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Name Sex Sire Dam
A Firm Suspect F Primary Suspect Just Like Boranda
A P Autochthon C A P Million Miss Taba
A. P. King Andrew C A. P. Million Princess Dancer
A. P.’s Dynasty C A. P. Million Lost Dynasty
Abbey Rose F Ile St. Louis Accession
April Fever F Hesabull Gran Nieta
Arabella’s Lady F Portobello Road Wiseman’s Lady
Aunt Neanie F Ile St Louis Southern Sky
Autumn in Maine F Hesabull My Maine Girl
B J Barlow C Hesabull Me ‘n Linda Marie
Bee’s Bull C Hesabull Nenantena
Bella’s Lane F Portobello Road Humble Lane
Best Seller C Hesabull Johannesburg Dancer
Billsbyjimminy C Yesbyjimminy Stormy Dynasty
Bless Jessica R F Dove Hunt Manda Girl
Bones Baxter C Storm and a Half Y Worry B Happy
Bonita Mora F Hesabull Michaelangela
Bright Hope F Hesabull Dedham
Bulldashanswer F Hesabull Ronnie’s Answer
Bumpy Cat G Portobello Road Desert Appeal
Calico Rock F Nobiz Like Shobiz Madison Grace
Callmeawinner F Hesabull Callone
Calvery Storm C Future Storm Cavalera
Cappuccino Cat G Portobello Road Anniano
Cappuccino Face F Future Storm Miss Kellynutter
Carpetbagger C Ile St Louis Exotic Bird
Cindy’s Uproar F Portobello Road Littleriverqueen
Classic Storm G Sequoia Grove Jessie’s Got A Fever
Command a Bull C Hesabull Katrina’s Star
Commander Luke C Commander’s Shoes Leading Lass
Country Conceited F Orientate Away She Go
Daddy’s Approval F The Daddy Shesadorabull
Daddyslilgirl F The Daddy Rik
*Delta Flower F A.P. Delta Broken Flower
*Devilishly Clever C Tactical Cat Devilishly Kris
Don’t Give Way F Mi Cielo Give Way
Du Big C E Dubai Seattle Sham
Easter Sunglasses C Albert The Great Alltheabove
Educating Guess F Sonny Dom’s Day Amber’s Picture
Electric One F Sonny Dom’s Day Syd and Lyd
Formfolowsfunction C Future Storm Princess Sharkey
Fran’s Song F My Goldeen Song Zoisite
Future Celeb F Future Storm Celebshark
Gibson Lake C Hesabull Orange Street
Good Pie Ollie C Storm and a Half Given to Me
Gottcha Pharm C Gottcha Gold Pharmstar
Granddaddy Brock C Hesabull Too Brilliant
Gumbo To Geaux C Fan the Flame Dazzling Dancer
Hanalei Chick F Funontherun Picture Line
Hazelsaidso F Sea Prince Royal Squaw
He is a Roadster C Portobello Road She Is What She Is
Heels and Boots F Portobello Road Scarlet Smook
Herman Gadder C Portobello Road Faxxy Sal
Highwaysixtyseven C Portobello Road Silk Dress
Holy Kiss F Hesabull Victorious Kiss
Horns of Halos F Hesabull Angel Got Even
Huggins and Kissin F Primary Suspect Noble Nannie
Huntenmeadowdove’s C Dove Hunt Playinthemeadow
Impetuous Bay F Hesabull Beautiful Bay
Indy Skies G A. P Million Royal Actress
Isaac’s Boy C Sonny Dom’s Day Academy Girl
Ivy Jo F Hesabull Holland Polland
Jeri’s Stormin Cat G Portobello Road Jeri Top
Kelly Belly Kid F With Distinction Unicorn Kid
KJ’s Sweet Tater F Primary Suspect K. J.’s Girl
Knight of Dreams C Funontherun Palace of Dreams
L J’s Bertie F Even the Score Boot Um Bertie
Lady Dove Hunt F Dove Hunt Rain River
Late Act Here C Hesabull Brittney
*Little Miss Flurry F Awesome Again Belle’s Appeal
Maia Jean F Portobello Road Jiffy Wish
Mary Lou F Run Away and Hide Timely Tara
Merritt’s Pop Pop C Explosive Truth Roses Over Stars
Mi Lady A F Mi Cielo Lady Adria
Milliondollarbride F A P Million Zada
Miss Seven K F Portobello Road Cinnamon Ring
Miss Spana F Portobello Road Pana Girl
Mister S. G Giacomo Blue Begonia
Mollyjandra F Funontherun Big Mollie
Morluc’s Secret C Morluc Secretively
Mowindowntheroses C Hesabull Miss Scat Cat
Muster In F Future Storm Spooky’s Gold
My Bello Vita F Ile St. Louis Tuff It
My Magic Well F Mi Cielo Fare Thee Well
My Mary F Portobella Road Angel in Command
Naughty Moon C Ile St. Louis Naughty Penny
Nighttime Suspect F Primary Suspect Libba’s Nightie
Nomorenegotiations C Future Storm Sharkey’s Iris
October Sky C Street Hero Spring Cat
Ol’ Bob G Hesabull Blue Mail Box
Oliver’s Bull C Hesabull Jane Posey Road
One of Bill’s Deals C Primary Suspect No Holding David
*Opposite Day F Heatseeker Prone
Orphan Prince C Sea Prince Cherokee Tribute
Papa Zack C Storm and a Half Impetuous Molly
Pasta Mista F Primary Suspect Oodles of Noodles
Pat’s Mistress F Hesabull All Ready Gone
Pick My Kid C Valid Expectations Sporty Girl
Pink Flash F Flashy Bull Mayan Magic
Pinkshoelady F Commander Shoes Irish Missus
Pistol’s Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Ain’t She a Pistol
Pretty Suspect F Primary Suspect Pretty Toni
Primary Connection C Primary Suspect My Girl Amy
Prince Dusty C Sea Prince Home Grown
Pyrite Gold C Spotsgone Pyrite Kim
Q Go Pizza Man C Storm and a Half Splash Happy
Questlie F Quest Leslie
Quickerthanliquor C Liquor Cabinet Athena Patina
R Nanalee F Laffer R Nanee
Razorback Rocket F D’Wildcat Next to Nothing
Red Suede G Commander’s Shoes Rita’s Hope
Reinforce C Ready’s Image Reef
Roaring Junebug F Into Mischief Raise A Roar
Rowdy Ria F Lewis Michael Beat It
Ruby’s Wish F High Cascade Falcon Queen
Run for Stormy C Funontherun Stormbrook
Sarah Bull F Hesabull Special Jamiano
Sea Bubba C Sea Prince Meeither
Sea N Suds C Primary Suspect Miss Brown Eyes
Seeing Destiny F Sightseeing Zen Destiny
Selenographer F Future Storm Priza
Seven Fingers C Primary Suspect Green Banquet
She’s Red Hot F Explosive Truth Floating Oaks
Shesaheifer F Hesabull Klein Manchen
Shesthetownbully F Hesabull Harpy
Silver Brush C Silver Tree Quit Complaining
Silvertini F Silver Train Black Olive
Skyrunner C Portobello Road Eastern Memory
Sly Song Indy F A. P. Million Sly Song
Smokey Juels F Smoke Glacken Miss D’Or
Spotsback C Spotsgone Zarby Dancer
Spunky Barbara F Suave Spunky Star
Stage Door Babe F Hesabull Parade Girl
Sure C Primary Suspect Florabama
Suspicious Moon F Primary Suspect Ms Magdlean
That Krazy F Portabello Road Thatkrazykat
The Arkansan C Romeo’s Pistol Blue Ribbon Affair
Too Tall G Portobello Road Kennedy’s Angel
Tricky Ricardo C Portobello Road Great Trick
True Truffles C Portobello Road Hermanus
Unbridled Passion G Pomatini Risky Ruth
Wargamer C Notional Innocence Lost
Wax Weed Hour F Bench Maker Fighting Comet
Wheressheat F Commander’s Shoes Baffle
Xpensive Wino F Primary Suspect Ribbonsanbeaus
F Spring At Last Dolce Diva
Nominations closed 12/31/12
Fillies 76
Colt/Geldings 66
TOTAL Nominations 142
* Supp Noms 3 Fillies
* Supp Noms 1 Colt/Geldings
TOTAL Nominations 146