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ATBHA # YOB Sex Name Sire Dam Breeder(s)
19283 2022 F Antique Plates Cyber Secret Golden Honor Grimes, Jr. Odis
19140 2022 F Back Nine Five Iron Classic Flyer Haas & Larry D Womack Margaret D
19171 2022 C Bad Weather Higher Power Toni’s Day Bienienu Ellis
19160 2022 C Baritone Crier Bashaar Quick Chris Gossage Dr. J Phillip
19223 2022 C Battleoftheravine Army Mule Patchofbadweather Flurry Racing Stables
19207 2022 F Bolivia Brody’s Cause Dial Nineoneone Thiel & Ingrid Mason John & Libbie
19234 2022 C Cool Under Fire Mark Valeski True Validity M & M Racing
19049 2022 F Daddies Corkscrew Coil Paintergone Watkins & James Tilley William
19239 2022 C Dale Do High North She’s Smoke Thompson-Benight Eugenia
19054 2022 C Danson James Jimmy Creed Bettyann Hawk Magaret D
19186 2022 C Ecleto Creek Street Strategy Icy Dawn Puryear & Lynn Chleborad Glynn
19044 2022 F Exquisite Candy Exhi Sea of Nectar Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19180 2022 C Fast Hat Blaze Buster Gold Medal Emblem Hattenhauer Chris
19191 2022 C Five Pocket Five Iron Sophie’s Pocket Parnell Floyd T
19282 2022 C Fort Grimes Cyber Secret Convent Type Grimes, Jr. Odis
19111 2022 C Four O Nine Bee Jersey Volatility Index Branum Eugene
19206 2022 G Get the Boss Gentlemen’s Bet Get On With It Thiel John & Libbie
19321 2022 F Ghaaleb Speed Embezzler Ghaaleb Royale Garcia Vicente & Rocio
19188 2022 C Gimme A Chance Gormley A Rose Given Puryear, Jr. Glynn
19190 2022 C Golden City Street Street Strategy Special Interest Parnell Floyd T
19219 2022 C Grey Street Street Strategy Flyaway Kitten Randy Patterson & Randy Morse
19197 2022 F Hamazimaux Hamazing Destiny Dancinanimaux Martin Tim
19045 2022 C Hawaiian Express Exhi Hawaiian Love Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19205 2022 F Holly Springs Street Strategy Springtime Spell Thiel John & Libbie
19121 2022 C I Text Myself Mark Valeski Ring Me Up Hall William T
19268 2022 C Keys Golden Song My Golden Song Miss Perdido Key Davila Jesse
19228 2022 F Little Bubbles Gormley Hello Bubbles Caroom Jerry
19046 2022 F Little Nashrambler Codes Diamond Kikitoz Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19112 2022 F Maegan’s Secret Cyber Secret Maegan Ulery Tammy L
18998 2022 C Man in the Arena Caleb’s Posse Her Sweet Saint Wedington Thoroughbreds 
19078 2022 C Mayor Cutting Humor Vivian Da Bling JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
19059 2022 F Mininstry’s Destiny Hamazing Destiny Ministry Starfish Stable LLC
19157 2022 F Missy Gurl Cutting Humor Miss Attractive McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19110 2022 C Mo Heartaches Mo For the Money Sylvia’s Buttercup Branum Eugene
19247 2022 C Mo Mo Mentum Mo Town Let’s Parlay JAMS Bloodstock LLC
19113 2022 C My Russian Petrov Moonshine Miss Strickland Breeding & Racing LLC
19079 2022 F Neves Cutting Humor Take Me Home Too JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
19018 2022 C Nicholai Goldencents Cora and Jas Power Hawk Margaret D
19179 2022 C No Kid of Mine Street Strategy Pizza Lady Prather John H & Linda K
19183 2022 C Paint Rock Answer Embezzler Bulldashanswers Eberhardt Josephine
19182 2022 F Paint Rock Candy Embezzler My Candy Dancer Eberhardt Josephine
19181 2022 F Paint Rock Suzie Embezzler Sister Susie Q Eberhardt Josephine
19081 2022 F Penny Saved Astern Capital Plan JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
19226 2022 C Personal Jet Higher Power Fast Find Caroom Jerry
19284 2022 F Princess Harper Cyber Secret Hamazing Honor Grimes, Jr. Odis
19015 2022 F Psalm Twenty Seven Tekton Halfway Up Trosclair Mr. & Mrs. Brandon
19012 2022 F Ray Gene’s Girl Caracaro Tiz Ground Speed Humphrey Jada
19313 2022 C Run Louie Run Outwork Ramsanelli Massanelli Racing & Jerry Ramsey
19192 2022 F Sandy’s Flowers Hamazing Destiny Addy’s Flowers Parnell Floyd T
19063 2022 F Shine Brightly Ordained Flamin Josie Starfish Stable LLC
19204 2022 F Sky High Angel Cloud Computing Millie’s an Angel Thiel John & Libbie
19189 2022 F Steel Spun Spun to Run Steel Cut Puryear, Jr. Glynn
19041 2022 F Stolen Princess Stealcase Tiz the Princess Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19254 2022 C Street Bless’n Street Strategy Count Ur Bless’n LeBlanc Alaric
19082 2022 F Strong Like Sara Frosted Santa Teresa JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
19199 2022 F Sua Sponte Mark Valeski See Through McBride Burl
19109 2022 F Sundae Sprinkles Mark Valeski Heat My Dust May Dennis
19108 2022 C Swift Ruler Half Ours Swifty Cat Babb & Randy Baxter Buster
19077 2022 C To Too Twentytwo Goldencents Gun Control JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
19096 2022 C Triple Up Upstart Triple O’Five Claim to Fame Stables 
19042 2022 F Trumps Diamonds Mark Valeski Ibelieveinmiracles Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19043 2022 F Wish Upon a Flame Stephanoatsee Blushing Flame Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19088 2022 F Y City Flat Out Immune To Gloom McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19025 2022 F Complexity Affiyation McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19084 2022 F Gentlemen’s Bet Alachua McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19023 2022 F Deliver the Storm Alexandria J Cline Robert
19148 2022 F Gentlemen’s Bet Ally’s Candy Strickland & Tony Caver
19256 2022 F Zong Almost a Lady Prichard William J
19209 2022 F Street Strategy Amour Osborn & Tyrone Gleason Richard T
19107 2022 C Zong Analista Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
19169 2022 F Breaking Lucky Anea 4M Ranch & Blue Star Racing LLC 
19161 2022 F Coal Front Annuity Adams-Hutt Catherine
19016 2022 F Mo For the Money Another Gal McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19149 2022 F Unified Another Rocket Strickland & Tony Caver
19104 2022 C Zong Avalanche Girl Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
19131 2022 F Jonesboro Avisionofchocolate Clement DVM J. W.
19210 2022 F Street Strategy Baby Me Amore Artemis Equine LLC 
19068 2022 F Texas Chrome Barbary Hall Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19158 2022 F Gentlemen’s Bet Bean Peaceful Rosenblum Harry
19253 2022 F Moonshine Mullin Bee Bop Bop LeBlanc Alaric & Laivonne
19051 2022 F Cutting Humor Beguiling Creek Mazoch Michael
19126 2022 C Speightster Bernadettes Vision Clement DVM J. W.
19102 2022 C Zong Best Guess Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
19035 2022 C Mark Valeski Bikini Bella Witt II Ernie
19034 2022 C Mark Valeski Bikini Creek Witt II  Ernie
19134 2022 C Alternation Bird Harbor Huett Racing LLC & Greg Huett
19132 2022 C Lord Nelson Bo Peep Clement DVM J. W.
19086 2022 C Mr. Money Brooksie McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19055 2022 F Tapiture Caliente Candy Jones Laurence
19027 2022 C Hamazing Destiny Captain’s Wife Owens Jimmy
19008 2022 F Gunnevera Charity Event Watershed Bloodstock LLC
19069 2022 C Texas Chrome Chilean Queen Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19006 2022 F Mitole Christmas Ship Watershed Bloodstock LLC
19070 2022 C Texas Chrome Ciaran’s Prize Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19047 2022 F Codes Diamond Cinnamon Ring Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19093 2022 C Cutting Humor Classy Corinthian Mazoch Michael
19137 2022 F Mo For the Money Coastal View Anderson Freddy & Linda
19122 2022 C Mark Valeski Come On Baby Hall William T
19017 2022 C Dialed In Copperelle McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19250 2022 C Mister Lucky Cat Counselor Cabot Anderson Bradley
19058 2022 C Hamazing Destiny Creed for Hillary Starfish Stable LLC
19099 2022 C Tonalist Czech Included Mazoch Michael
19173 2022 F Breaking Lucky Dance Till Two Harrison, Jr. & Blue Star Racing  Stanley
19162 2022 C Petrov Dandy Southern Springs Stable & Benni Westphal
19195 2022 C Goldencents Denali Tizforever Martin Tim
19024 2022 F Deliver the Storm Desi Dawn Cline Robert
19120 2022 C Mark Valeski Devilish Reason Hall Bobby Lee
19067 2022 C Easygoestiz Dingiada Wade dba J-Lu Farm Cynthia
19097 2022 F Mor Spirit Divination Newman  C Frank
19249 2022 F Exhi Divine Design Anderson Bradley
19138 2022 F Mo For the Money Dixie Sandals Anderson Freddy & Linda
19071 2022 C Texas Chrome Double P’s Tavern Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19222 2022 F Street Strategy Eidolon Caroom Scotty
19236 2022 F Five Iron Essie Pleasant Hills Training Center
19150 2022 C Mark Valeski Etheridge Green dba Oak Creek Thoroughbreds Aidan
19072 2022 C Texas Chrome Ettalusive Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19052 2022 C Spun to Run Even Prettier Applegate Kevin 
19202 2022 F Mr. Money Faith Factor Allied Racing Stable, LLC 
19272 2022 C Country House Ferris Wheel Glen Hill Farm, J Goodwin & R Vaughn 
19257 2022 F Tekton Fierce Prichard William J
19146 2022 F Serengeti Florida Bird Martin Brothers Inc.
19213 2022 F Mitole Folded Wings McCord Carson
19007 2022 C Lord Nelson Foo Foo Girl Watershed Bloodstock LLC
19073 2022 C Texas Chrome Frozen Hannah Keene & Hunter Smith Kelli
19031 2022 C Gormley Giantess Glover James H
19196 2022 F Stephanoatsee Goldie Again Martin Tim
18997 2022 C Mark Valeski Grandma Annie Dobric Sharon
19170 2022 C Breaking Lucky Happy Destiny 4M Ranch & Blue Star Racing LLC 
19105 2022 F Zong Harlan County Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
19115 2022 C Mark Valeski Helsingfors Witt  Ernie
19085 2022 F Mo For the Money Ho Joy McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19221 2022 F Brody’s Cause Honor With Pride Cedar Run Farm 
19238 2022 C Coal Front I Know You Know Thompson-Benight Eugenia
19271 2022 C Sharp Azteca Ile St Jaycee Goodwin & Rodney Vaughn Jay
19123 2022 C Mark Valeski Include Lacy Hall William T
19220 2022 F Echo Town Indigo Blue Southern Springs Stable
19087 2022 C Unified Infliction McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19141 2022 F Mark Valeski Jesse’s Giacomo Haas & Larry D Womack Margaret D
19103 2022 F Call Me George Judy Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
19022 2022 C Deliver the Storm Just Perfection Cline Robert
19251 2022 C Mo For the Money K J’s Sweetater Loy Dewaine
19133 2022 C Petrov Kauai Nana Clement DVM J. W.
19143 2022 F Serengeti Kim Dandy Martin Brothers Inc.
19130 2022 F Petrov Kiwi Nana Clement DVM J. W.
19258 2022 C Mo For the Money Koshkonong Prichard William J
19091 2022 F High North Kousa Shortleaf Stable
19144 2022 F Serengeti Krusin Kelly Martin Brothers Inc.
19235 2022 C Firing Line Lake Istan Pleasant Hills Training Center
19248 2022 F Atillas Storm Laser Cat Anderson Bradley
19074 2022 C Texas Chrome Letthegrayrunaway Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19194 2022 F Mark Valeski Liams Tempest Star Crest Racing c/o Scott Willis
19270 2022 F Klimt Little Candy Goodwin, Meredith Krupp & R Vaughn Jay
19163 2022 C Army Mule Lovely Illusion 4M Ranch c/o Heidie Maikranz
19212 2022 F Omaha Beach Madrilena Cedar Run Farm 
19259 2022 C Cutting Humor Marie’s Kismet Prichard William J
19231 2022 C Outwork Maxine’s Tap Room Sparks William
19260 2022 C Tekton Meafarel’s Reward Prichard William J
19154 2022 F Goldencents Megalicious Cody Autrey
19125 2022 C Mark Valeski Meghan W Clement DVM J. W.
19266 2022 F Hit it a Bomb Michelle’s Grace Baxter Steve
19203 2022 C Mr. Money Miley Allied Racing Stable, LLC 
19048 2022 F Codes Diamond Miss Seventy Five Marianna’s Fate, Inc. 
19224 2022 F Gentlemen’s Bet Moonflower Cischke Greg
19139 2022 F Zong More Than Crafty Anderson Freddy & Linda
19053 2022 F Protonico Morethanjusthello Anthony Edwin C
19237 2022 C Zong Ms Fifty First St Thompson-Benight Eugenia
19227 2022 F Echo Town My Girl Bess Caroom Jerry
19056 2022 F Five Iron My Idol Simonovic Mark
19176 2022 C Mitole My Sister’s Secret Post & Bill Gossage Michael
19095 2022 F Gift Box Mykindasaint Goff Dash
19218 2022 C Petrov Never Ends Cedar Run Farm
19060 2022 F Hamazing Destiny Nurse Goodnight Starfish Stable LLC
19168 2022 C Union Rags Our Sammi Blue Star Racing LLC
19004 2022 C Hamazing Destiny Own the Night Quinonez Nathaniel
19225 2022 C Gift Box Paddle Out Caroom Jerry
19261 2022 C Mo For the Money Paillette Prichard William J
19098 2022 F Daredevil Partyinslowmotion Shortleaf Stable
19065 2022 F Stephanoatsee Pass That Bottle Starfish Stable LLC
19032 2022 C Mark Valeski Piccolo David Witt II Ernie
19252 2022 F Midnight Storm Pick Me Up Adami Brandon
18995 2022 C Brody’s Cause Pobeda Starr Jon L
19262 2022 F Zong Polish Suspect Prichard William J
19233 2022 C Petrov Precious Tinkle Massengale Ashley
19216 2022 C Vekoma Pretoria Artemis Equine LLC 
19156 2022 F Khozan Pretty Petal McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19033 2022 C Street Strategy Prism Witt II & Robert Tucker Ernie
19217 2022 C Street Strategy Probably Thursday Cedar Run Farm
19185 2022 C Posse Hawk Prowl Feilner II Ray
19019 2022 F Maximum Security Quality to Excel Applegate Kevin 
19208 2022 C Tekton Quatrefoil Wright Rayford
19124 2022 F Always Dreaming Ready for Life Mt Nebo Investments 
19136 2022 F Mo For the Money Red Pine Anderson Freddy & Linda
19187 2022 C Street Strategy Relentless Dear Puryear, Jr. Glynn
19014 2022 F Upstart Returning Home SWEN LLC 
19267 2022 C Maximum Security Rich Uncle Circle Bar H, LLC 
19039 2022 C Hard Spun Richwood Shortleaf Stable
19080 2022 F Cutting Humor Rita’s Fifty Seven JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
19020 2022 C Enticed Roxie Dancer McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19101 2022 C Zong Ruby’s to Blame Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
19198 2022 C Cutting Humor Ruly Marr Gearld
19263 2022 C Cutting Humor Run Nashly Run Prichard William J
19092 2022 F Dialed In Sadie Be Mine Mazoch Michael
19064 2022 C Ordained Safe N Rich Starfish Stable LLC
19159 2022 F High North Safflower Gossage Dr. J Phillip
19232 2022 F Isotherm Sandy’s Song Poindexter H Allen
19265 2022 F Flat Out Sarah Bull Baxter Steve
19178 2022 C American Freedom Savedbyanangel Prather John H & Linda K
19241 2022 C Gormley Scatin Around Southern Springs Stable
& Golden Arrow Racing
19243 2022 C Lord Nelson Scattered Clouds Southern Springs Stable
19229 2022 F Street Strategy Sea Shack Rags Racing Stable
19075 2022 F Texas Chrome Seeking Her Mine Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19029 2022 C High North Sekani Shortleaf Stable
19057 2022 C Hamazing Destiny Shadow of the Day Starfish Stable LLC
19164 2022 F Cutting Humor She’s Haute 4M Ranch c/o Heidie Maikranz
19061 2022 F Hamazing Destiny She’s Rich Starfish Stable LLC
19165 2022 C Cutting Humor Silver Stef 4M Ranch c/o Heidie Maikranz
19155 2022 F Gentlemen’s Bet Slick and True McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19142 2022 F Stephanoatsee Smokin Betsy Haas & Larry D Womack Margaret D
19211 2022 F Maximus Mischief Smokin Reward Cedar Run Farm 
19264 2022 F Zong Sochi Gold Prichard William J
19013 2022 F Promises Fulfilled Social Statement SWEN LLC 
19030 2022 C World of Trouble Spanish Flower Glover James H
19193 2022 C Petrov Spark Joy Moquett dba Southern Springs  Ron
19021 2022 C High North Spirit Line McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19009 2022 C Spun to Run Stainless Kitten Keeler Eleanor
19174 2022 F Gormley Star Keeper Benard, Brandy Hataway & Equus Farm Phillip
19076 2022 C Texas Chrome Stephanie’s Wildcat Keene Thoroughbreds LLC
19269 2022 C Gormley Strong Argument Goodwin & Rodney Vaughn Jay
19215 2022 C Moonshine Mullin Super Cassidy Cedar Run Farm 
19151 2022 F Mark Valeski Supercede Green dba Oak Creek Thoroughbreds Aidan
19177 2022 F High Cascade Surely Grand Bynum-Avery, DVM & Lora Pitre Rebecca
19166 2022 C Cross Traffic Sweet Jackie Jo 4M Ranch c/o Heidie Maikranz
19089 2022 F Yoshida Sweet Kathern McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19026 2022 C Spun to Run Sweet Magic Goff D C “Dash”
19201 2022 F Mr. Money Sweet Summer Sun Allied Racing Stable, LLC 
19038 2022 C Gentlemen’s Bet Sweetly Valid McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19066 2022 F Stephanoatsee Take It Easyplease Starfish Stable LLC
19135 2022 C Mo For the Money Tapizar’s Magic Kordsmeier Eric
19083 2022 C Cloud Computing Taralicious JRita Young Thoroughbreds LLC
19172 2022 F Complexity T’as d’Beaux Yeux Gossage, 4 M Ranch & Blue Star Racing Jan
19119 2022 C Jonesboro Taylor’s Moonbeam Hall Bobby Lee
19153 2022 F Mark Valeski Taylor’s Princess Cody Autrey
19037 2022 C High North Tayrona McDowell dba McDowell Farm Bill
19230 2022 F Cutting Humor Ten Seventy Rags Racing Stable
19094 2022 F Cutting Humor Thatbossanovasound Moss Max
19240 2022 C Upstart Titanium Southern Springs Stable & Glenn Thompson
19010 2022 C Flameaway Tjinouska Watershed Bloodstock LLC
19175 2022 F My Goldlen Song Tomboy Pose Post and Eugene Post, Jr. Michael
19129 2022 C Mark Valeski Tom’s to the Max Clement DVM J. W.
19167 2022 C Cutting Humor Too Much Xcitement 4M Ranch c/o Heidie Maikranz
19011 2022 C Army Mule Toula Loden Aaron Scott
19242 2022 C Klimt Trick My Ride Southern Springs Stable
19106 2022 F Zong Tricky Creed Indian Creek Thoroughbred Farms
19040 2022 F Petrov Trip Mom Sparks William S
19062 2022 F Hamazing Destiny Unbridled Praise Starfish Stable LLC
19100 2022 F Tekton Undine Shortleaf Stable
19090 2022 F Mo For the Money Unholy Night McDowell Kirk
19214 2022 C Mitole Union Boss Cedar Run Farm 
19028 2022 F Gormley Valiant Reason Newman  C Frank
19152 2022 C Goldencents Wild Hope Cody Autrey
19184 2022 C Yoshida Wild Street Girl Cash, Robert Nastanovich & Jay Goodwin Tim
19147 2022 F Tapiture Wishful Quality Strickland & Tony Caver D K
19050 2022 C Enticed Wishing Belle Robertson, E Locke, J Cochonour & D Cochonour Sondra
19127 2022 F Street Strategy With a Twist Clement DVM J. W.
19005 2022 C Enticed Word Association Watershed Bloodstock LLC
19145 2022 C Serengeti Zes T Cat Martin Brothers Inc.