothers
15359 2008 F Britta Classic Cat Spring Shower Erickson Ron
15212 2008 G Doin Big Bidness Storm and a Half Stanley’s Star McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15397 2008 F Bob’s Prospect Staunch Slew The Bold Group, LLC
15346 2008 F Evil Outcast Proper Reality Stutz Passion Smith Don R.
15266 2008 C Summer Medallist Medallist Summer Mystery Jayaraman K K & V Devi
15340 2008 C Rae O Sun Croydon Sunshine N Rainbow Hattenhauer Chris
15247 2008 G Tornado Run Storm and a Half Super Perfect Shields James H.
15420 2008 C Gold District District Sweep Up The Gold Roberts Stanley & Delia
15325 2008 F Seeking Approval Storm and a Half Talkin’bout Tonite Roush Charles
15312 2008 F Brushing  By Yea Storm and a Half Tea Brush McDowell Farm
15363 2008 F I’majonesboytoo Oneofthejonesboys That’s Holly Cannon T Ray
15396 2008 F Macabe The Clarkster Clark Rickey & Rebecca
15295 2008 C T L’s Reality Joy’s Report Thorn Lady Price David & Glendyl
15232 2008 C Tis’ Timeless Storm and a Half Timeless Dreamer Henry & Robert Palazola Estate Jack
15445 2008 C Toga’s Storm Storm and a Half Toga Rose Triple R Stable (Robby & Treissa Robinson)
15446 2008 C Destinare Hesabull Torn Triple R Stable (Robby & Treissa Robinson)
15398 2008 C No Foolin Bob’s Prospect Touch of Victory Bonhoff & Jerry Don Smith Nancy
15284 2008 G Hesajet Hesabull Treaty of Riga Branum Eugene & Linda
15388 2008 F Lil Ms Snow It All Cornish Snow Tuff It Bates Donny “Buck”
15303 2008 F Stormin Tunita Storm and a Half Tunita Gulla Vincent
15371 2008 G Dustin Dude General Silver Tura’s (Brz) Cornacchia & Gerald Hannahs Joseph
15431 2008 C Steve’s Delight Father Steve Twilight Delight Martin Brothers
15252 2008 F Stefee Bull Hesabull Two by Eight Covington Nena & Bob
15351 2008 G Britt and Brodie Father Steve Twosisterslady Williamson, Jr. James H.
15282 2008 F De Frisky Sequoia Sequoia Grove Under Defence Slatton, Sr. Lyman R.
15277 2008 C Lee Creek Cinnamon Creek Unvested Value Witt Ernie
15353 2008 F Miss Velda Joy’s Report Uptown Fancy Ward Kathy
15311 2008 C Western Fun Funontherun Wall St. Heiress Prince Gerald E.
15411 2008 F Alcott Storm and a Half Weatherfield Shortleaf Stable
15428 2008 F Weej Las Contender Strong Contender Weejiner Smith Ricky G
15251 2008 C Wild Bull Hesabull Wild Liz Covington Nena & Bob
15296 2008 F Judy’s Honor Skeet Wild Toga Nites Friedman & Debbie Holthus Carol
15221 2008 F Motion to Dismiss Closing Argumnet Wings of the Night McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15211 2008 F Wish Upon A Storm Storm and a Half Wish I Knew McDowell – McDowell Farm Bill
15380 2008 C Friendswood Storm and a Half Xenia’s Delight Whited David
15400 2008 F Really Seattle Stauder Zen’s Country Blakely Mountain Farm, LLC