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ATBHA No. Year of Birth Sex Name Sire Dam Breeder Breeder (First Name)
17562 2017 C A Hint of Gray Paddy O Prado Collection Plate Grimes Jr. Odis
17776 2017 C A P Dancer Astrology Shutupanddance Morrison Bill
17629 2017 C African Warrior Flat Out South African Baby McDowell  Bill
17718 2017 C Agave Kid Shakin It Up Kentucky Gal Bahena Raul
17627 2017 F Allofourdreams Etbauer Easta Monsta Cangemi & Gerald Averett, Jr. Daniel & Leah
17656 2017 F Amelia’s Bonnet Ordained Sun Bonnet Starfish Stable, LLC
17846 2017 C Arkaim Ordained Roberta’s Magic Circle Bar H, LLC 
17742 2017 F Arkansas Invasion Normandy Invasion New Meaning Ives Tommy
17813 2017 G Arlington’s Shine Moonshine Mullin Southern Symphony Ashaeur & Blake Chitsey Norman A
17605 2017 F Aunt Sunshine Brahms Prone Hall Bobby Lee
17621 2017 F Avan’s Song Decibel Reality Bound MX2 Farms
17840 2017 F B Charming Fort Prado Charming Princess Travis Ken
17726 2017 F Baby Bay Prom Shoes My Angel’s Halo Anderson Farms
17838 2017 F Back to the Moon Brahms Back to Hurstland Taylor Connie Jo
17653 2017 C Baptism Ordained Safe ‘N Rich Starfish Stable, LLC
17734 2017 F Bay’s Beauty Commander’s Shoes Beautiful Bay Pleasant Hills Training Center
17559 2017 F Be Done With It Stay Thirsty Tyne Starr Jon L
17643 2017 C Be My Macho Man Mucho Macho Man Ruby Be Mine McDowell Bill
17709 2017 F Beautiful Secret Cyber Secret Black Chance Hunt, Jr. William M
17635 2017 C Big Macintosh Laurie’s Rocket Dare We Dream Cloud Nine Racing Stable, LLC
17828 2017 C Billmore Mykindacandy Corner the Storm Prichard William J
17683 2017 F Black Patent Shoes Commander’s Shoes Jesse’s Giacomo Haas & Martin Brothers, Inc. Lanetta
17825 2017 C Black’s Ferry Road Mykindacandy Meafarel’s Reward Prichard William J
17745 2017 C Bob’s Avenger Bench Maker Bob’s Avenger Hattenhauer Chris
17829 2017 F Bonita’s Gold Tanzanite Cat Satin N Gold Jackson Stacey
17787 2017 G Boo Be Right Caleb’s Posse Goldinthepocket Thompson-Benight Eugenia
17792 2017 C Boys Will Be Boys Forefathers Sarah’s Best Day Bynum-Avery & Lora Pitre Rebecca
17593 2017 C Bracy Cove Double Irish Asticou McDowell Bill
17757 2017 F Brahms Is Who Brahms I Don’t Know Who Hessee Richard
17662 2017 C Bravura Creek Cinnamon Creek Luv a Drama Witt Ernie
17817 2017 C Brother Jukebox Mr. Besihi Mikalas Mission Wade Cynthia
17714 2017 F Caddo Queen Perfect Shower Morellies Storm Cogburn Bobby D
17804 2017 C Canario Retinto Cyber Secret Back in Artemus Morales Ruben
17779 2017 F Candyssongdance Mykindacandy Songandadance Roberts Stanley
17572 2017 C Captain Don Flat Out C D Player McDowell  Bil
17748 2017 F Catchmeifyoucan Bench Maker Praire Storm Hattenhauer Chris
17599 2017 C Chicken Hawk Jonesboro Judy’s Birthday Pond Robbie
17808 2017 C Chiki Boy Five Iron Auntcris’sshoes Soto Ben
17736 2017 C Chloe’s Shadow Commander’s Shoes True Blonde Beauty Pleasant Hills Training Center
17552 2017 C Chocolate Nuts Songandaprayer Blushing Sis Simmons and Associates, Inc.
17728 2017 F Choctaw Charlie Laurie’s Rocket Robin My Girl Anderson Farms
17631 2017 C Chrome Fire Hakassan My Daenerys McDowell  &
Millennium Farms
17703 2017 F Cider House Congrats Generation of Love Shortleaf Stable
17667 2017 F Cinnafrijole Shady Grove Cinnabean Witt Ernie
17663 2017 F Cinnamon Hollow Cinnamon Creek Harmony Holler Witt Ernie
17660 2017 C Cinnamon Victory Cinnamon Creek Miri Witt Ernie
17664 2017 C Cold Hearted Laurie’s Rocket Cold Hard Truth Witt Ernie
17773 2017 F Comanche Moon Mykindacandy Devilish Kris Henry Jack
17585 2017 G Come On Tyrone Double Irish Pick Me Up Carman Richard
17699 2017 F Couverture Just A Coincidence LaVedette Southern Springs Stable 
17756 2017 F Cristinas Girl Icon Ike Brittney Haas & Martin Brothers, Inc. Lanetta
17646 2017 F Cryptoshoes Commander’s Shoes Darren’s Girl Crook Cliff
17805 2017 F Cue Ball Sequoia Grove Chalk the Cue Shumake Ray
17596 2017 F Cyber Affair Cyber Secret Pelicus Affair McDowell Bill
17597 2017 C Cyber Echo Cyber Secret Miss Lilly Blue Edmondson Ronnie
17651 2017 C Cyber Flame Cyber Secret Flamin Josie Starfish Stable, LLC
17587 2017 C Cyber Gun Cyber Secret Zip Gun Wolfe Randall
17619 2017 C Cyber Monday Cyber Secret Windstream Branum Eugene & Linda
17649 2017 F Cyber Sensation Cyber Secret Yoo Hoo Too Mueller & Starfish Stable, LLC Tommy
17642 2017 F Cyberburg Cyber Secret Winning With Style McDowell Bill
17678 2017 C Daddy Jack Moonshine Mullin My Sister Nell Sparks & Joe Petalino William E
17767 2017 F Daddy’s Storm The Daddy Wekiva Storm Hessee Richard
17598 2017 F Daigle Can the Man Etheridge Reppo & Andrew Logan Steve
18111 2017 F Danzig Star Brahms Jump Star Ray & Burl McBride Kathy
17710 2017 C Data Storm Cyber Secret Lemon Coral Meeker, M Wickesberg, M Barett & R St. John Wendy
17781 2017 F Dee Likes This One Mykindacandy Stormy Beach Roberts Stanley
17711 2017 C Demigod Paynter Demi Ten Post & Burl McBride Michael & Kasey
17622 2017 C Depart Spotsgone Arrival Prince Gerald
17685 2017 F Destin for Cash Hamazing Destiny Sefas Moneymaker Anderson Bradley
17677 2017 C Destintodream Algorithms Threelittleangels Prather, Jr. John H
17669 2017 F Deure Bella Shady Grove Bikini Bella Witt Ernie
17589 2017 C DIED  Laurie’s Rocket Cowtown Kitty McDowell  Bill
17826 2017 C Dinner at Crumpies Daaher Paillette Prichard William J
17548 2017 C Dixie Hero Dixie Motion Angel’s Cry Garges Gary
17772 2017 F Dixie Wayne Cyber Secret Emma Fred Golbert Dinah H
17800 2017 F Doctor Rocket Macho Rocket Doctor Becky Simpson Bruce
17661 2017 C Double Bogey Cinnamon Creek Birdie on the Green Witt Ernie
17770 2017 C Double Trouble Bear Sky Kingdom Real Bear Durant Tommy
17842 2017 F Dramatic  Entrance Dramedy First Lady Blue Circle Bar H, LLC
17716 2017 C Driver Five Iron Dakota Girl Hall Steve D
17580 2017 F Dues Paid Moonshine Mullin Dues Are Paid Clement, DVM J W
17803 2017 F Dulce Darling Commander’s Shoes Darling Nicki Morales Ruben
17722 2017 F Dynamic Julie Hamazing Destiny Jiffy Wish Thiel John & Libbie
17604 2017 C Earvin Hightail Taylor’s Moonbeam Hall Bobby Lee
17648 2017 C Egomaniac Cyber Secret Bread and Butter Cella Charles J
17822 2017 C Elm Store Mykindacandy Indygo Meadow Prichard William J
18080 2017 F Elusive Girl Risky Asset Dixie Sugar Taylor Rusty
17717 2017 F Elusive Secret Cyber Secret Prestidigitator Cella Charles J
17732 2017 F Esther Commander’s Shoes Totally Crafty Pleasant Hills Training Center
17853 2017 C Eurobeliever Euroears Believe Me Said Troy
17789 2017 C Even Higher High Cascade Olemiss Rebel Bynum-Avery Rebecca
17616 2017 C Exotic Pegasus Fusaichi Pegasus Exotic Bird Glover James H
17588 2017 F Expansionist Just A Coincidence Weaving Gold Southern Springs Stable & Harlow Stable
17721 2017 C Explosive Shoes Prom Shoes Gaucho Girl Thiel John & Libbie
17608 2017 F Extremely Afleet Alex Extreme Fourteen Wildwood Farms, Inc.
17839 2017 F Fairytale Fireworx Laurie’s Rocket Altruistic Tales Robbins Charles Eugene
17791 2017 C Favorite Son High Cascade Arma Bynum-Avery Rebecca
17581 2017 F First Sip of Shine Moonshine Mullin Dedham Clement, DVM J W
17620 2017 F Five Queens Five Iron Popsicle Toes Branum Eugene & Linda
17827 2017 F Five Rivers Mykindacandy Stormin Nessie Prichard William J
17794 2017 G Fortunatus Cyber Secret Baffle Dunlavy Janet
17640 2017 F Furzy Double Irish Upland Shortleaf Stable
17594 2017 F Get One More Bind Aleja Grand McDowell Bill
17759 2017 C Ghost Squad Brahms Etch Hessee Richard
17744 2017 C Golden Halos Snapy Halo Café Circle Ives Tommy
17747 2017 F Goldminersdaughter Bench Maker Gold Medal Emblem Hattenhauer Chris
17843 2017 C Gonna Getcha Ordained Lively Vision Circle Bar H, LLC
17595 2017 F Goosey Lucy Istan The Gray Goose McDowell  Bill
17844 2017 C Gotta Love Ike Icon Ike Mama’s Mad Money Circle Bar H, LLC
17833 2017 F Guest in My Heart Guest Star Braveheart Native Hughes Timothy A
17566 2017 C Guilty Guilt Trip Safflower Gossage J Phillip
17565 2017 F Hadleys Hero Dialed In Golden Honor Grimes Jr. Odis
17741 2017 F Half Scout Storm and a Half Girl Scout Ives Tommy
17801 2017 F Hamazing Marnie Hamazing Destiny Marnie Simpson Bruce
17658 2017 C Hamazing Song Hamazing Destiny Unbridled Praise Starfish Stable, LLC
17657 2017 C Hamazing Wisdom Hamazing Destiny Twice As Wise Starfish Stable, LLC
17830 2017 C Heros R Cowboy Cowboy Cal Spring Cat Dixon & Joe Martin Donna 
17577 2017 F Hightail Runaway Hightail Simply Runaway Hall William T
17617 2017 C Hissy Missy Medal Count Miracle Rose Wildwood Farms, Inc.
18079 2017 F Holy Strike Risky Asset Here Comes Sallie Taylor Rusty
17798 2017 C Holy Truth Explosive Truth Blushing Juliet Jayaraman K K & Devi
18015 2017 F Hooty Tooty Macho Rocket Kristi’s Add On Hootie’s Racing LLC
17856 2017 C Hot Iron Five Iron Mad Princess Allor Fred M
17753 2017 C Hummel One Moonshine Mullin J Star Carson Sunny
17561 2017 C Im Missin You Awesome Patriot Aly Performer Grimes Jr. Odis
17873 2017 C Implicator Race Day Roly Poly Goalie Southern Springs Stable & William  Sparks
17831 2017 C Including Tapit Double Irish Don’t Change Denman Stormy J
17600 2017 F Insanely Fast Sequoia Grove Nhlosane Halter, Jr. Richard V.
17713 2017 C Into Orbit Canaveral Carrolling Brown Stephen
17821 2017 C Irish Wilderness Daaher Almost a Lady Prichard William J
17681 2017 F Iron Woman Five Iron Florabama Starfish Stable, LLC
17652 2017 C Ironic Five Iron Only Starfish Stable, LLC
17854 2017 C Itsmyluckyboy Itsmyluckyday Tensas Belle Smith Ricky G
17558 2017 C Jakesadoodle Declaration of War Rare Blend Starr Jon L
17679 2017 C James’s Moonshine Moonshine Mullin Megyn’s Gold Driver James & Ywachetta 
17783 2017 F Janet’s Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Kwaito Thompson-Benight Eugenia
17574 2017 C Jimmie T Will Take Charge All About Allie Sanders Brothers
17576 2017 C Johnny Jiggle Shakin It Up Include Lacey Clement, DVM & Arthur Hall J W
17555 2017 F Julie Arkansas Jonesboro Hushintheair Parnell Floyd T
17693 2017 F K. O. Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Klassy K O Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17603 2017 C Kat’s Hitman Hightail Cat’s Conviction Hall Bobby Lee
17634 2017 F Kelly Be Krusin Alternation Krusin Kelly McDowell Bill
17845 2017 C Kissing Bandit A P Million Morning Kiss Circle Bar H, LLC 
17823 2017 F Koshkonong Goldencents Marie’s Kismet Prichard William J
17784 2017 F Kristi’s Secret Cyber Secret Cuzi Thompson-Benight Eugenia
17861 2017 C Kurts Raider Brahms Don’t Picq On Me Harding Karl
17729 2017 F Lady Mondovo Commander’s Shoes Fleeting Moment Pleasant Hills Training Center
17615 2017 F Laura Belle Flat Out Rita Ann Juels Woody
17668 2017 F Leontyne Shady Grove Cinnamonstella Witt Ernie
17750 2017 F Lexidos Silent Soul Spacey Stacy Carson Sunny
17715 2017 F Lil’ Fancy Macho Rocket Honour First Hall Steve D
17569 2017 C Lime Tree Valley Tactical Cat Madam Magic Thorson Ron
17698 2017 F Longntall Moonshine Mullin Smokin Reward Cedar Run Farm LLC
17637 2017 F Lucky Every Day Itsmyluckyday Marvelous Maddie JRita Young Thoroughbreeds
17687 2017 F Lucky Lucy Spotsgone Enfiraj Yagos Robert & Val
17720 2017 C Macho Rocco Macho Rocket Vuitton Too Thiel & Beth & Tim Easley John & Libbie
17797 2017 C Macho Rocket Man Macho Rocket Explosive Disco Jayaraman K K & Devi
17675 2017 C Make My Own Luck Mykindacandy Double Your Luck 4 M Ranch
17636 2017 C Man in the Can Can the Man Smeauxkininthelane JRita Young Thoroughbreeds
17764 2017 C Many Sweet Treats Hightail Many Many Sweets Hessee Richard
17719 2017 C Marco’s Dream Itsmyluckyday Dream Winner Bahena Raul
17774 2017 F Marquee Cowboy Cowboy Cal Sister Marzetta Morrison Bill
17547 2017 F Midnight Motion Dixie Motion Midnight Queen Garges Gary
17623 2017 F Miss Antioch Jonesboro Dancingwithpassion Prince Gerald
17849 2017 F Miss Casey Beth Jonesboro Orange Street George Jess
17575 2017 F Miss Checkmark Hightail Sky Con Hessee Richard
17628 2017 F Mocha Kiss Flat Out Dixie Kiss McDowell  Bill
17554 2017 C Moon in the Sky Moonshine Mullin Dontmesswithcactus Parnell Floyd T
17550 2017 F Moonshine Miss Moonshine Mullin Missthewayshemoves Strickland Breeding & Racing LLC
17606 2017 C Moonshine Moment Moonshine Mullin Victorious Kiss Hall Bobby Lee
17790 2017 C More Than Blessed High Cascade Already Blessed Bynum-Avery Rebecca
17743 2017 F Morning Valentine Morning Line S W Aly’svalentine Ives Tommy
17879 2017 C Moro Boss Moro Tap Frankincess Melcher Wesley
17880 2017 C Moro Ghost Moro Tap Tuk Tuk Melcher Wesley
17878 2017 F Moro Magic Moro Tap Hive Queen Melcher Wesley
17775 2017 F My Candy Dancer Mykindacandy Gate Zapper Morrison Bill
17760 2017 F My Fairlady Brahms Brahms Fairbanks Lady Hessee Richard
17749 2017 F My Grace Artie Schiller Nicole’s Passion Mathews, Jr. Lewis
17778 2017 C My Kinda Teton Mykindacandy Teton Dancer Roberts Stanley
17780 2017 C My Little Tip Mykindacandy A Little Tipsy Roberts Stanley
17592 2017 C My Sugar Town Jonesboro Kissed by Kris Pond Robbie
17624 2017 F My Tune Jonesboro Special Occasion Prince Gerald
17676 2017 F Mykinda Humor Mykindacandy Tickle Me 4 M Ranch 
17567 2017 F Napili Double Irish Belsay Gossage Jan Phillip
17712 2017 C Newboy Court Vision Go Brooklyn Brown Stephen
17645 2017 G Nicut Race Day Reincarnation Southern Springs Stable
17777 2017 F Northern Beach Northern Afleet Shelovesthebeach Morrison Bill
17694 2017 F O.K. Socks Ordained K.O. Socks Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17614 2017 C Officer Donell Moonshine Mullin Heartstrong Glover James H
18081 2017 F Olmagirl Risky Asset W W Olma Taylor Rusty
17746 2017 C One Abbadabbadoo Bench Maker One Abbadabbadoo Hattenhauer Chris
17666 2017 F Orphan Angie Shady Grove Snickers Creek Witt Ernie
17695 2017 C Outlaw River Cowboy Cal Joy Lake Clark Patricia M
17820 2017 F Outrageous Angel Macho Rocket Prefered Jamanio Pratt Mikki
17727 2017 G Papa Star Commander’s Shoes Posse’s Starlet Kordsmeier Eric
17583 2017 G Pay Dirt Hamazing Destiny Denali Tizforever Martin Tim
17688 2017 F Peanut Archarcharch Everleaner Yagos & Penny Fires Val
17590 2017 C Piece of Work Laurie’s Rocket Everyday Is Good McDowell  Bill
17665 2017 F Plaer’s Grove Shady Grove Plaer’s Trump Witt Ernie
17630 2017 F Powerful Attraction Commissioner Magnet McDowell Bill
17686 2017 F Precious Tinkle Spotsgone Tink So Yagos Robert & Val
17782 2017 F Princess Lilli Bug Sky Mesa Our Quita Thompson-Benight Eugenia
17796 2017 C Private Truth Explosive Truth Private Parade Jayaraman K K & Devi
17673 2017 F Prophetess Wisdom Laurie’s Rocket Zarb’s Ballerina Golden Arrow Racing, Inc. & Treissa Robinson
17584 2017 F Proud of Destiny Hamazing Destiny Pleasantly Music Martin Tim
17706 2017 F Proud Victoria Laurie’s Rocket Rainbows Are Due McDowell  Bill
18082 2017 F Pure Aire Risky Asset Baby Fresh Taylor Rusty
17724 2017 C Putter Five Iron Springtime Spell Thiel John & Libbie
17860 2017 F Quincy Be Quik Brahms My Madame Dixon Ray
17626 2017 F Race Day Mae Race Day Patientoftheheart Jacobs Keith
17633 2017 C Radicator Laurie’s Rocket Ho Joy McDowell  Bill
17680 2017 C Ramblin Randie Hightail Sunny Weekend Clement, DVM J W
17696 2017 C Random Affair Moonshine Mullin Sensational Appeal Cedar Run Farm LLC
17654 2017 C Rich Icon Icon Ike She’s Rich Starfish Stable, LLC
17857 2017 C Risky Situation Commander’s Shoes Desi Dawn Cline Robert N
17625 2017 G River Capote Sequoia Grove River Tactics Shumake Ray
17632 2017 G Rock City Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Hanyah McDowell Bill
17795 2017 C Rock Solid Truth Explosive Truth Tricky Bride Jayaraman K K & Devi
17659 2017 C Rockthepulpit Ordained Wreath Starfish Stable, LLC
17786 2017 F Rose Marie B Jonesboro Smell the Roses Thompson-Benight Eugenia
17812 2017 C Ryker Jo Tanzanite Cat Hannah’s Journey Smith B Ariel
17841 2017 F Salt’n Fire Smokin Glock Nevertoosalty Johnson Jerold F
17754 2017 F Sassy Lil Thing The Daddy Ms Highmaintenance Freeman Robert W
17771 2017 F Scarlett O’Hanna Pollard’s Vision Hannah Bo Banna Lokey Catherine
17737 2017 F Scioto’s Shoes Commander’s Shoes Queen of Scioto Pleasant Hills Training Center
17601 2017 F Sequia’s Fever Sequoia Grove Jessie’sgotafever Halter, Jr. Richard V.
17707 2017 C Serbian Sailor Mark Valeski Came of Age McDowell  Bill
17670 2017 C Shady Rays Shady Grove Similarly Situated Witt Ernie
17802 2017 F Shameful Princess Ordained Shameful Verdict Simpson Bruce
17553 2017 C Shine Jack’s Dream Moonshine Mullin Norma’s Dream Parnell Floyd T
17697 2017 F Shoot Me Straight Moonshine Mullin Key Appeal Cedar Run Farm LLC
17814 2017 C Silent Soul Moonshine Mullin Rah Rah Girl Glover James H
17578 2017 C Sinnerslikeme Moonshine Mullin Automatic Audit Ungles Cody
17644 2017 F Sip Race Day Kodiak Kocktail Southern Springs Stable
17819 2017 F Sister Wine Mr. Besihi Mary Lou Who Who Wade Cynthia
17544 2017 C Sky Hold Kantharos Montana Jordana Burdette Mark A
17818 2017 F Skyped Sky Kingdom Skyanne Wade Cynthia
17834 2017 C Smart Trial Brave n’ Away Hoosier Smarte Hughes Timothy A
17755 2017 F Smarter Than Mom The Daddy R Cat Lady Freeman Robert W
17563 2017 C Smarty Grimes Dialed In Kiss and Fly Grimes Jr. Odis
17735 2017 C Smellingnumbernine Commander’s Shoes Missippi Martini Pleasant Hills Training Center
17851 2017 G Smitty Can Do High Cascade Kommarsar Smith Leafyia
17682 2017 F Smokin Icon Icon Ike Smokin Betsy Starfish Stable, LLC
17815 2017 F So So Saucy Moonshine Mullin Avila Angulo Chris & Paula
17751 2017 C Soul Temptation Silent Soul Brians Fancy Fields Forest
17852 2017 C Spirit of Fin High Cascade Royra Redbud Smith Leafyia
17691 2017 F Spot’s Maine Girl Spotsgone Maine d’Or Fires Judy
17556 2017 F Spurwink Lane Palace Kathy K D Starr Jon L
17641 2017 F Stamps Uno Macho Rocket Mizlou Shinn Andrea
17557 2017 F Starrgarita Karakontie (JPN) Santaria Starr Jon L
17545 2017 C Stealth Bandit Dixie Motion Stealth Woman Garges Gary
17740 2017 C Storm Classic Storm and a Half Fleet Classic Ives & James Adametz, MD Tommy
17546 2017 F Stormy Motion Dixie Motion Miss Rose N Garges Gary
17850 2017 F Stormy Sunrise Storm and a Half Loranger Sunrise Williams Blaine
17807 2017 F Street Shoes Commander’s Shoes Start Street Sontchi & John McClurkin Linda
17733 2017 C Summertimer Commander’s Shoes Summer Symphony Pleasant Hills Training Center
17579 2017 C T. B. Alan Brahms Iamagirlygreeley Clement, DVM J W
17650 2017 F Tailorbeswift Icon Ike Tipping Point Matheny James
17570 2017 C Tempt Fate Hamazing Destiny Naughty Sister Butzow & Cynthia Robertson Joni
17571 2017 C Ten Buds Laurie’s Rocket Celestial Crown McDowell  Bill
17618 2017 C The Bus Hightail Miss D’ Or Juels Woody
17582 2017 C The Dark Jewel Archarcharch Sweet Anevey Clement, DVM J W
17788 2017 C The Devil’s Daddy The Daddy Blue Devil Lady Dodwell & Eric Kordsmeier Caroline
17702 2017 F The Mary Rose Macho Uno Wood Rose Shortleaf Stable
17692 2017 C Therunawayrocket Laurie’s Rocket Letthegrayrunaway Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17700 2017 C Thornish Just A Coincidence Fun Flower Southern Springs Stable 
17730 2017 F Thursday Morning Commander’s Shoes Stormin K J Pleasant Hills Training Center
17704 2017 F Tolly Club Double Irish Harperstown Lady Shortleaf Stable
17785 2017 F Too Pretty Alternation Pretty Toni Five Star Racing
17560 2017 C Top Hat Conspiracy Fed Biz Spring Morning Starr Jon L
17739 2017 F Trickey’s Thirsty Cyber Secret Winters Beauty WMW Enterprises, Inc.
17738 2017 F Tuesday Commander’s Shoes Away She Go Pleasant Hills Training Center
17723 2017 C Tuffy Cyber Secret Littleriverqueen Thiel John & Libbie
17705 2017 F Turnstone Double Irish Dovecot Shortleaf Stable
17690 2017 C Twisted Dixie Archarcharch Wicked Dixie Yagos Robert & Val
17564 2017 C Undefeated Champ Stroll Grand Affair Grimes Jr. Odis
17816 2017 F Van’s Flying Gal Hamazing Destiny Razorback Rocket Miller Van
17848 2017 C Victor’s Birthday Victor’s Cry Birthday Cake Robbins Charles Eugene
17824 2017 C Water Valley Daaher Meafarel Prichard William J
17551 2017 F Will B Late Wicked Strong Racing Holiday Simmons and Associates, Inc.
17689 2017 G Willfred Archarcharch Missy Lou Yagos Robert & Val
17806 2017 C Yona Mon Shoes Commander’s Shoes Dunn N Diamonds Sontchi & John McClurkin Linda
17684 2017 F You Believe in Me Ordained Trix Are For Katz Our Families’ Futures, LLC
17586 2017 C Zaino Boyz Daaher Elusive Sara Wolfe Jarett
17731 2017 F Zanshoes Commander’s Shoes Zanzu Pleasant Hills Training Center
17639 2017 F Zombie Lobo Double Irish Merry Mittens Shortleaf Stable
17752 2017 C Zyzack Moonshine Mullin Hooter Who Carson Sunny
17836 2017 C Macho Rocket Bellamy’s Fire Rogers David R Rogers & Daniel T 
17837 2017 F Brahms Catale Key Taylor Connie Jo
17758 2017 F Brahms Clearly A Smarty Hessee Richard
17647 2017 C Runaway and Hide Color of Truth Rush  Joel
17573 2017 F Majesticperfection Dignified Air McDowell  Bill
17799 2017 F Explosive Truth Fusaichi Valentine Jayaraman K K & Devi
17761 2017 C Hightail Gold Case Motel Hessee Richard
17832 2017 C Hamazing Destiny Harbor House Sanford Mark
17762 2017 C Brahms I Got the Email Hessee Richard
17763 2017 F Brahms I Got the Goodgold Hessee Richard
17725 2017 C Double Irish Kirstie Anderson Farms
17765 2017 C Hightail Menwolf Hessee Richard
17701 2017 F Laurie’s Rocket Miss Brown Eyes Smith Rickey
17811 2017 F Ordained Miss Scat Cat Rio Mio Ranch & Blaine Williams
17835 2017 C MacLean’s Music Miss Sky Rocket Rogers Daniel T & David R
17855 2017 F Can the Man Mizz Wee Smith Ricky G
17591 2017 F Race Day Mrs. Coolidge McDowell  Bill
17768 2017 C Hightail Paintingthecowgirl Hessee Richard
17769 2017 F Brahms Park at Saltlake Hessee Richard
17793 2017 C Just A Coincidence Quies Adams-Hutt Catherine
17708 2017 F Laurie’s Rocket Red Pine McDowell  Bill
17602 2017 C Hightail Regal Sum Hall Bobby Lee
17638 2017 C Double Irish Response Robbins Gene
17766 2017 C Hightail Rockhard Berry Hessee Richard
17672 2017 C Laurie’s Rocket Saardona Golden Arrow Racing, Inc. & Treissa Robinson
17607 2017 F Two Step Salsa Sarafina Newman C. F. 
17655 2017 F Ordained Stiletto Girl Starfish Stable, LLC
17674 2017 C Verrazano Too Bad FU 4 M Ranch