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17903 2018 F All About Amy Brahms My Madame Dixon Ray
18172 2018 F Angel Arkie Laurie’s Rocket Ivy Jo Williamson, Jr. James
18129 2018 F Arden Ar Grasshopper Tizexx Wade Cynthia
17877 2018 F Arkansas Bling Too Much Bling Patchofbadweather Flurry Staton
18010 2018 F Arkansas Gold Bench Maker Gold Medal Emblem Hattenhauer Chris
17890 2018 C Arkansas Royalty Decibel Royal Diva MX2 Farms c/o David & Debbie Morris
18038 2018 C Aspen Club Street Strategy Real Bear Morse Randy
17951 2018 C Aux Arcs Laurie’s Rocket Ruby Be Mine McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18012 2018 F Avenger Lady Bench Maker Bobs Avenger Hattenhauer Chris
18190 2018 C Awe Bird Birdstone Dues Up Front Circle Bar H, LLC  c/o
Tim Harris
18119 2018 C Awesome Skippy Awesome Hero Braveheart Native Hughes Timothy A
18147 2018 C B Honest Fort Prado Sealark Travis Ken
18393 2018 C B Polite Conveyance Knife Travis Ken
18019 2018 F Backgate Belle Cyber Secret Tress Puryear Glen
18110 2018 F Battlemaiden Moonshine Mullin Anavae Angulo Chris & Paula
18125 2018 F Be Respectful Mykindacandy Cat Express Travis Ken
18066 2018 C Bellamys Roan Macho Rocket Bellamy’s Fire Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
17959 2018 F Big On Broadway The Big Beast Force of Passion Lieblong Alex & JoAnn
17871 2018 C Big Success Successful Appeal Best Mom Burdette Mr & Mrs Mark A
17917 2018 C Blame J D Blame Tipping Point Matheney Jr James W
17863 2018 C Bling on the Prize Too Much Bling Ciaran’s Prize Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17940 2018 F Bonnet Hill Tekton Upland Shortleaf Stable
18078 2018 G Boston Wally Cyber Secret Baffle Dunlavy Janet
18139 2018 F Boyd Pet Sequoia Grove Fairway Cat Shumake Ray
18101 2018 C Braska Street Strategy Automatic Audit Ungles Cody
18097 2018 C Broadway Jerry Street Strategy Dues Are Paid Clement, DVM J W
17949 2018 F Brown Eyed Angel Laurie’s Rocket Miss Brown Eyes McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
17896 2018 C Bugger Red Double Irish Mizz Wee MX2 Farms c/o David & Debbie Morris
18074 2018 F Calico Dreamer Jack Milton Calico Rock Prichard William J
18021 2018 F Cancan Saree Can the Man Zarb’s Ballerina Golden Arrow Racing, Inc. & Treissa Robinson
17966 2018 C Canned Can the Man Rita’s Fifty Seven JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
18099 2018 F Cash Light Hightail Come On Baby Clement, DVM J W
18130 2018 F Cats Easter Gift Temple City Pinwheel Catttts Family Racing
17998 2018 C Cats Gotta Chance Hightail Unequaled Turnbow & Charley Adams Scales Carl D
17996 2018 C Charlie’s Cause Cinco Charlie Herecomesmsgreeley Ives Tommy
17921 2018 C Chase’s Rainbow Serendip Cinnamon Candy Hale & Betty J Hale Jimmie Lee
17953 2018 G Cherkas Bendyl Laurie’s Rocket Kitty’s Dream McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18113 2018 C Cinco Catalina Cinco Charlie One Lucky Storm Bynum-Avery Becky
17886 2018 C Classy Melody Kennedy Gorgeous Melody Thorson Ron
18117 2018 F Classy Strategy Street Strategy Lacy Fair Black Ralph
17963 2018 C Coincidental Just A Coincidence Roly Poly Goalie Southern Springs Stable & William Sparks
18011 2018 C Comanche Arrow Bench Maker One Abbadabbadoo Hattenhauer Chris
18146 2018 C Commander Willie Commander’s Shoes Leslie Grimes, Jr Odis
17862 2018 C Congo’s Tale Congaree Cat Tale Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18037 2018 F Connie K Street Strategy Indian Clarkie Patterson & Randy Morse Randy
18003 2018 F Coo Coo Kachoo Mo For the Money Red Pine Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
18211 2018 C Cool Cat Jones Jonesboro Cat’s Conviction Martin Justin & Julie
17893 2018 F Cool Nat Cat Redding Colliery Natista Cat MX2 Farms c/o David & Debbie Morris
17958 2018 F Courageous Cappen MacLean’s Music See Through Bryant Corbert F
17936 2018 F Courtney Fay Birdstone Hi Heels N Jewels Hawk Margaret D Power
17983 2018 F Cozy Wish Mo For the Money Jiffy Wish Thiel John & Libbie
17948 2018 C Crown Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Celestial Crown McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18025 2018 C Cyber Shoes Cyber Secret Auntcris’sshoes Soto Ben
17988 2018 F Cyber Sneaker Cyber Secret Firma Thiel & Beth & Tim Easley (Big Dog Racing Stable) John & Libbie
18106 2018 C D Nick Awesome Patriot Heart and Soul Lokey & Marguerite G Lokey Cathy
18123 2018 F Dance for Candy Mykindacandy Shutupanddance Morrison Bill & Denise
18047 2018 C Dancin Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Dancinanimoux Martin & Charles Chappell Tim
17902 2018 F Daria’s Dream Hightail Big Mollie Hall William T
17926 2018 F David Earl Hamazing Destiny Be My Caroline Sanders Brothers
18061 2018 C Day Jo Race Day Hannah’s Journey Palmer B Ariel
17987 2018 C Deacon Too Mo For the Money Sister Ceari Thiel  John & Libbie
18073 2018 F Debbie’s Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Indygo Meadow Prichard William J
18140 2018 F Debs Kio Sequoia Grove Authentic Deb Shumake Ray
18046 2018 F Denali Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Denali Tizforever Martin Tim
18085 2018 F Destiny’s Girl Commander’s Shoes Missippi Martini Pleasant Hills Training Center
18016 2018 C Diesel Fuel Macho Rocket Smokin Betsy Haas Margaret
17993 2018 C Distorted Storm Storm and a Half Thira Ives Tommy
18064 2018 F Dixie Girl To Cougar Cat Ms Dixie Girl Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
17944 2018 C Doc Irwin Even the Score L’ Espoir McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
17941 2018 F Dolly Dimple Tekton Merry Mittens Shortleaf Stable
17943 2018 C Dover Lights Tekton Wood Rose Shortleaf Stable
17892 2018 C Downtown Boy Tekton Harperstown Lady MX2 Farms c/o David & Debbie Morris
17981 2018 C Dragsholm MacLean’s Music Ghost Friendly Southern Springs Stable (Ron Moquett)
18087 2018 F Dreaming of Home Commander’s Shoes Away She Go Pleasant Hills Training Center
17906 2018 C Dusty Hill Oxbow Two Punch Millie Rogers David T & Lacinda V
18049 2018 F Early Dismissal Cinnamon Creek Lady Cara Witt Ernie
18128 2018 F Ebbi Blu Tanzanite Cat Mary Lou Who Who Wade Cynthia
17901 2018 C Eddie Hightail Simply Runaway Hall William T
18063 2018 F Emeralds R Us Noble Mission Emerald Necklace Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
18036 2018 F Epworth Street Strategy Zip On Patterson & Randy Morse Randy
18076 2018 F Extreme Iron Five Iron Extreme Fourteen House Brad
18000 2018 C Fancy Blaze Prom Shoes Timelessly Reed William T
18007 2018 F Fast Sophia Mo For the Money My Angel’s Halo Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
17882 2018 F Feminine Allure Noble Mission Palmilla McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
17997 2018 F Fibrillator Cross Traffic Fib Ives Tommy
18096 2018 F Five Star Moon Hightail Include Lacey Clement, DVM J W
17909 2018 C Flamin Iron Five Iron Flamin Josie Starfish Stable, LLC
18072 2018 F Flat Out Gold Flat Out Sochi Gold Prichard William J
18188 2018 F Flirtatious Smile Brody’s Cause Tacticmove Circle Bar H, LLC  c/o
Tim Harris
17888 2018 F Flowersforshantell Double Irish Safflower Gossage Jan Phillip
17883 2018 C Foresaken Kantharos Kombat Lake McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
17970 2018 F Four No More Congaree Don’t Blame Wayne Jones dba Three Feathers Farm V Jane
18041 2018 F Frankies Moonshine Moonshine Mullin Frank’s Officer Gal B Square Stable LLC
18039 2018 C Funny Actor Danza Vickis Got Swagger Caroom Jerry
17942 2018 C Gar Hole Tekton Dovecot Shortleaf Stable
18086 2018 C Gentle Knight Commander’s Shoes Fleeting Moment Pleasant Hills Training Center
18042 2018 F Gertie Street Strategy My Sister Nell Sparks & Joe Petalino William E
18157 2018 C Ghost Strategy Street Strategy Miss Lilly Blue Edmondson Ronnie
17927 2018 F Gold N Sexy G. W.’s Skippie Jena’s Gold Wolfe Jarett
18142 2018 G Goodnight Archie Archarcharch Nurse Goodnight Rush Joel & Ali
18090 2018 C Grand Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Aleja Grand McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
17990 2018 F Hamazing Lace Hamazing Destiny Redlace and Pearls Thiel & Beth & Tim Easley (Big Dog Racing Stable) John & Libbie
17982 2018 C Hardscrabble MacLean’s Music Trick My Ride Moquett, Ron dba Southern Springs Stable
17876 2018 F Hath No Fury Mineshaft Lady Paislee Loomis Cynthia
18154 2018 C Hearoseoneaster Hightail Unregulated Adams Scales Charley D
18214 2018 F Heart of Caroline Street Strategy Heartstrong Juels Woody
18048 2018 F Heart to Break Icon Ike Pleasantly Music Martin Tim
17912 2018 F Heated Argument Tapiture Heated Debate Starfish Stable, LLC
18215 2018 F High Class Ann Hightail Rita Ann Juels Woody
17947 2018 F Hillary G Even the Score Letters in Silver McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
17899 2018 C Holding Pattern Hightail Rebecca’s Bull Hall Bobby Lee
17869 2018 F Hopping Jitterbug Grasshopper Sister Sandra Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17978 2018 C Hoss J W Jonesboro Orange Street George Jess
17973 2018 F Hot Springs Bling Race Day Sheridan’s Bling Durham & Jerry Caroom Danele
17999 2018 C Howl Yeah Brahms Dinner Delight Johnson & Arkansas State University Equine Ctr. Jerold F
17975 2018 C Hyperactive Chris MacLean’s Music Kathleen L Adams-Hutt Catherine
17945 2018 F I’m Not Siri Even the Score Syriana McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18112 2018 C Im the Machine Macho Rocket Life by R R Shumake dba Shadow Cross Farm Phillip
17870 2018 C Ima Bling Cat Too Much Bling Stephanie’s Wildcat Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18127 2018 F Ima Sure Bet Street Strategy Sure Foot Sue Dugger Randie
17968 2018 F Jeri Dawn Double Irish Jeri Johnson Johnson Don R
17985 2018 F Jesse Ann Cyber Secret Littleriverqueen Thiel John & Libbie
18043 2018 F Kaboom Baby Hightail Ready for Life Selby Tracy K
17961 2018 F Kenkead Just A Coincidence Kodiak Kocktail Southern Springs Stable (Ron Moquett)
17900 2018 F Kiwi Nana Hightail Nana Hall Bobby Lee
17866 2018 F Klassy Point Bower’s Point Klassy K. O. Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17954 2018 F Kongo Kutie Lone Star Special Free Scarlet McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18089 2018 C Krusin Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Krusin Kelly Martin Brothers, Inc.
17867 2018 C La’ Hopper Grasshopper L’Air Du Temps Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17952 2018 F Lady Astrid Mo For the Money Came of Age McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18070 2018 C Lady Suspect Itsmyluckyday Polish Suspect Prichard William J
17908 2018 C Lang’s Fir Doll Langfur Laven’s Lil Dahl Rogers David Thomas
18001 2018 F Life of Saturdays Mo For the Money Posse’s Starlet Kordsmeier Eric
17974 2018 F Lilianfels Majestic Perfection Katoomba Adams-Hutt Catherine
18027 2018 F Little Burrito Tizway I’m So Flattering Mathews, Jr Lewis E
18029 2018 C Little Mad Max Silver Max Love Game Anderson Bradley
17977 2018 C Lord M Just A Coincidence Silver Anniversary Adams-Hutt Catherine
17950 2018 F Louemma Laurie’s Rocket Immune to Gloom McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18103 2018 C Lou’s Arrow San Pablo Robin’s N Beau’s Bearden Dan
17969 2018 C Lucks Big Boy Ordained Alex’s Cat Butterworth William A
17967 2018 C Lucky Break Itsmyluckyday Taralicious JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
17910 2018 C Macho Appeal Macho Rocket Sun Bonnet Starfish Stable, LLC
18092 2018 C Macho Ronnie Macho Rocket Ide Rather Be Me Thornton Denver
18034 2018 C Mahomey Runaway and Hide Never Ends Cedar Run Farm LLC
18044 2018 F Mama’s Ribbon Mt. Pro She Said Red Corley, Jr. Bill
18077 2018 F Marciamarciamarcia Double Irish Etheridge Reppo Stables & Andrew Logan
18191 2018 F Marilyn’s Magic Slumber (GB) Lively Vision Circle Bar H, LLC  c/o
Tim Harris
18054 2018 C Max Bet Shady Grove Bikini Creek Witt Ernie
18108 2018 F Merlin’s Sister Street Strategy Rah Rah Girl Angulo Chris & Paula
18189 2018 C Miami Merger Cinco Charlie Mama’s Mad Money Circle Bar H, LLC  c/o
Tim Harris
18052 2018 F Miss Patriotic Shady Grove Situate This Witt Ernie
18216 2018 F Miss Phillip Justin Phillip Miss D’Or Juels Woody
18053 2018 F Miss Pronounce Shady Grove Piccolo David Witt Ernie
18050 2018 F Miss Rita Cinnamon Creek Birdie Onthe Green Witt Ernie
18014 2018 C Mo Betta Mo For the Money Tempting Our Fate Hartman Hillary
17874 2018 F Mo Dreamin Mo For the Money Missthewayshemoves Strickland Breeding & Racing LLC
17986 2018 C Mo Gass     Mo For the Money Gaucho Girl Thiel John & Libbie
18006 2018 F Mo Grace Mo For the Money Kirstie Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
18004 2018 F Mo Moneyhoney Mo For the Money Robin My Girl Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
18005 2018 F Mo Stylish Mo For the Money Winning With Style Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
17932 2018 F Mo Wanna Go Mo For the Money Windstream Branum Eugene & Linda
17925 2018 C Mocito Royale G. W.’s Skippie Blushing Royale Wolfe Jarett
18008 2018 F Modini Mo For the Money Leslieann Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
17933 2018 F Moonshine Girl Moonshine Mullin Sylvia’s Buttercup Branum Eugene & Linda
18121 2018 F Moonshine Princess Moonshine Mullin Sun King Sister Duplissey dba Double M Stable  Mike & Marilyn
18141 2018 C Moonshine Surfer Moonshine Mullin Bonnie J Percival Jim
18132 2018 C More Moro Tap Moro Tap Sweetie’s Chance Harrison David
17885 2018 C More Than Hamazing Hamazing Destiny More Than Anything Thorson Ron
17935 2018 C Mr Scraps Just A Coincidence Jackie Again Hartman Hillary
17919 2018 C Mrs. Beans Cyber Secret All About Allie Sanders Brothers
17920 2018 F My Dams Atitude Hamazing Destiny Flosy Has Atitude Boarman Greg & Kim
17872 2018 C My Dominator Dominus Kulik Cat Burdette Mr & Mrs Mark A
18187 2018 C My Fortunate Son San Pablo Seeking the Max Circle Bar H, LLC  c/o
Tim Harris
18124 2018 F My Little Teton Mykindacandy Teton Dancer Roberts Stanley
18122 2018 F My Little Tipsy Mykindacandy A Little Tipsy Roberts Stanley
18102 2018 F Natural Jewel Tanzanite Cat Satin N Gold Jackson Stacy W
18002 2018 F Navagationalbeacon Prom Shoes Miss Linda Kay Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
17965 2018 C Navy Seal Midshipman Copperelle Weast Starsky
18062 2018 F Nebraska Red Shadow Hawk Lil Ms Razorback Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
17937 2018 F Neelie Ann Birdstone Extreme Ways Hawk Margaret D Power
18137 2018 C No Bull Larry Hamazing Destiny Sarah Bull Baxter Steven
17895 2018 C No Cussing Ole Rebel Mandy’s Girl MX2 Farms c/o David & Debbie Morris
18114 2018 F No Direct Matches Pollard’s Vision Wildcata Bynum-Avery Becky
18013 2018 F Olivian Mo For the Money Mattiejoe Hall Randy
18109 2018 F On a Shoestring Jonesboro Avila Angulo Chris & Paula
17934 2018 C One Way Street Street Strategy Dear Alicia Branum Eugene & Linda
17914 2018 C Only Icon Icon Ike Only Starfish Stable, LLC
18067 2018 C Oregon County Firing Line Divine Doris Prichard William J
17939 2018 F Orison Double Irish Jungle Lane Shortleaf Stable
18068 2018 C Other Times Mo For the Money Stormin Nessie Prichard William J
18060 2018 F Penelope Cruising Mykindacandy Special Occasion Prince Gerald E
18051 2018 C Peripatetic Cinnamon Creek Melissa Song Witt Ernie
18071 2018 F Playa Maya Money Mo For the Money Meafarel’s Reward Prichard William J
18118 2018 F Princess Strategy Street Strategy Wildcat Miss Black Ralph
17913 2018 C Pure Iron Five Iron Wreath Starfish Stable, LLC
18055 2018 Purloiner Shady Grove Emerald Creek Witt Ernie
17957 2018 F Rachie Rach Laurie’s Rocket Dea Aveta McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18126 2018 C Racy Jaycee Race Day Ile St. Jaycee Goodwin & Rodney Vaughn 50/50 Jay
18116 2018 F Rebel Vision Pollard’s Vision Olemiss Rebel Bynum-Avery Becky
18056 2018 G Redivivus Shady Grove Cinnabean Witt Ernie
17980 2018 F Revelle Strong Mandate Sweet Dixie Belle Southern Springs Stable (Ron Moquett)
18115 2018 C Riante Sky Sky Kingdom Surely Grand Bynum-Avery & Lora Pitre Becky
17915 2018 F Richness Ordained She’s Rich Starfish Stable, LLC
18138 2018 F River Mambo Pomatini River Tactics Shumake Ray
17916 2018 F Riverfest Five Iron Shiawassee Allor Fred
18091 2018 C Rocket Corredor Laurie’s Rocket Everyday Is Good Martin Brothers, Inc.
17972 2018 F Rockin Ruach Brahms Southernmiss Thang Butler Ken W
17946 2018 C Roll Dinero Roll Sky Mesa Songlyrics McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18028 2018 C Rollin N the Money Too Much Bling Sefas Moneymaker Anderson Bradley
17938 2018 C Rolling Fork Midshipman Tyrannical Shortleaf Stable
17859 2018 F Rosie Motion Dixie Motion Miss Rose N Garges Gary
17891 2018 C Royal de Be Decibel Royal Accel MX2 Farms c/o David & Debbie Morris
18033 2018 C Rubiginous Moonshine Mullin Tactical Officer Cedar Run Farm LLC
17922 2018 C Rumbling Thunder Serendip Subjugate Hale  Jimmie Lee
17931 2018 F Run Fearless Archarcharch Pistolpackinpenny Fires & Val Yagos (foal share) Penny
18075 2018 F Runaway Lawyer Itsmyluckyday Run Nashly Run Prichard William J
17868 2018 C Runawaypoint Bower’s Point Letthegrayrunaway Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18084 2018 F Sallies Risk Risky Asset Here Comes Sallie Taylor Rusty
18098 2018 C Sarah’s Best Tanzanite Cat Dedham Clement, DVM J W
17956 2018 F Sarahs Home Even the Score All that Glitters McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18088 2018 F Scarlet Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Scarlet Gold Martin Brothers, Inc.
18020 2018 C Schrimshire Ordained Bull’s Blue Lady Shinn Andrea
17991 2018 C Scratch Out C Street Strategy Fleet Classic Ives & James Adametz, MD Tommy
18040 2018 C Seal the Deal Street Strategy Megyn’s Gold Driver James
17923 2018 C Serendip Ruler Serendip Sparkling Ruler Hale & Betty J Hale Jimmie Lee
17971 2018 F Seriously Sassy Oxbow Sassy Chimes Jones dba Three Feathers Farm V Jane
18017 2018 C Sharp Willy Wilburn Deferred Puryear Glen
18083 2018 F Silver Asset Risky Asset Silver Q Taylor Rusty
18100 2018 C Slimer Street Strategy Iamagirlygreeley Clement, DVM J W
17924 2018 F Smarty’s Angel Smarty Jones Undercover Angel Wolfe Jarett
18069 2018 C Some Times Mo For the Money Meafarel Prichard William J
18057 2018 F Special Angel Ordained Black Chance Hunt, Jr. William
18031 2018 F Spilled Perfume Street Strategy Key Appeal Cedar Run Farm LLC
18093 2018 C Spirit Soul San Pablo Star Forty Nine Bearden, dba Burning Sands Stable LLC Dan
17962 2018 C Stamen Just A Coincidence Fun Flower Southern Springs Stable (Ron Moquett)
18120 2018 C Stan the Ladysman Moonshine Mullin Aunt Adell Duplissey dba Double M Stable  Mike & Marilyn
17887 2018 C Starr’s Mischief Into Mischief Pobeda Starr Jon L
17984 2018 C Stomping Hotrod Cyber Secret Prestidigitator Thiel John & Libbie
17992 2018 F Storm Above Storm and a Half Alltheabove Ives Tommy
17904 2018 F Stormy Sermon Ordained Sennockian Storm Starfish Stable, LLC
17995 2018 F Stormyexpectations Storm and a Half Sago Ives Tommy
17875 2018 C Strategic Affair Street Strategy Southern Affair Strickland Breeding & Racing LLC
18026 2018 C Straticus Street Strategy Hooter Who Carson Sunny
17964 2018 F Street Pride Street Strategy Ally’s Candy Brennan and D K Strickland & Tony Caver Loretta
18390 2018 C Streetwise Hampton Court Sweetwise Basquez Thomas A
18022 2018 F Sulwe Dominus Saardona Golden Arrow Racing, Inc. & Treissa Robinson
18030 2018 F Sum Little Diva Sum of the Parts Divine Design Anderson Bradley
17979 2018 F Summer Shoes Commander’s Shoes Summer Symphony Pleasant Hills Training Center
18107 2018 C Super Geek Cyber Secret Hannah Bo Banna Lokey & Marguerite G Lokey Cathy
18329 2018 F Sweet Holiness Ordained K J’s Sweetater Loy F Dewaine
18131 2018 C Sweet Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Asticou McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18065 2018 F Sweetness To Dominus Sherz Sweet Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
17911 2018 C Tale of Truth Ordained Pass That Bottle Starfish Stable, LLC
18032 2018 F Tallandlong Moonshine Mullin Smokin Reward Cedar Run Farm LLC
17905 2018 C Tans Secret Shance Cyber Secret Lucy’s Miss Musket Rogers David Thomas
17884 2018 F Tap Tap Tizzy Toot Double Irish Dare We Dream Cloud Nine Racing Stable, LLC c/o David Kunze
17976 2018 F The Karman Line MacLean’s Music Don’t Boss Me Adams-Hutt Catherine
17928 2018 C The Skipster G. W.’s Skippie Believe in Magic Wolfe Jarett
18136 2018 F This Girl Does Laurie’s Rocket Smeauxkininthelane JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
17960 2018 F Tiz MacLean’s Music Tizsational Southern Springs Stable & Ted Bowan
17955 2018 C Tizhelnow Lone Star Special Helsingfors McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18023 2018 C Topf Road Rules Laurie’s Rocket Our Quista J & J Thoroughbreds c/o Joe & Jenie Benight
17865 2018 F Triple Happy Too Much Bling Happy Wildcat Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
17864 2018 F Twofoursixbitdolar Crossbow Halfandtwoquarters Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18024 2018 F Tyler’s Tyronza Danza Cuzi J & J Thoroughbreds c/o Joe & Jenie Benight
18150 2018 F Tyne After Tyne Moonshine Mullin Tyne Clement, DVM J W
17989 2018 F Unbridled Twister Street Strategy Vuitton Too Thiel & Big Dog Racing (Tim & Beth Easley) John & Libbie
18009 2018 C Uncle O.G. Calibrachoa Twice a Deelite Reynolds Tara C
17907 2018 F Vallie Pearl Smarty Jones Aliana Rogers David Thomas
17930 2018 F Very Spicy Spotsgone Missy Lou Yagos Val
18058 2018 C Wall St. Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Wall St. Baby Prince Gerald E
17889 2018 C Warning Label Commander’s Shoes Desi Dawn Cline Robert N
17881 2018 F Wicked Appeal Wicked Strong Romantic Appeal Walmac Farm LLC
18035 2018 F Wicked Street Street Strategy Wicked Dixie Patterson & Randy Morse Randy
18018 2018 C Will Red Wilburn A Rose Given Puryear Glen
17898 2018 C You Vee Cee Hightail Taylor’s Moonbeam Hall Bobby Lee
18059 2018 F Mykindacandy Arrival Prince Gerald E
18135 2018 C Moro Tap Diana’s Derby Storm Harrison David
17918 2018 C Dominus Fancy and Free Carver John
18134 2018 C Moro Tap Halo Over Sassy Harrison David
17929 2018 C G. W.’s Skippie Imogen Julia Wolfe Jarett
17894 2018 C Guilt Trip Just Like Juliet MX2 Farms c/o David & Debbie Morris
17858 2018 F Dixie Motion New York Strip Jennings & Gary Garges Charles
18133 2018 C Moro Tap Noble Charm Harrison David
18045 2018 F Hightail Painting the Cowgirl Hessee Richard
17994 2018 F Storm and a Half Pampered Ives Tommy
17897 2018 C Hightail Victorious Kiss Hall Bobby Lee