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17238 2014 C A P’s Dancin Duke A. P. Million Princess Dancer Rio Mio Ranch c/o Katharine Adams
16981 2014 F Abstinence Ordained Constance Starfish Stable, LLC
16828 2014 C All to Stormy Storm and a Half Copperelle Weast Starsky
16904 2014 C Alvin’s Touch Macho Rocket Ms. Officer Rocket Mathews, Jr. Lewis
16783 2014 F Amber Creek Cinnamon Creek Miri Witt Ernie
16906 2014 F Anydayoftheweek Jonesboro Txakana Baby May & Mike Lercher, dba D & M Stables Dennis
16765 2014 C Arch Revenge ArchArchArch Felucca McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
17140 2014 F Aristocats Delilah Aristocat Dashing D. D. Lott Curtis & Sylvia
17139 2014 C Aristocats Rebel Aristocat Sugarcane Sweetie Lott Curtis & Sylvia
16793 2014 C Arkrebel Dominus Olemiss Rebel Bynum, DVM Rebecca
17002 2014 F Art’s Dolly Jonesboro Victorious Kiss Hall Bobby Lee
16790 2014 C Ausum Wells Bk’s Clearanceisle Striking Josh Wells Carl
17177 2014 C Ava’s Parker Euroears Help Me Jeebis Taylor Rusty
16861 2014 C Avengine Critter Blaze Buster Bobs Avenger Hattenhauer Chris
16762 2014 C Battleoftheravine Wilburn Pass That Bottle McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16902 2014 C Bay’s Commander Commander’s Shoes Beautiful Bay Sheets Jeff & Greg
16947 2014 F Beautiful Honduras Brahms I Don’t Know Who Hessee Richard
16869 2014 C Begetter The Daddy Queenair Hessee Richard
16956 2014 C Blue On U Brahms La Vida Loca Hessee Richard
16848 2014 C Bob Engleberger Brahms Flirtin With Fire Juels Woody
16929 2014 F Brahmie Brahms Sexy Soiree Sontchi & John McClurkin Linda
17236 2014 F Brahms Gal Pal Brahms Blue Mail Box Rio Mio Ranch c/o Katharine Adams
16958 2014 C Brahms Secret Brahms Secretively Hessee Richard
16948 2014 F Brahms Sweets Brahms Many Many Sweets Hessee Richard
16777 2014 C Braylen ArchArchArch Even the Odds Welch Billy F
16768 2014 C Burtnjoe Primary Suspect Ladies Dance McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16964 2014 C Caddo Daddo The Daddy Mizlou Shinn Andrea
16824 2014 C Candy by Stanley Mykindacandy Dazzling Dancer Billeaudeau James Roy
16885 2014 F Candy by the Brook Mykindacandy R S Valentine T + L Thoroughbred Farm LLC
16776 2014 F Carrott Weed Bench Maker Timeless Weed Smith Billy Carson
16971 2014 F Cats Honor Primary Suspect Spring Cat Martin Philip
16821 2014 C Causn Chaos Portobello Road My Angel’s Halo Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16781 2014 C Cava Hoyos Cinnamon Creek Harmony Holler Witt Ernie
16802 2014 C Celta Vigo Storm and a Half Loves to Fly McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
17018 2014 F Charli June My Pal Charlie Heart and Soul Lokey & Marguerite G Lokey Catherine
16928 2014 C Checkmate Charlie Tactical Cat Malawi Thiel John & Libbie
16950 2014 F City of Good Got the Goods Cassopolis Hessee Richard
16849 2014 F Clara’s Honour Forestry Honour First Blevins & Steve D Hall Jerry E
17129 2014 C Coach Nar Jonesboro Too Brilliant Hall Bobby Lee
16815 2014 C Count Pulaski Portobello Road Here’s the Kicker Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16855 2014 C Covington Stryker Roly Poly Goalie Didier, c/o BJD Thoroughbreds, LLC Jimmy
16901 2014 F Crafty’s Girl Commander’s Shoes Totally Crafty Sheets Jeff & Greg
16825 2014 F Crazy Maizie Archarcharch Missy Lou Yagos Robert & Val
16955 2014 C Dads Party The Daddy Party With Paris Hessee Richard
17014 2014 F Dance with Candy Mykindacandy Songandance Roberts Stanley W
16798 2014 C Dareandaprayer Songandaprayer Dare We Dream Cloud Nine Racing Stable, LLC c/o David Kunze
16845 2014 C Degray Daaher Willow Cove Wolfe Randall & Jarett
16818 2014 F Delightful Joanna Portobello Road Just Mattie Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
17007 2014 C Devilish Candy Man Mykindacandy Devilish Kris Henry Jack
17010 2014 C DIED Devilishly Clever Wish Approval Roberts Stanley W
16975 2014 F Disrupts My Bubbles Spotsgone Snowy Peak Carson Sunny
17000 2014 C Divine Counsil Ordained Prone Hall Bobby Lee
16968 2014 F Dixie Flyer Redding Colliery Sweetheartofdixie Rogers David R & Daniel T
16850 2014 F Dixie Forest Forestry Dakota Gal Blevins & Steve D Hall Jerry E
16759 2014 C Docmeister Macho Rocket Alittlemeansalot Zimmerman, DVM Dr. Ken
16884 2014 C Dudete’s Wino Sea Prince Dancing Dudete T + L Thoroughbred Farm LLC
16915 2014 C Duke of Altus Majestic Warrior Five Star Toni Post & Burl McBride Michael & Kasey
16888 2014 C Duke of Argyle Wimbledon Talking Girl Wright Charles
16842 2014 F Dutch Parrot Eskendeeya Turtledove Shortleaf Stable
16920 2014 C Earle Station Stryker Calamity Jeanne Five Star Racing
16976 2014 F East Lee Jonesboro Little Rock Star Carson Sunny
16970 2014 F Eastern Sky Invasor Gaily Field Martin Philip
17232 2014 F Easy Goin’ Girl Spotsgone Miss Scat Cat Williams & Wesley Splawn Blaine
16858 2014 F Eleanor Gee Macho Rocket Impetuous Molly Sanders Brothers
16993 2014 C Element I Istan Element K McFarlin Teresa
16874 2014 F Ella B Aly Brahms Rare Bird Clement J. W.
16827 2014 F Elsie June Spotsgone Angel in Command Yagos Robert & Val
17011 2014 F Equal to Candy Mykindacandy Equivalent Roberts Stanley W
17178 2014 C Euroway Euroears Tioway Taylor Rusty
16805 2014 C Exhume Stryker Candy Drop Southern Springs Stable
16887 2014 C Expecto Cielo Portobello Road Cielobel Reed William T
16953 2014 C Expectvalidczeh The Daddy Etch Hessee Richard
16889 2014 C Fetch’s Mon Portobello Road Fetch You Back Saysomethin Racing, LLC
16835 2014 C Five O One Drosselmeyer Boot Um Bertie McDowell & K K Jayaraman (Foal Share) Bill
16913 2014 C Flagon Midnight Lute Lose the Blues Post 50% & E P Thoroughbred Farms, LLC 50% * Michael
16814 2014 F Flamin Falcon Fan the Flame Falcon Queen Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16856 2014 F Florida Squall Indy Squall Boca Juniors Jayaraman Tiffany Farms c/o K K & V Devi
16823 2014 C Flying Socks Podium Kiss and Fly Grimes, Jr. Odis Deon
16764 2014 C Fort Given Fort Prado Popsicle Toes McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16786 2014 F Gabby Grove Shady Grove Similarly Situated Witt Ernie
16875 2014 C Gallopingguinness Jonesboro Automatic Audit Ungles Cody
16988 2014 F Go Spread the Word Ordained Away She Go Hornsby Tammy
16921 2014 C Gold Stryker Zach Stryker Gold in the Pocket Five Star Racing
16847 2014 C Hackashaq Indy Squall Silk Dress Fields Bobby
16794 2014 F Hang on Suzy Songandaprayer Already Blessed Bynum, DVM Rebecca
16864 2014 C Harbor Bill Line of David In the Poconos Glover Jim
16769 2014 F Heavenly Score Even the Score Celestial Crown McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16946 2014 F Her Case of Gold Brahms Gold Case Motel Hessee Richard
16778 2014 C Hes a Jonesboro Jonesboro Lona’s Reality Chapman Dolores
16903 2014 F Hope Landing The Factor Tipping Point Matheney, Jr. James W
16918 2014 F I Be Jeannie B Street Hero Shore Breeze Hero Thompson Eugenia
16819 2014 F Incorrect Portobello Road Little Lotta Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16999 2014 F Is Out Istan Outathere McFarlin Teresa
16994 2014 C Istanart – DECEASED Istan Elkhart McFarlin Teresa
16997 2014 C Istant Maddness Istan Mad Marie McFarlin Teresa
16817 2014 C Itshardtobehumble Portobello Road Humble Monique Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16846 2014 C Iza Innocent Notional Innocense Lost Wolfe Randall & Jarett
16961 2014 C J. E.’s Handmedown Storm and a Half Pennywit Whited David
17006 2014 C J. Town Wolf Jonesboro Bexley Bussey Jim
16795 2014 C Jack Be Quick Fore Fathers Arma Bynum, DVM Rebecca
16833 2014 F Jim’s Angel Laffer R Nanee Hale Jimmie L
16868 2014 C Joan’s Delight Brahms One Beautiful Lady Clement & Richard Hessee J.W.
16866 2014 C Jonesboro Boy Jonesboro Rah Rah Girl Glover James H
16996 2014 C Judy Istan Istan Judy Faye McFarlin Teresa
16811 2014 C K J’s Nobility Primary Suspect K J’s Girl HoBeGo Racing c/o Mike Loy
16966 2014 F Karat Baby Istan Surely Early Black Ralph
17003 2014 F Kauai Nana Sea Prince Nana Hall Bobby Lee
16989 2014 C Kazaam I Am Arromanches Carrolling Brown – Brown Packing Co., Inc. R Stephen
16843 2014 C Kinghood Proud Citizen Sunset Trail Shortleaf Stable
16935 2014 C Kingofthefairway Pomatini Fairway Cat Shumake Ray
16767 2014 F Kittycat Heir Wildcat Heir Cowtown Kitty McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16860 2014 F Lady Buckfinder Blaze Buster One Abbadabbadoo Hattenhauer Chris
16932 2014 C Laid Back John Bench Maker Kodi’s Sunshine Hattenhauer Chris
16943 2014 F Lavender Paisley The Daddy Lavender Romp Hessee Richard
16859 2014 F Lazy Lauren Brahms Given To Me Sanders Brothers
16880 2014 C Letsrockthisparty Majesticperfection Rock on Misty Freeman Robert
16862 2014 G Lieutenant Storm Bench Maker Praire Storm Hattenhauer Chris
17237 2014 F Lil Miss Macho Macho Rocket Cathwithac Rio Mio Ranch c/o Katharine Adams
17005 2014 F Little Bit Suspect Primary Suspect Star of Idabel Phelps Jimmy R
16840 2014 F Little Darlin Kantharos Valid Reward McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
16838 2014 F Little Red Suspect Primary Suspect May We McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
16926 2014 F Littleriverrock Portobello Road Littleriverqueen Thiel John & Libbie
16944 2014 F Lost Shakerof Salt The Daddy Menwolf Hessee Richard
16923 2014 F Lucky Dog Rocket Macho Rocket Vuitton Too Fletcher Racing Frank
16844 2014 F Luna Magic Point Given Believe in Magic Wolfe Jarett
16770 2014 F Madamoo Even the Score I Got Silver McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16871 2014 C Magic Eraser Spotsgone Dedham Clement J. W.
17122 2014 F Michelle’s Grace Mr. Nightlinger Special Jamiano Thompson Jack
16853 2014 F Ministry Ordained Heated Debate Hall & C Frank Newman Arthur
16939 2014 F Miss Disco Star Jonesboro Dear Alicia Branum Eugene & Linda
16800 2014 F Miss Laura Lou Primary Suspect Miss Lilly Blue Edmondson Ronnie
16803 2014 F Miss Shelby Primary Suspect Stormy Dynasty McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
16909 2014 F Miss Sly Kat Portobello Road Sly Song Anderson, dba Anderson Farms Freddy
16942 2014 F Miss You The Daddy Ladiesmakethemark Hessee Richard
16832 2014 C Moms Shadow Ice Box Missnmesumu Grimes, Jr. Odis Dean “Buddy”
16933 2014 F Mountain Home Successful Appeal Santorini Moon Gramm & Clay Sanders, dba Mid Atlantic Thoroughbred Investments, Inc. Marshall
16917 2014 F Ms Fifty First St. Street Hero Kwaitu Thompson Eugenia
16771 2014 F Mujeokui Champ Forestry Kombat Lake Heslep Jeff
16865 2014 C Munyak Brahms Exotic Bird Glover Jim
16907 2014 C Mutakddim Road Portobello Road Robin My Girl Anderson, dba Anderson Farms Freddy
17009 2014 F Mykindaflower Mykindacandy Broken Flower Roberts Stanley W
16973 2014 C Mykindahero Mykindacandy Sea Gulch Sally Tinsley Thoroughbred Farm
16919 2014 F Nancy’s Trick Primary Suspect Great Trick Thompson Eugenia
16998 2014 F Nike Gal Istan N Etyme Gal McFarlin Teresa
16879 2014 C Noproblemwithcandy Algorithms Lil’ Bit of Candy Freeman Robert
16857 2014 C Not for Truth Explosive Truth Nasreen Jayaraman Tiffany Farms c/o K K & V Devi
16801 2014 F Numancia Primary Suspect Sharp Country McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
16863 2014 C Officer Griggs Brahms Congratulations Glover Jim
16982 2014 F Only Ordained Ordained Only Starfish Stable, LLC
16974 2014 C Onthemoneysonny Sonny Dom’s Day Cherry Dancer Carson Sunny
16809 2014 C Open Hand Stryker Swiss Treasure Southern Springs Stable
16980 2014 F Ordained Harbor Ordained Harbor House Starfish Stable, LLC
16987 2014 C Pampered’s Lullaby Brahms Pampered Ives Tommy
16957 2014 C Perfecmperfection Brahms Paris by Storm Hessee Richard
16940 2014 C Phantom Zip Phantom Light Sylvia’s Buttercup Branum Eugene & Linda
16934 2014 C Picking Roses Pomatini Rose of Geri Shumake Ray
16995 2014 F Portobello Portobello Road Hometown Charm McFarlin Teresa
16992 2014 C Portobello Sunset Portobello Road Copper Sunset McFarlin Teresa
16784 2014 F Premonition Creek Shady Grove Onima Witt Ernie
16775 2014 C Pretty Week Bench Maker Easter Rip Smith Billy Carson
16813 2014 F Princesa Pomasane Pomatini NHLosane Halter, Jr. Richard V.
16936 2014 F Princesa Sparkle Pomatini Sophism Shumake Ray
16900 2014 F Princess Hallie Jonesboro Home Grown George Jess
16911 2014 C Promising Shoes Prom Shoes Humble Brenda Raabe Carl
16812 2014 G Prospector Fever Pomatini Jessie’sgotafever Halter, Jr. Richard V.
16851 2014 C Quick Sand Red Glorious Bid Barbedwireandroses Oliver Barry
16925 2014 C Quietly Cuba Portobello Road Jiffy Wish Thiel John & Libbie
16908 2014 C Quik Way Road Portobello Road Spring Choir Anderson, dba Anderson Farms Freddy
16937 2014 F Raise a Ghost Phantom Light Unbridle’s Torch Branum Eugene & Linda
16757 2014 C Regalistic Regal Ransom Cotton Club Ballet Welch Billy F
16774 2014 C Reverand Don Ordained Marnie Simpson Bruce
17004 2014 C Rickey Lee Jonesboro Simply Run Away Hall William T
16916 2014 C Rick’s Stryker Stryker Pretty Toni Christian Richard
16883 2014 C Ridethruthestorm Mykindacandy Stormbrook T + L Thoroughbred Farm LLC
16852 2014 F Robin Deann Primary Suspect Robin’s Milady Road Runner Racing, LLC
16836 2014 C Rock Island Stryker LaVedette Southern Springs Stable
16924 2014 F Rocket Fire Macho Rocket Rocket Ninety Nine Fletcher Racing Frank
16967 2014 F Rocket Phenom Redding Colliery Remarkable Rocket Rogers David R & Daniel T
17019 2014 F Rockin Rah Rah Jonesboro Eyesuponyea Dixon Ray
16984 2014 F Run Candy Mykindacandy Run Nashly Run Prichard William J
16785 2014 F Sassy Shady Grove Roses for Alyse Witt Ernie
16877 2014 F Sassy Lass Commander’s Shoes Leading Lass Adametz & Billy Taylor James
16938 2014 F Sassy Olivia Ann Sangaree Warm Country Branum Eugene & Linda
16870 2014 F Satin Suprise Mac’s Surprise Satin N Gold Jackson Stacy
16886 2014 F Sea Pe Win Sea Prince Private Equity T + L Thoroughbred Farm LLC
16830 2014 F Seaside Surprise Sea Prince Tricky Surprise Shields, III James H
16831 2014 F Seattle Sea Sea Prince Seattle’s Bodgit Shields, III James H
16799 2014 F Senses Stryker Santaka Hagaman Ella Lou
16796 2014 C Seoul Tank Giant Oak Wedgefield McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
16985 2014 C Shadow Boy Mykindacandy Meafarel Prichard William J.
16773 2014 C Shameful Preacher Ordained Shameful Verdict Simpson Bruce
17135 2014 C Skippy Bo Stryker Grania Davis Jeff J
17001 2014 F Skylar’s Kiss Sea Prince Regal Sum Hall Bobby Lee
16952 2014 C Smokin Daddy The Daddy Bella Fumatori Hessee Richard
16822 2014 C Southern Strong Portobello Road Soft Blush Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16834 2014 C Spirited Wind A. P. Million A Who Run Run Stone Jeremy & Patricia
16829 2014 C Spring in His Step Jonesboro Spring Lace Shields, III James H
16780 2014 F Stellastellastella Shady Grove Cinnamonstella Witt Ernie
16808 2014 C Stockland Stryker Fun Flower Southern Springs Stable
16792 2014 C Storm Express Storm and a Half Thistledew Mills Jim Pat
17026 2014 C Storm in Progress Stryker Work in Progress Cogburn Joe
16986 2014 F Storm Scout Storm and a Half Girl Scout Ives Tommy
16807 2014 C Street Lawyer Storm and a Half Rainbows Are Due Millsap Stable, Inc.
16979 2014 F Stylin Ordained Ordained Stiletto Girl Starfish Stable, LLC
16941 2014 F Sugar Foot Anne The Daddy Aldebaraonsgirl Hessee Richard
16990 2014 F Summersweet Ouiser Primary Suspect E’s Little Loco Lammers Gerald
16991 2014 C Summersweet Road Primary Suspect Beautiful and Able Lammers Gerald
16763 2014 F Super Star Bea Kantharos Bea D J McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16960 2014 C Sure to Bless Unbridled’s Risk Asticou Whited David
16867 2014 F Sweet Sweet Kim Brahms Winter Breeze Glover Jim
16782 2014 C Switchback Creek Cinnamon Creek Lady Cara Witt Ernie
16978 2014 F Syd’s Legacy Sunny Dom’s Day Syd and Lyd Carson Sunny
16779 2014 F Taima Thunder Colonel John Indian Halo Starr Jon L
16841 2014 F Tedders Angel Storm and a Half Angel Fire White Dr. Dan
16927 2014 C Teriat Jonesboro Kennedy’s Angel Thiel John & Libbie
17013 2014 C Tetons Candy Mykindacandy Teton Dancer Roberts Stanley W
16806 2014 C The Psychic Stryker Silver Wand Southern Springs Stable
17031 2014 C The Shoe Prom Shoes Jeri Johnson Johnson Don R
16954 2014 C The Trump House The Daddy Morna’s Girl Hessee Richard
16965 2014 F This Girl Is Gone Spotsgone My Girl Cinnamon Edwards John S
17012 2014 C Tipsy’s Candy Mykindacandy A Little Tipsy Roberts Stanley W
16878 2014 C Tokkuri-Tei Lookin At Lucky R Cat Lady Freeman Robert
16914 2014 F Tomboy Pose Brahms Pose Post & Burl McBride Michael
16977 2014 C Tonto Goldstein Jonesboro Pharosos Carson Sunny
16873 2014 F Trintrin Brahms Parade Girl Clement J. W.
17254 2014 C Trueride Hamazing Destiny Truelladeville Ford dba Westrock Stables, LLC Scott
16905 2014 F U R My Sunshine Jonesboro Nicole’s Passion Mathews, Jr. Lewis
16826 2014 C Vilonia Strong Spotsgone Everleaner Yagos & Penny Fires Val
16910 2014 C Wasabi Moon Portobello Road Alleged Diva Anderson, dba Anderson Farms Freddy
16804 2014 F Wilburn’s Angel Wilburn Proud Angel McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
16972 2014 F Winning Souls Perfect Soul Gold Dancer Martin Philip
16951 2014 C Wisdom of Solomon Got the Goods Witchy Hessee Richard
16983 2014 C Yoo Hoo’s Rocket Macho Rocket Yoo Hoo Too Mueller & Starfish Stable, LLC Tom
16912 2014 C Zapper Dan Ghostzapper Blumental Post 33 1/3, Edward Vela 33 1/3, EP Thoroughbred Farms, LLC 33 1/3 * Michael
17016 2014 F Pomatini Brandie Bee Matthews Vicki
16945 2014 F Brahms Clearly A Smarty Hessee Richard
16766 2014 F Ice Box Glory and Faith McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
16816 2014 C Portobello Road Hermanus Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16969 2014 F Smooth Air Is It Fire Rogers David R & Daniel T
16872 2014 C Jonesboro Johannesburg Dancer Mickes Tom
16839 2014 C Stryker Last Sunset Schueck Tom
17017 2014 C Pomatini Martha O’Riley Matthews Vicki
16810 2014 C Primary Suspect Miss Brown Eyes Smith Rickey
16820 2014 C Portobello Road Molly’s Song Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
16791 2014 F VOID – No JC Reg. Bk’s Clearanceisle Place Kicker Wells Carl
16797 2014 F Hold Me Back Queen St. West McDowell, dba McDowell Farm Bill
16949 2014 F Midway Road Ready For Life Hessee Richard
16922 2014 F Primary Suspect Smell the Roses Thompson Eugenia
16882 2014 C Commander’s Shoes Tammy Lynn Adametz & Billy Taylor James
16959 2014 C Brahms Wekiva Storm Hessee Richard