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ATBHA # Sex Name Sire Dam Breeder(s)
18207 C A Sinner Named Sue Jonesboro Sure Foot Sue Fertel Jerry
18280 C Accel Joe Decibel Royal Accel MX2 Farms c/o David Morris
18162 C Afleet Sky Northern Afleet Twinkling Sky Morrison Dr. Thomas A
18349 C All in Good Time Tale of Ekati Pleasantly Music Martin Tim
18303 F Alleluia Angel Ordained Unbridled Praise Starfish Stable, LLC
18295 C Allo Enry Jonesboro Vickis Got Swagger Caroom Jerry
18246 F America in Love American Freedom Cowgirl in Love Rigali, Jr. Paul J
18197 C Arkansas Zong Zong Degenerate Code Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
18637 C Atta Party Fast Anna It’s Partytime Silva Miguel Angel
18217 F Awesome Kitty Awesome Hero More Than Krazy Hughes Timothy
18418 C Aye Aye Commander Just A Coincidence Kathleen L Adams-Hutt Catherine
18328 C Backgate Red Prom Shoes A Rose Given Puryear Glynn
18412 C Benevolent Sun Shady Grove Bikini Creek Witt Ernie
18153 F Best Deal Ever El Deal Form An Accord Thorson Ron
18389 C Bettys Cash Mo For the Money Be My Caroline Sanders Brothers
18229 F Beverly Wills Texas Chrome Halfandtwoquarters Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18679 F Big Sister Q Astrology Sister Susie Q Morrison Bill & Denise
18326 C Billhill Race Day Relentless Dear Puryear Glynn
18411 F Bizzle Shady Grove Situate This Witt Ernie
18371 C Black Soot Protonico Honorett Kirton dba Kirton Farms William
18417 C Blackheath Just A Coincidence Katoomba Adams-Hutt Catherine
18234 F Blow Sum Smoke Texas Chrome Stephanie’s Wildcat Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18376 C Bonair Curve Double Irish Almost a Lady Prichard William J
18200 F Boot Legging Girl Moonshine Mullin Sylvia’s Buttercup Branum Eugene
18263 C Botany Den’s Legacy Fun Flower Southern Springs Stable 
18243 C Brother Mo Mo For the Money Devil Pastdue Newberry Cecil O
18182 F Buckle Bunny Red Just A Coincidence Rainbows Are Due McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18545 C Buddy Reaux Five Iron Laven’s Lil Dahl Rogers David Thomas
18277 C Bumper Pool Street Strategy C D Player McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18241 F C. C. Harbor Commissioner Rocsi Harbor Babb Buster
18377 F Calico Tabby Tekton Calico Rock Prichard William J
18300 F Calypso Street Street Strategy Springtime Spell Thiel John & Libbie
18219 F Catch a Whiff Golden Scents Kristi’s Add On Hootie’s Racing LLC c/o G Hewitt & B Moore 
18155 C Cats Onthe Upgrade Raison D’Etat Unregulated Adams Scales Charley D
18250 C Chai Tea Jonesboro Meghan W Yagos Robert
18410 C Chaleco Hamazing Destiny Plaer’s Trump Witt Ernie
18267 C Chef Boy Ottie Texas Chrome Taralicious JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
18391 F Cinco de Mayo Cinco Charlie Already Blessed Bynum-Avery Rebecca
18202 C Citrus Bay Hightail Brillant Belle Clement, DVM J W
18173 C Classy Socks Northern Afleet Classy Corinthian Mazoch Michael & Kasey
18494 C Coal Hill Cyber Secret Patientoftheheart Jacobs Keith
18307 C Colonel Barton Keen Ice Hope Landing Matheny, Jr. James
18361 C Commander Charlie Commander’s Shoes Missippi Martini Pleasant Hills Training Center
18342 C Concoction Just A Coincidence Kodiak Kocktail Southern Springs Stable
18231 F Contempo Gray Texas Chrome Letthegrayrunaway Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18318 F Coquena Rocket Macho Rocket Darling Nicki Morales Ruben
18227 F Country Cloud Texas Chrome Country Candy Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18353 C Cowboy Hay Hay Moonshine Mullin Never Ends Cedar Run Farm LLC
18405 F Culebra Shady Grove Cinnabean Witt Ernie
18334 C Cybertown Cyber Secret Hometown Queen Martin Brothers Inc.
18252 F Danae Cinco Charlie Dana’s Done Dean Dana
18320 F Dancin N Thepulpit Mo For the Money L’ Espoir Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
18278 C Degray Double Irish Sequiota McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18185 F Delta Moon Orb Lecompass McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18156 F Dem Cats Luv Me Revolving Walk On Gold Adams Scales Charley D
18396 F Derby Day Gold Country Be Gold Dinner Brew Johnson, dba 151st Street Racing Jerold F
18266 F Derby Day Lassie Double Irish Rita’s Fifty Seven JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
18261 F Deronda Just A Coincidence Sweet Dixie Belle Southern Springs Stable
18283 F Destiny’s Grace Hamazing Destiny Smokin Betsy Haas & Larry Womack Lanetta
18158 C Devilish Hour Half Ours Devilishly Superior Dickerson Jack
18368 F Diamonds R Forever Commander’s Shoes Rubies R Forever Anderson Bradley
18372 C Didja Competitive Edge Digniada Wade Cynthia
18257 C Donnie’s Hammer Storm and a Half Girl Scout Ives Tommy
18382 F Dr. Woods Miracle Street Strategy Meafarel Prichard William J
18658 G Dudley Tarpy’s Surprise Target N Sight Neece Jill
18313 C Emeralds Jewel Macho Rocket Emerald Necklace Rogers Dan Rogers & David
18296 C Ev’s Sherman Da Stoops Amanda’s Ice Box Villafranco Martin
18470 C Face Card Double Irish Lizzierna Bailey dba RMFR Stables Dennis
18237 F Fat Tuesday Bench Maker Praire Storm Hattenhauer Chris
18336 C Fetchs Brahm Brahms Fetch You Back Say Somethin Racing LLC c/o D Crowson
18293 C Finbarfurey Street Strategy Automatic Audit Ungles Cody
18312 C Fire Four G Macho Rocket Bellamy’s Fire Rogers  Dan Rogers & David
18659 F First Rate Romance Tarpy’s Surprise Romantic Music Full House Racing Stable LLC
18199 C Flashy Lover Zong Just Mattie Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
18398 F Flat Out Hot Flat Out Betar B Sharp Johnson, dba 151st Street Racing Jerold F
18184 G Forty Ounce Fort Larned I am Superior Too McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18247 C Full Buck Moon Euroears Pick Me Up Carman Richard
18165 F Gamercy Park Double Irish Morning Coffee Shortleaf Stable
18163 C Gentlemen Jet Gentlemen’s Bet Perfect Empire Rosenblum Harry
18196 F Geri’s Sweetie Pomatini Rose of Geri Shumake Ray
18203 C Glacier Ice Street Strategy Come On Baby Clement, DVM J W
18388 F Gold Strategy Street Strategy Sochi Gold Prichard William J
18380 F Greer Crossing Mo For the Money Indygo Meadow Prichard William J
18195 C Hacker Hightail Mama’s Mad Money Circle Bar H c/o Tim Harris
18253 F Hale’s Lucky Lady Serendip Subjugate Hale Jimmie Lee
18308 F Hamazing Debate Hamazing Destiny Heated Debate Starfish Stable, LLC
18330 C Heart Headed Arky Ordained Hold Me Fast Loy F Dewaine
18235 C He’s Got Chrome Texas Chrome With Every Hope Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18274 F Hey Sissy Even the Score On Hold McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18270 C Highland Park Scot Double Irish See Through Bryant, Jr. Corbet F
18222 F Hollysroyaldefense Shupanga No Defense Callaway Bryan
18383 F Houston Miracle Tekton Meafarel’s Reward Prichard William J
18289 C Impoverished Hightail Regal Sum Hall Bobby Lee
18386 F Irish Blush Double Irish Run Nashly Run Prichard William J
18275 C Irish Craig Double Irish Celestial Crown McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18304 C Iron One Five Iron Only Starfish Stable, LLC
18294 F Isaac’s Fancy Ordained Fancy and Free Carver & Peter Abruzzo John
18297 C Jack’s Spring Break Mo For the Money Prestidigitator Thiel John & Libbie
18174 C Jackys Back Just A Coincidence Jackie Again Hartman Hillary
18180 F Jader G Double Irish Ruby Be Mine McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18223 C Jalapeno Supreme Texas Chrome Belle Supreme Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18408 C Jambi Shady Grove Emerald Creek Witt Ernie
18316 F Jesses Secret Cyber Secret Zarb’s Ballerina Robinson Treissa
18288 C Judge Brayker Commander’s Shoes Cheye’s Dumpling Hall Bobby Lee
18285 F K J’s Pistol Annie Commander’s Shoes K J’s Girl Rowland Kathy
18167 F Karmakarmacameleon Just A Coincidence Hanyah McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18262 C Kilgore Just A Coincidence Ghost Friendly Southern Springs Stable
18343 C Kinfolk Just A Coincidence Dandy Southern Springs Stable
18221 C Kissofthenile Shupanga She’llkisstheboys Callaway Bryan
18324 F Kokomo Starlet Mo For the Money Posse’s Starlet Kordsmeier Eric
18385 F Kootenai Falls Street Strategy Paillette Prichard William J
18370 F Lavage Daredevil Lady Henrietta Henderson Bryan
18331 C Leigh’s Lil Secret Cyber Secret Leigh’s Fast Fix Loy F Dewaine
18144 C Leon’s Legacy Firing Line Alexandria J Cline Robert N
18547 F Lightning Hart Hamazing Destiny Two Punch Millie Rogers David T & Lacinda V
18239 C Lil Biscuit Bench Maker Lucky Tip Hattenhauer Chris
18232 F Lil’ Bit of Chrome Texas Chrome Lil’ Mary Jane Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18354 F Little Rocket Star Guitar Indian Clarkie Patterson & Randy Morse Randy
18166 C Lochmoor Laurie’s Rocket Copperelle McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18240 C Loud Boy Bench Maker Gold Medal Emblem Hattenhauer Chris
18337 C Macer the Racer Ordained Norma’s Dream Parnell  Floyd
18657 G Malintent Tarpy’s Surprise Katie Ice Full House Racing Stable LLC
18387 C Mammoth Spring Tekton Stormin Nessie Prichard William J
18186 C Mapache Man Hit it A Bomb Kick Save McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18373 C Max’s Heart Street Strategy Tom’s to the Max Mickes Thomas A
18345 F May Disco Macho Rocket Disconsolate Shinn Andrea
18179 F Mazie G Mo For the Money All that Glitters McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18212 C Millenium Jack Rascal Cat Winds Due East Webb Rachel
18414 F Milu Rocket Macho Rocket Mary Lou Espinoza Edgar
18284 F Miracle Shoes Commander’s Shoes Summer Symphony Rowland Kathy
18339 F Miss Lionize Posse Hawk Prowl Feilner II Ray
18346 F Miz Gisela Ordained Mizlou Shinn Andrea
18322 C Mo Choctaw Mo For the Money Robin My Girl Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
18301 C Mo Down Mo For the Money Firma Thiel & Big Dog Racing (Tim & Beth Easley) John & Libbie
18183 C Mo Hawk Man Mo For the Money Ho Joy McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18321 C Mo Ransom Mo For the Money Free Scarlet Anderson dba Anderson Farms Freddy & Linda
18181 C Mo Vodka Mo Tom The Gray Goose McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18244 C Money Strike Mo For the Money Sky Strike Newberry Cecil O
18348 C Moonshine Max Moonshine Mullin Dancinanimoux Martin Tim
18399 F Moonshine Song Moonshine Mullin Value Your Song Dixon Donna R
18255 G Moonshine Vision Moonshine Mullin Avisionofchocolate Fires William
18224 C Mr Wully Bully Texas Chrome Cat Tale Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18335 C Mucho Rocket Cat Macho Rocket Zes T Cat Martin Brothers Inc.
18208 F My Moonlight Lady Moonshine Mullin My Crusader Lady Fertel Jerry
18245 G Native Moonshine Moonshine Mullin Prefer’s Flicka Newberry Cecil O
18209 C Natural Prospect Tanzanite Cat Satin N Gold Jackson Stacey
18309 C Niblick Five Iron Dakota Gal Hall Steve D
18168 C No Le Hace Flat Out Kitty’s Dream McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18164 C Northern Woods Tekton Dovecot Shortleaf Stable
18272 F O Chita Cinco Charlie Divination Newman Frank
18213 C Oak’s Heart Rascal Cat Oak’s Gal Webb Rachel
18636 C Obviously Too Ez Effort Too Obvious Silva Miguel Angel
18635 C Ojitos Atta Boy Roy Natalie Paige` Silva Miguel Angel
18276 C Omagene Texas Red Gutierez Girl McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18367 F One More Diva Commander’s Shoes Divine Design Anderson Bradley
18265 C One Ten Stadium Race Day Trip Mom Sparks William S
18352 F One Way Or Another Street Strategy Happy Anniversary Clark Donna
18302 C Oneighthundredcash Mo For the Money Dial Nineoneone Thiel & Ingrid Mason John & Libbie
18160 C Orbital Starr Orb Salina Starr Jon L
18317 F Our Hallie Laurie’s Rocket Brooke’s a Bookin George Jess
18381 C Pacific Harbor Street Strategy Marie’s Kismet Prichard William J
18269 F Pattern Bet Gentlemen’s Bet J J’s Pattern Rosenblum Harry
18406 C Peace Dog Shady Grove Cinnamonstella Witt Ernie
18311 F Phenom Threepointo Stroll Remarkable Rocket Rogers Dan Rogers & David
18375 C Piney Bay Hightail Espera Hensley dba Cedar Lane Farm Tommy
18409 F Pneuma Shady Grove Luv a Drama Witt Ernie
18254 G Point Blank Moonshine Mullin Pistolpackinpenny Fires William
18282 C Preacher’s Pet Ordained Jesse’s Giacomo Haas & Martinn Lanetta
18404 F Princess Hadley Tapiture Kiss and Fly Grimes, Jr Odis “Buddy”
18177 F Prinia Double Irish Woodall Lane Shortleaf Stable
18362 C Quick Revenge Commander’s Shoes Zanzu Pleasant Hills Training Center
18145 C Razo Hamazing Destiny Kiss Me Chocolate Quinonez Gedda
18306 C Red Cavalier Hamazing Destiny She’s Rich Starfish Stable, LLC
18347 F Red Sunshine Five Iron Stiletto Girl Shinn Andrea
18238 F Red Wednesday Bench Maker Bob’s Avenger Hattenhauer Chris
18260 F Ridley Just A Coincidence Trick My Ride Southern Springs Stable
18488 F Rivercrest Girl Street Strategy Everything Bling Hall’s Family Trust c/o L Allen Hall
18315 C Rocket Afleet Jafmil Miss Sky Rocket Rogers  Dan Rogers & David
18374 C Rocket Man Ten Hightail Rock Hard Berry Hensley dba Cedar Lane Farm Tommy
18472 F Roulette Juliette Double Irish U.A.F.S. Lions Bailey dba RMFR Stables Dennis
18281 C Royal Corona Decibel Just Like Juliet MX2 Farms c/o David Morris
18351 F Runninginthestreets Street Strategy Spagedd Edd Anderson Doug
18310 C Sacrament Ordained Honour First Hall Steve D
18395 C Salty Jones Smarty Jones Nevertoosalty Johnson, dba 151st Street Racing Jerold F
18384 C Salty Lion Firing Line Miss Auspicious Prichard William J
18416 F Satet Cairo Prina Ce Soir Adams-Hutt Catherine
18319 F Secret Sister Macho Rocket Nurse Goodnight Rush Joel & Ali
18522 C Secret Survivor Ironicus Collection Plate Grimes, Jr Odis “Buddy”
18194 C Seek First Ordained Seeking the Max Circle Bar H c/o Tim Harris
18394 C Sheriff C J Posse Hawk Gone Rolfe Feilner II Ray
18230 F She’s Got Chrome Texas Chrome Happy Wildcat Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18305 F She’s Hamazing Hamazing Destiny Safe N Rich Starfish Stable, LLC
18159 F Shining Terri Graydar Ebony Gift Barger & Mark Hixson John
18256 C Short Half Storm and a Half Short Route Ives Tommy
18378 C Singing the Groom Birdsong Corner the Storm Prichard William J
18419 C Sir Peel Race Day Silver Anniversary Adams-Hutt Catherine
18143 F Sister Sis Daahar Blushing Sis Simmons and Associates, Inc.
18298 F Sister Ursula Tarpy’s Surprise Sister Ceari Thiel John & Libbie
18152 C Slew Cat Festival Road Victoryville Newberry Cecil
18358 C Smokin Boots Moonshine Mullin Smokin Reward Cedar Run Farm LLC
18511 F Smokin Motion Street Strategy Spring Cat Dixon & Joe Martin Donna
18273 C Sobriety Laurie’s Rocket Palmilla McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18249 G Southern Pecan Jonesboro Enfiraaj Yagos Robert & Val
18407 C Spoonman Shady Grove Cold Hard Truth Witt Ernie
18251 C Stay Until May Jonesboro Missy Lou Yagos Robert & Val
18258 F Storm Café Storm and a Half Café Circle Ives Tommy
18248 C Storm Strategy Street Strategy Tensas Trieste Hawbaker Michael Scott
18210 F Stormin at Dawn Deliver the Storm Desi Dawn Cline Robert
18299 C Street Commander Street Strategy Vuitton Too Thiel & Big Dog Racing (Tim & Beth Easley) John & Libbie
18287 F Street Ride Street Strategy Ally’s Candy Brennan and D K Strickland & Tony Caver Loretta
18314 C Stricker Macho Rocket Lil Miss Razorback Rogers  Dan Rogers & David
18489 F Sugar Strategy Street Strategy Sherry Berry Wine Cobb Sherry J
18149 F Sweet Baby Kate Laurie’s Rocket Came of Age JVS Farms, Inc. c/o John & Vicky Stogsdill Yes
18169 F Sweet Soul Sister Just A Coincidence Miss Brown Eyes McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18471 C Tapped Out Double Irish Not in My Court Bailey dba RMFR Stables Dennis
18279 C Taylor Town Decibel Harperstown Lady MX2 Farms c/o David Morris
18176 F Tea Garden Double Irish Merry Mittens Shortleaf Stable
18242 F Tenzing Algorithms Demi Ten Post & Burl McBride Dr. & Mrs. Michael
18151 F The Charmer Festival Road Sassy Town Charmer Newberry Cecil
18226 C The Heat is On Texas Chrome Conquest Tapgirl Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18171 F Thin Crust Goldencents Pizza Lady McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18327 F Truly A Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Deferred Puryear Glynn
18323 F Turn Up Da Jukebox Midshipman Goldinthepocket Five Star Racing c/o Richard Christian Salt Creek Paving dba
18225 F Twentytwentyredo Texas Chrome Ciaran’s Prize Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18264 F Unsaid Strong Mandate Unsung Sparks William S
18148 F Valentine Angel Graydar Threelittleangels Prather, Jr. John
18641 C Venom Overload High Cascade Eirena’s Lil Angel Reese Aaron Scott
18193 C Vision of Elias Ordained Lively Vision Circle Bar H c/o Tim Harris
18268 F War Music Double Irish Tyrannical Shortleaf Stable
18397 C War Reporter War Correspondent English Spring Johnson, dba 151st Street Racing Jerold F
18325 F War Shoes Prom Shoes Tress Puryear Glynn
18392 C Wedington High Cascade Surely Grand Bynum-Avery Rebecca
18341 C Whelen Springs Street Sense Holy Nova Shortleaf Stable
18359 C Where’s Randy Flashback Flyaway Kitten Patterson & Randy Morse Randy
18233 C Whole Lotta Chrome Texas Chrome Sister Sandra Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18286 F Wild Tune Laurie’s Rocket Special Occasion Prince Gerald
18438 C Willie Win Temple City Three Natty Patty Oakley Denis & Tamela
18204 C Willow Creek Road Hightail Dues Are Paid Clement, DVM J W
18201 F Windy Street Street Strategy Windstream Branum Eugene
18290 C Wishin and Hopin Hightail Big Mollie Hall William T
18161 C Wofford Strong Mandate Weaving Gold Southern Springs Racing & Harlow Stable
18259 F Wonderstrike Just A Coincidence Roly Poly Goalie Southern Springs Stable & William Sparks
18369 C Work All Day Sum of the Parts Nejma Anderson Bradley
18379 C Young Jonesboro Jonesboro Divine Doris Prichard William J
18338 C Young o’ Daine Ordained Bless Jessica R Parnell  Floyd
18546 F Zinasdestiny Virago Hamazing Destiny Aliana Rogers David Thomas
18198 F Zongs Irish Frost Zong Humble Monique Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
18271 F Laurie’s Rocket Believe Me Said Troy
18205 F Hightail Dedham Clement, DVM J W
18332 C Rascal Cat Dinner Delight Arkansas State University Equine
18292 C Risky Asset Dixie Sugar Taylor Rusty
18366 F Gottcha Pharm Doctor Becky Simpson Bruce & Sarah
18363 F Commander’s Shoes Fleeting Moment Pleasant Hills Training Center
18228 F Texas Chrome Flyin Katnip Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18178 C Mo For the Money Force of Passion Lieblong Alex & JoAnn
18365 F Commander’s Shoes Forever Grace Pleasant Hills Training Center
18220 C Tu Brutus Hello Dali Lauer Michael E
18291 C Risky Asset Help Me Jebbis Taylor Rusty
18206 F Sea Prince Include Lacey Clement, DVM J W
18218 C Cyber Secret Miss Lilly Blue Edmondson Ronnie
18170 C Brody’s Cause Miss Mesa McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
18355 C Hightail My Sister Nell Sparks & Joe Petalino William
18360 F Hightail Park at Saltlake Hessee Richard
18350 F Moonshine Mullin Probably Thursday Cedar Run Farm LLC
18192 F Itsmyluckyday Roberta’s Magic Circle Bar H c/o Tim Harris
18175 F Mo For the Money Safflower Gossage Dr. Jan P
18364 C Get Stormy Sandy’s Song Canchari Luis
18236 C Texas Chrome Seeking Her Mine Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18340 C Mo For the Money Syriana Morrison Bill
18344 F Macho Uno Titanium Southern Springs Stable & Glenn Thompson
18356 F Street Strategy Union Boss Cedar Run Farm LLC
18357 F Street Strategy Wicked Dixie Patterson & Randy Morse Randy