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ATBHA # YOB Sex Name Sire Dam Breeder(s)
18890 2021 C A Tad Irish Double Irish Kristi’s Add On Hootie’s Racing LLC
18774 2021 F Air Castle Double Irish Sequiota Shortleaf Stable
18815 2021 C All Green Lights Sharp Azteca Indyniable Burdette Mr. & Mrs. Mark
18766 2021 C Amazing Success Hamazing Destiny Sun Bonnet Starfish Stable LLC
18860 2021 F Ante Gentlemen’s Bet Roly Poly Goalie Southern Springs Stbl & William Sparks
18944 2021 F Appealing Addie Brody’s Cause Sensational Appeal Cedar Run Farm 
18857 2021 F Arr Piratetreasure Palace Malice Thatbossanovasound Moss, Jr. Max
18813 2021 F Aurora Gee Street Strategy All About Allie Sanders Brothers
18789 2021 C Babby Daddy Daddy Long Legs Point at Z Baby Bloomfield Farm LLC 
18832 2021 F Bailey Jean Shupanga Sherry Berry Wine Cobb Sherry
18916 2021 C Batal Hit it a Bomb Hooky Goodwin & Rodney Vaughn Jay
18775 2021 F Bee Branch Double Irish Kousa Shortleaf Stable
18777 2021 C Benfeita Brethren Alachua McDowell  Bill
18791 2021 C Beraberabera Good Samaritan Proud Mover Yarbrough & Deann & Greg Baer Monica N
18835 2021 C Berryville Bullet Breaking Lucky Sarahcain Blue Star Racing LLC
18906 2021 F Best of Max Mark Valeski Tom’s to the Max Mickes, dba Wild Horse Stables Tom
18830 2021 C Bet All the Gold Gentlemen’s Bet Roadtogold Stogsdill dba JVS Farms, Inc. John William
18977 2021 C Bet On Tiz Gentlemen’s Bet Beautiful Julie Fleming Derric
18842 2021 C Big and Bold Breaking Lucky Leroiana 4 M Ranch & Blue Star Racing
18793 2021 C Big Andy Mort War Correspondent Halfway Up Trosclair Brandon & Katie
18927 2021 F Bikinis n Martinis Exhi Bikini Anderson Bradley
18794 2021 C Blarney Diamond Codes Diamond Valid Blarney Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19309 2021 C Blessed Vision Five Iron Laven’s Lil Dahl Rogers David Thomas
18800 2021 C Blowout Mountain Mark Valeski Sylvia’s Buttercup Branum Eugene & Linda
18713 2021 F Blue Ember Tapwrit Thievery McDowell  Bill
19297 2021 C Boots N Bourbon Mark Valeski Three Natty Patty Oakley Dennis
18826 2021 C Brahms Halo Brahms Devil Pastdue Newberry  Cecil
18828 2021 F Brahms Queen Brahms Bello Beauty Newberry Cecil
18844 2021 F Breakfastrun Eagle Electric Rose Keystone Racing LLC 
18836 2021 F Breaking Fences Breaking Lucky Stormy Sister Blue Star Racing LLC 
18706 2021 C Burlsworth Practical Joke Art Buff Southern Springs Stable 
18746 2021 C C C for the Money Mo For the Money Copperelle McDowell Bill
19200 2021 F Call Me Breeze Sharp Azteca The Emerald Queen Ruiz Daniel T
18714 2021 F Cantrell Road Gentlemen’s Bet J J’s Pattern Rosenblum Harry
18885 2021 C Cee Betts Blaze Buster Gold Medal Emblem Hattenhauer Chris
18918 2021 F Charmit Double Irish Clara’s Honour Hall Steve
18739 2021 C Chez Whiz Texas Chrome Torri’s On My Mind Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18736 2021 C Chrome’s Echo Texas Chrome Kentucky Brown Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18887 2021 F Classic Cinema Gentlemen’s Bet Cinema Doll Strickland & Tony Caver D K
18859 2021 F Classy Edge Competitive Edge Classy Corinthian Mazoch Michael & Linda
18809 2021 F Clear Choice Clearly Now Bean Peaceful Rosenblum Harry
19246 2021 C Clear Echo Raison d’Etat Wickedwackyingrid Claim to Fame Stables
18868 2021 C Coal Stone Coal Front Quies Adams-Hutt Catherine
18895 2021 C Cool and Cloudy Cloud Computing Prestidigitator Thiel John & Libbie
18908 2021 F Cosmic Chic Mark Valeski Cosmo Gal Post & Eugene Post Jr. Michael & Kasey
18955 2021 C Crabtree Tapiture Sweet Dixie Belle Southern Springs & Steve Asmussen
18747 2021 C Crime Zone Adios Charlie Miss Madison Shaw John
18700 2021 C Crue’s N Control Mark Valeski My Madame Dixon Ray
19245 2021 F Curly Q Coil Katie Ice Full House Racing Stable & Jill Neece
18987 2021 C Dancin Rascal Rascal Cat Shutupanddance Roberts Stanley
18905 2021 F Devilish Gal Mark Valeski Devilishly Superior Dickerson Jack
18854 2021 C Devils Fork Double Irish Tyrannical Shortleaf Stable
18818 2021 C Devil’s Shadow Double Irish Leigh’s Fast Fix Loy Dewaine
18971 2021 C Diamante Red Mark Valeski Blumental McBride Burl
18804 2021 C Dicey Wager Gentlemen’s Bet Lecompass McDowell  Bill
18755 2021 F DIED Distorted Humor True Validity Low T Toyz LLC
18827 2021 F Disco Joy Brahms Sassy Town Charmer Newberry Cecil
19244 2021 F Divine Treasure Coil Devilish Diva Full House Racing Stable & Jill Neece
18784 2021 C Doublecheck Double Irish Butterfly Princess Poindexter H Allen
18802 2021 F Doubledaddy Issues Street Strategy Paintergone Watkins & James Tilley William
18698 2021 C Dublin’s Way Double Irish Missthewayshemoves Strickland Breeding & Racing LLC
18870 2021 C Enigma Code Cloud Computing Race to the Sea Adams-Hutt Catherine
18733 2021 F Erumpent Texas Chrome Ettalusive Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18855 2021 C Evening Shade Double Irish Shadow Lane Shortleaf Stable
18925 2021 F Exhi Lil Darlin Exhi Nejma Anderson Bradley
18934 2021 C Eye of the Cross Serengeti Holy Fire Martin Brothers Inc.
18788 2021 C Farah M Free Drop Billy Stormin’ Taffy DW2 Equine LLC 
18807 2021 C Final Bet Gentlemen’s Bet Marvelous Maddie JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
18926 2021 F Fine By Design Exhi Divine Design Anderson Bradley
18911 2021 F Finley’s Pride Mark Valeski Devilish Reason Hall Bobby Lee
18837 2021 F First Class Girl Double Irish Pizza Lady Prather John
18797 2021 F First Diamond Codes Diamond Spring Lace Marianna’s Fate, Inc
18758 2021 C First Down Mark Valeski Nomee Low T Toyz LLC 
18762 2021 C Flamin Tapizar Tapizar Flamin Josie Starfish Stable LLC 
18745 2021 C Flat Out Blessed Flat Out C D Player McDowell  Bill
18922 2021 F Gandhi’s Indya Gandhi Sterlings Cielo Sterling Farm WV LLC 
18896 2021 C Gentle Ben Gentlemen’s Bet Cateybug Theil John & Libbie
18831 2021 F Gently Gentlemen’s Bet Timelessly Reed William T
18893 2021 G Get Away With It Just A Coincidence Get On With It Thiel John & Libbie
18756 2021 C Getoutyourwallet Mark Valeski Don’tmesswithjoanne Low T Toyz LLC 
18933 2021 C Getty’s Revenge Serengeti Easter Indy Martin Brothers Inc.
18763 2021 C God’s Country Alternation Ministry Starfish Stable LLC 
18993 2021 C Goldstruck Double Irish Afternoon Gold Circle Bar H, LLC  
18876 2021 F Grizmo Mo For the Money Generation of Love Anderson Freddy & Linda
18898 2021 F Haulin Ice Coal Front She’s Smoke Thompson-Benight  Eugenia
18704 2021 C Hayahlookatme Khozan Slick and True McDowell  Bill
18866 2021 C Helldiver Hit It A Bomb Don’t Boss Me Adams-Hutt Catherine
19311 2021 C Hello Mr Copeland Five Iron Aliana Rogers David Thomas
18738 2021 C He’s Got a Secret Secret House Tickled by Elmo Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18931 2021 C High Valor Exhi Crafty Lil Slew Anderson Bradley
18846 2021 F Highly Grand High Cascade Surely Grand Bynum-Avery & Lora Pitre Rebeccs
18731 2021 C Holus Bolus Texas Chrome Country Candy Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18882 2021 F Honduras Passion Mark Valeski Beautiful Honduras Martinez Juan
19310 2021 F Honey Pat Ordained Jenilish Rogers David Thomas
18803 2021 C Horshack Double Irish On Hold McDowell  Bill
18705 2021 F Hot Shot Shopper Double Irish Fastanista Cloud Nine Racing Stable LLC
18892 2021 F Hush It Honey Too Much Bling Waters Fine Yarbrough & Flurry Racing Stables  Monica
18779 2021 F I Be Gone Tapiture Flashy Got Even McDowell  Bill
18930 2021 F I Love Candy Exhi Sea of Nectar Anderson Bradley
18817 2021 C I’m an Oak Caleb’s Posse Hold Me Fast Loy Dewaine
18850 2021 C I’m Fired Up Mo For the Money Allencat McDowell Bill
18891 2021 F Irish Song Double Irish Bird Harbor Huett & Sons Racing LLC
18811 2021 C It’s a Rainy Day Cinco Charlie Causin a Storm Benard & Jerry Cummins  Phillip
18711 2021 F J J’s Joy El Deal Ho Joy McDowell  Bill
18949 2021 F Kantirun Mor Spirit Probably Thursday Cedar Run Farm 
18734 2021 F Kat’n Chrome Texas Chrome Flying Katnip Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18853 2021 F Kava Double Irish Morning Coffee Shortleaf Stable
18886 2021 F Kensington Cove Gentlemen’s Bet Ally’s Candy Strickland & Caver & Brennan D K
18708 2021 F Kiamichi Brahms Glorys Last Chance Whippoorwill Farm, Inc 
19036 2021 F La Diamond Ordained Ramsanelli Massanelli Racing Stble
& Jerry Ramsey
18776 2021 F Lady for the Money Mo For the Money Beguiling Creek Mazoch Michael
18783 2021 F Lady Woopig Ransom The Moon Lady Lucky Poindexter  H Allen
18751 2021 C Landlord Lord Nelson Vivian Da Bling JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
18786 2021 F Latifah Anchor Down Levian Poindexter  H Allen
18834 2021 C Let Em’ Run Five Iron Bless Jessica R Parnell Floyd T
18883 2021 F Liars at the Spa Gentlemen’s Bet Patientoftheheart Jacobs Keith
18915 2021 F Linnie Mae Mark Valeski Come On Baby Hall William T
18954 2021 C Little Biscuits Street Strategy Baby Me Amore Artemis Equine LLC
18742 2021 F Logan’s Ridge Double Irish Etheridge Reppo & Andrew Logan Steve
18721 2021 C Mandatory Mission Mark Valeski Pistolpackinpenny Fires William H
18790 2021 C Mansoura Astern Captain’s Wife Owens James W
18942 2021 F Mary Who Street Strategy Red Dress Caroom Jerry
18861 2021 F McKenzie Avenue Just A Coincidence Trick My Ride Southern Springs Stable
18877 2021 F Me Hopeful Mo For the Money L’ Espoir Anderson, Freddy & Linda
18750 2021 C Mekele Adios Charlie Sweetly Valid McDowell  Bill
18913 2021 C Microwave Mark Valeski Ring Me Up Hall William T
18851 2021 F Millie G Gentlemen’s Bet Kitty’s Dream McDowell  Bill
19308 2021 F Millie’s Destiny Hamazing Destiny Two Punch Millie Rogers David Thomas
18878 2021 C Mini Mighty Mo Mo For the Money More Than Crafty Anderson Freddy & Linda
18937 2021 F Miss Betilu Posse Hawk Prowl Feilner II Ray
18778 2021 F Miss Mo Mesa Mo For the Money Miss Mesa McDowell  Bill
18703 2021 F Missed My Bet Gentlemen’s Bet Miss E U Michelle Holdings LLC 
18770 2021 C Mister Butch Outwork Take it Easyplease McCord Carson
18879 2021 F Mo Enchanted Mo For the Money Robin My Girl Anderson+G47 Freddy & Linda
18940 2021 C Moonshine Swag Moonshine Mullin Vicki’s Got Swagger Caroom Jerry
18924 2021 C Mr. Benny Wicked Strong Relentless Dear Puryear Glynn
18772 2021 F Mucho Vapor Mucho Macho Man Misty Miranda P & S Racing Stable, LLC
18737 2021 F Natural Touch Texas Chrome Letthegrayrunaway Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18869 2021 F No Coincidence Just A Coincidence Rumors and Dreams Adams-Hutt Catherine
18808 2021 C No Mo Whining Mo For the Money Miss Lilly Blue Edmondsom Ronnie
18838 2021 C Noble Fact Cat Decibel Natisha Cat MX2 Farms
18928 2021 F On the Money Luv Exhi Love Game Anderson Bradley
18799 2021 F One Eye Elvira Jonesboro Windstream Branum Eugene & Linda
18764 2021 C Only a Dream Five Iron Only Starfish Stable LLC 
18897 2021 C Out of the Coop Flat Out Ms Fifty First St Thompson-Benight Eugenia
18805 2021 C Palmetto Devil Double Irish Unholy Night McDowell Kirk
18748 2021 F Palmilla’s Bet Gentlemen’s Bet Palmilla McDowell  Bill
18960 2021 C Pamount Paycheck Mo For the Money I Am Superior Too Carson Sunny
18781 2021 C Parham Double Irish Valiant Reason Newman C.F.
18910 2021 F Paris Accord Mark Valeski Taylor’s Moonbeam Hall Bobby Lee
18771 2021 C Patton’s Tizzy Paynter Uncomplicated Wildwood Farms 
18888 2021 F Perscripture Gentlemen’s Bet Southern Prospect Strickland & Tony Caver D K
18936 2021 G Posse’s Bandit Posse Hawk Alamo Rose Feilner II Ray
18699 2021 F Presleys Turm Double Irish Rockin Rah Rah Dixon Olen Ray
18996 2021 F Principal Anita Mark Valeski Rita Ann Juels Woody
18899 2021 F Q’s Your Mama Coal Front Our Quista Thompson-Benight Eugenia
18707 2021 F Queen Wilhelmina The Factor Eva’s Nitehawk Whippoorwill Farm, Inc 
18718 2021 F Range Life Gentlemen’s Bet Wild Street Girl Cash & Robert Nastanovich Timothy
18863 2021 F Red Fruitcake All Star Dancer Sheri’s Thunder Holtz Quinton
18852 2021 C Red River Double Irish Sky River McDowell  Bill
18880 2021 C Rerun Laurie’s Rocket Cold Hard Truth Witt II Ernie
18865 2021 C Reville Valley Double Irish Get Back Anne Miller Charles
18712 2021 F Rhonda Ruth Mo For the Money Kombat Lake McDowell  Bill
18984 2021 F Rich Man’s Girl Double Irish Rich Uncle Circle Bar H, LLC  
18814 2021 C Rocket Sanders Street Strategy Be My Caroline Sanders Brothers
18889 2021 C Rockitretta Gentlemen’s Bet Another Rocket Strickland & Tony Caver D K 
18695 2021 F Rosie Cotton Tapiture Sea Shack Ragsdale Joe
18796 2021 C Royal Irish Double Irish Polomint Marianna’s Fate, Inc.
18945 2021 C Runwithstrategy Street Strategy Madrilena Cedar Run Farm 
18901 2021 C Ryno Wrecker Mor Spirit Meghan W Clement, DVM J W
18765 2021 C Safety Ordained Safe N Rich Starfish Stable LLC 
18909 2021 F Sarah in the House Mark Valeski Prone Hall Bobby Lee
18907 2021 F Secret City Mark Valeski My Sister’s Secret Post & Bill Gossage Michael
18903 2021 C Secret Strategy Street Strategy Grandma Annie Fertel Jerry
18732 2021 C Secret Tavern Secret House Double P’s Tavern Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18839 2021 C Seeking the Game Decibel Just Like Juliet MX2 Farms
18932 2021 F Serengeti’s Lover Serengeti Dixie Lover Martin Brothers Inc.
18845 2021 F Sharon’s Star High Cascade Olemiss Rebel Rebecca Bynum-Avery & Jerry Ball
18715 2021 F Simple Dreams Den’s Legacy Spark Joy Moquett  Ron
18856 2021 C Sip Slowly Double Irish Twinkling Sky Morrison Dr. T. A.
18798 2021 F Sky Raven Mark Valeski Sky Con Henson & Todd Whisenant Eric
18957 2021 F Social Smile Mo Town Silken Jackson Richard T
18919 2021 C Southfork Street Strategy Dakota Gal Hall Steve
18900 2021 F Spa City Girl Free Drop Billy Kauai Nana Clement, DVM J W
18902 2021 F Sparkly Mark Valeski Bo Peep Clement, DVM J W
18744 2021 C Speaking Loud Mr. Speaker Another Gal McDowell  Bill
18862 2021 C Statler Just A Coincidence Fostering Harmony Southern Springs Stable
18972 2021 C Stauf Mark Valeski See Through McBride Burl
18735 2021 F Sthenic Texas Chrome Halfandtwoquarters Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
18921 2021 C Stillbilly Moonshine Mullin Honour First Hall Steve
18920 2021 C Stormy Stormy Double Irish Dixie Forest Hall Steve
18806 2021 C Strato Cloud Computing Rita’s Fifty Seven JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
18767 2021 C Streakin Deacon Ordained Zonly Starfish Stable LLC 
18952 2021 C Strike Ridge Street Strategy Megyns Gold Driver James & Ywachetta
18867 2021 C String Theory Cloud Computing Kathleen L Adams-Hutt Catherine
18760 2021 F Sublime Hope Mark Valeski Wild Hope Low T Toyz LLC 
18983 2021 F Sugar Coated Five Iron My Sugarmama Circle Bar H, LLC  
18956 2021 C Sunday Spirit Mor Spirit Reincarnation Southern Springs Stable
18696 2021 F Sunnyandseventy Frost Giant Ten Seventy Ragsdale Joe
18939 2021 C Sunset Strategy Street Strategy Pacific Sunrise Caroom Jerry
18761 2021 C Super Ms Mark Valeski Supercede Low T Toyz LLC
18904 2021 F Sure Shot Suzie Mark Valeski Sure Foot Sue Fertel Jerry
18829 2021 F Sweet Vickie Road Festival Road Vickiesweetrascal Newberry  Cecil
18782 2021 C Swift Key Caleb’s Posse Swiss Key Poindexter  H Allen
18912 2021 F Sydney’s Joy Mark Valeski Iamagirlygreely Hall William T
18858 2021 F Tarable Double Irish Taralicious JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
18743 2021 F Texas Sequoia Texas Chrome De Frisky Sequoia Keene  Kevin & Marty
18884 2021 C Tip the Scale Blaze Buster Lucky Tip Hattenhauer Chris
18875 2021 C Tizmarkus Tamarkuz Coastal View Anderson Freddy & Linda
18801 2021 C Touchdown Arkansas Bee Jersey Jonesboro Polly Branum Eugene & Linda
18864 2021 F Toy Gizmo All Star Dancer Lodi Mist Holtz Quinton
18780 2021 C Turquoise Blue Air Force Blue Tayrona McDowell Bill
18749 2021 C Twenty to Park Speightster Spirit Line McDowell  Bill
18849 2021 F Two Bells Lord Nelson Liams Tempest Star & Crescent Racing c/o Scott Willis
18769 2021 C Two Dollar Eddie Good Samaritan Hope Landing Matheney Jr James W
19281 2021 C U S S Moonpie Cyber Secret Convent Type Grimes, Jr. Odis
18848 2021 F Unchanged Step High Cascade One Step Up Rebecca Bynum-Avery &
Larry Tackett
18948 2021 C Unnecessary Tricks Always Dreaming Social Butterfly Cedar Run Farm 
18795 2021 C Velvet Ike Icon Ike Soft Blush Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
18759 2021 F What a Joke Practical Joke Tebraah Low T Toyz LLC 
18994 2021 F Wild Cherokee Real Solution Wild Toy Lake Circle Bar H, LLC  
18947 2021 C Willie Cat Lord Nelson Zip On Patterson & Randy L Morse Randy
18833 2021 F Winniemightwin Wilburn Norma’s Dream Parnell Floyd T
18841 2021 C Won Ninety Race Day Peaceloveandjoy 4 M Ranch & Equus Farm
18917 2021 C Yaqui Valley Temple City Obregon Goodwin, R Vaughn & R Smith Jay
18894 2021 G Yeagers Strategy Street Strategy Vuitton Too Thiel & Big Dog Racing John & Libbie
18847 2021 C Yes Jack High Cascade Yes Beth Bynum-Avery & Lora Pitre Rebecca
18959 2021 F Zanzora Ordained Zanzu Pleasant Hills Training Center
18975 2021 C Sky Mesa Abby the Great Golden Sky Racing & Just Add Salt 
18717 2021 F Deliver the Storm Alexandria J Cline Robert
18709 2021 C Euroears Always A Champ Wilson Renee K
19003 2021 F Call Me George Analista Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
18990 2021 Gentlemen’s Bet Arrival Prince Gerald
19002 2021 F Zong Avalanche Girl Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms 
18980 2021 C Shadow Hawk Bellamys Fire Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
18914 2021 C Mark Valeski Big Mollie Hall William T
18965 2021 C Brahms Calico Rock Prichard William J
18978 2021 C Macho Rocket Call Me Shelby Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
18981 2021 F Brahms Came of Age A State University Equine Center
18768 2021 C Race Day Creed for Hillary Clark Patricia
18974 2021 F Jonesboro Dedham Tedder Mike
18716 2021 C Deliver the Storm Desi Dawn Cline Robert
18964 2021 F Double Irish Divine Doris Prichard William J
18982 2021 F Brahms Eva’s First A State University Equine Center
18970 2021 C Double Irish Fierce Prichard William J
18943 2021 F Street Strategy Happy Anniversary Clark Donna
19000 2021 C Zong Harlan County Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
18710 2021 F Good Magic Hi Beautiful McDowell  Bill
18958 2021 C Street Strategy Honor With Pride Cedar Run Farm 
18701 2021 C Flat Out Hot Yankee Rogers Rick
18951 2021 F Macho Uno Imma Bee Sexy Petalino Joe
18950 2021 F Lord Nelson Indian Clarkie Cedar Run Farm 
18969 2021 C Mo For the Money Indygo Meadow Prichard William J
19001 2021 C Zong Joni Gail Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
18953 2021 F Moonshine Mullin Key Appeal Cedar Run Farm 
18967 2021 C Ordained Meafarel’s Reward Prichard William J
18702 2021 F Maximus Mischief Michelle’s Krackin Michelle Holdings LLC 
18968 2021 F Hamazing Destiny Miss Auspicious Prichard William J
18961 2021 C Double Irish Moonflower Cischke Greg
18941 2021 C Moonshine Mullin My Girl Bess Caroom Jerry
18785 2021 C Keen Ice Myrna Anne Poindexter  H Allen
18946 2021 C Jimmy Creed Never Ends Cedar Run Farm 
18963 2021 C Mo For the Money Polish Suspect Prichard William J
18979 2021 C Macho Rocket Prompter Rogers & David R Rogers Daniel T
18962 2021 F Just A Coincidence Razzmic Cischke Greg
18985 2021 F Mr. Z Roberta’s Magic Circle Bar H, LLC
18992 2021 C Air Force Blue Ruly Williams Yancy
18720 2021 F Double Irish Safflower Gossage Dr. J Phillip
18976 2021 F Midshipman Scamp and a Half Golden Sky Racing Inc 
18938 2021 C The Mess Seeking Due Time Feilner II Ray
18843 2021 F Palace She’s Haute 4 M Ranch
18966 2021 F Double Irish Sochi Gold Prichard William J
18929 2021 C Exhi Summer Symphony Anderson Bradley
18874 2021 F The Hunk Tapizar’s Magic Kordsmeier Eric
18757 2021 F Mark Valeski Taylor’s Princess Low T Toyz LLC 
18719 2021 F Eagle Tiz Maria Gossage Dr. J Phillip
18923 2021 F Race Day Tress Puryear Glynn
18999 2021 F Zong Tricky Creed Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
18810 2021 F Race Day Trip Mom Sparks William S
18991 2021 Gentlemen’s Bet Wall St. Baby Prince Gerald
18812 2021 F Gormley Winbrandlex Benard & Brandy Hataway Phillip
18973 2021 F Mark Valeski With a Twist Hewitt Mike