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Name of Horse Sex Sire Dam
A. J’s Forest Ring F Southern Forest Cinnamon Ring
A.P.’s Actress F A. P. Million Royal Actress
Actionontwo F Artie Schiller Devil’s Fling
Adora Bull Too F Hesabull Basilica
Aint She a Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Ain’t She a Pistol
Akippe Storm F Storm and a Half Athena Patina
Alittlemeansalot F Father Steve Hickory Flat
Alot Like Boranda C Father Steve Just Like Boranda
Andrea Yvonne F Sir Cherokee Yolen’s Jet
Arky Peach C Primary Suspect Venetian Peach
Atsa Lotta Money C Oneofthejonesboys Joanna’s Tuition
Atta Girl Boo Boo F A. P. Million Pikepass Girl
Beautiful Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Beautiful Bay
Believe Me F Primary Suspect Pawnee Patti
* Bikini Bella F Cinnamon Creek Bellaczar
Bill’s Hat Trick C Hat Trick Glittering Success
Brassy and Proud C Storm and a Half Brass Doll
Briley Boo F Primary Suspect Splashappy
Brother Dudeleo C Father Steve Tuff It
Bull On It C Hesabull Iron Mistress
Bullero C Southern Forest Robins Black Satin
Bunker’s Ledge C Harperstown Cookie Bight Cove
Cielo F Father Steve Victorious Kiss
Clever Romeo C Proudest Romeo Bing Girl
Comic’s Sister F Proudest Romeo Comic Wish
Corner the Sun F Sun King Corner the Groom
Courtyard Social F Powers Court Rik
Crypto River C Cryptoclearance River Empress
Dance Linda Dance F Hesabull Don’tbetardy
Dawn’s Destiny F Hesabull Destin’s Chance
Debi Diamante F Southern Forest Black Chance
Des Arc Moon C Big Woods Lauruel Co. Girl
Dot in My Eye C Harlan Traveler Risky Dottie
Elena’s Zarina C Hesabull Theregoesmyemerald
Esotico C Yonaguska Exotic Bird
Explosive Power C Powerscourt Beauty’s Sake
Eyesuponyea F Storm and a Half My Girl Amy
Fancy Catastrophe F Catastrophe Uptown Fancy
Father’s Fancy F Father Steve Super Perfect
Father’s Fandago C Father Steve Burbank’s Ballerina
Father’s Future C Father Steve Special U
Future Perfect F Pine Bluff Perfect Puddin
Gad About Town F Gaddis Kreech
Garnet Silk C Alluvial Rideacrossforever
Ginny’s White Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Ginny’s Ellie Mae
Go Ghee Go C Old Chief’s Emblem Ghazi Mist
Goober C Father Steve Nenantena
Good Time Coming C Proudest Romeo Maria Pia
Got A Stash F Storm and a Half Gastashun
Harmony Hills F Gaddis Alpine Spring
Helen Heard F Southern Forest Hollie Etbauer
Hesacoyote C Hesabull Coyote
Hesadorabull C Will He Shine Shesadorabull
Humble Suspect F Primary Suspect Forever Humble
Hwy Onetwentyeight C Petionville In Triplacate
Ile St Courtney F Ile St. Louis Cayla’s Playmate
Ile St. Robin F Ile St. Louis Maggie Auxier
Ile St. Sara Rae F Ile St. Louis If Elected
Indulge Me F Primary Suspect Headful of Dreams
I’ve Got a Kick F Hesabull Private Equity
Izzyabull C Hesabull Treaty of Riga
Jan’s Perfect Star F Imperialism Perfect Exchange
Jingle Jangle Time F Sequoia Grove Jingle Belle Time
Joan and I F Storm and a Half Red Kisses
Joanna’s Tiara F Oneofthejonesboys Bold Addition
Jokin N Smokin C Its No Joke Smokin Bonnie
Jorja’s Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Jorja’s Scoundrel
Just Jason G Teton Forest Touch of Victory
Justlikestealing C Ile St. Louis Naughty Penny
K J and a Half F Storm and a Half K J’s Girl
Kai’s Shiny Day F District Court A Lex
Kathleen F Proudest Romeo Impetuous Molly
La Flamdew F Fan the Flame Sweet Sara Rose
Lil Ms Razorback F Primary Suspect Rip It
Lime Runner C Limehouse Exploited Dancer
Little Bird C Birdstone Codes Preshisone
Littlemuddyjack C Glorious Bid Lauren’s Wine
Made My Day F Captain Countdown Another Day
Makeitstorm F Future Storm Piney
Mallett C Hesabull Lost Halo
Mauk Force C Mauk Four Silica Shine
Me ‘n My Wildcat C Wildcat Shoes Cami’s Continental
Mi Rocky C Mi Cielo Quick Kick Kit
Miss Awesome Jones F Oneofthejonesboys Sweet and Spicey
Miss Rosie Marie F Cuvee C’mon Camilla
Noble Bird C Devil His Due Kennedy’s Angel
Pap Paw C Father Steve Gonnie
Paradise Dreams F Romeo’s Pistol Blue Ribbon Affair
Perfect Romeo C Proudest Romeo Questforperfection
Phantasmagoria F Mi Cielo Fare The Well
Pina Florada F Pine Bluff Preflora (ARG)
Pretty Morgan F Woostersher Equivalent
Primarily Payton F Primary Suspect Scarlet Smook
Primetime Dreamer C Primary Suspect Timeless Dreamer
Primetime Kiss F Primary Suspect Kissmelikeumeanit
Proud Image C Grand Reward Proud Brush
Proud of Romeo C Proudest Romeo Brownsugarhoney
Push Bull F Hesabull Pushy
Ramsay F Harperstown Weatherfield
Random Suspect F Primary Suspect Hanyah
Rebecca’s Bull F Hesabull Picture Line
Red Dirt Rooster C Funontherun Too Brilliant
Robinetta F Proudest Romeo Jaquenetta
Romeo’s Love F Proudest Romeo Libby’s Lovebug
Run the Court F Powers Court Beauty’s Kitty
Run Withthe Ladies F Funontherun Silver Concho
Runforthefunofit C Funontherun Fiveoutofsix
Runintherain G Funontherun Rain River
Running Fever F Funontherun Stormin Dancer
Sarah’s Splendor F Valiant Halory Anniano
Scarlet Diva F Romeo’s Pistol Runaway Ribbon
Seymour Red C Romeo’s Pistol Lost in Dixie
She’s Bonafide F Father Steve Harpy
Shesasuspect F Primary Suspect Charlotte’s Find
Shine Nashly Shine C Will He Shine Run Nashly Run
Shining Grace F Will He Shine Madison Grace
Shomewhaturworkingwith C Storm and a Half Showmetothecashier
Silent Bandit C Silent Name Comica Bandida
Silveronjones C Oneofthejonesboys Silverdepositday
Simply Scandalous C Storm and a Half False Rumors
Slowtalkinjones C Oneofthejonesboys Boldline
Smoking Fun C Funontherun Smoking Riva
So Shiny C Will He Shine Noble Nannie
Spadra F Wildcat Shoes J J Bay
Spartan C Southern Forest Proper Halo
Star Suspect F Primary Suspect Stanley’s Star
Stone County C Zavata Miss Salty Gift
Suave Affair F Suave Black Tie Gala
Summer Robin C Proudest Romeo Summer Mystery
Sunday Grace F Hesabull Twosisterslady
Suspecting Fire C Primary Suspect Miss Fire Dancer
T J’s Garnet C Mi Cielo El Jocelyn
Teton Flashback F Teton Forest Flash Run Bepop
Texas Baby Bird F Birdstone Imatexantoo
Thethirdjonesgirl F Oneofthejonesboys Frontline Dancer
Tricky Suspect C Primary Suspect Great Trick
Trublefromthegitgo F Easyfromthegitgo Lonestar Rocket
Unbridled Indy C Ocean Indy Sly Song
Valentine Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Mini Minou
Valid Bull C Hesabull Valid Blarney
We Are Due C Storm and a Half Rainbows Are Due
Whirling Flame C Fan The Flame Meafarel
WinWinChickendinn F Harperstown Tiny’s Lil Orphan
Woodchopper C Primary Suspect E’s Beautiful
F Oneofthejonesboys Bare Elegance
C Proudest Romeo Courtly Ballad
F Oneofthejonesboys Lilianna L
Nominations Closed 12/31/2010 80 Fillies
66 Colts/Geldings
TOTAL Nominations 146
* Supp Nomination 1 Filly
TOTAL Nominations 147