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UNNAMED C Stryker Ile de Clare
UNNAMED F Brassy Wells Sea Gulch Sally
* Avisionofchocolate F J Be K Many Many Sweets
* Explosive Lake C Explosive Truth Entre Nous
* Florida Bird C Summer Bird Boca Juniors
* Glackens Ghost G Smoke Glacken Ho Joy
* Iza Daddy G The Daddy Imogene Julia
* Midnight Ruler G Sonny Dom’s Day Mistress Winny
A. P.’s Prince C A. P. Million Princess Dancer
Accelerize F A. P. Million Softly Played
Actslikeaprince C Sea Prince Brittney
Alicia’s Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Basilica
Allredetogo C Primary Suspect Kwaito
Archarityrobbyn F Half Ours Bridget’s Tribute
Athena’s Beauty F J Be K The Goddess Athird
Aunt Gayle F Primary Suspect Prone
Back in Church F Ordained Back in Artemus
Bad Road Ahead C Portobello Road Holland Polland
Belle Bay F Portobello Road Littleriverqueen
Bernard Road C Portobello Road Hermanus
Best Trick Yet C Primary Suspect Great Trick
Black River Gracie F J Be K Madison Grace
Blue Blood Blue F Storm and a Half Blue Mail Box
Brooke’s a Bookin F Jonesboro Orange Street
Bud’s Mr. B C Proud Citizen Smell the Roses
Camp Cielo C Mi Cielo Camp Wood
Carmen’s Joy F Primary Suspect Simply Runaway
Carson’s Suspect C Primary Suspect Bexley
Cat Got Even C Stephen Got Even Spring Cat
Certainly Perfect F Certain My Honeychild
Cinnabella F Portobello Road Cinnamon Ring
Combatche C Prom Shoes Mariastheboss
Commanding Arch C ArchArchArch Angel in Command
Delta Chance C A. P. Delta Destin’s Chance
Detroit Cowboy C Storm and a Half Silver Trail
Diamond Fire C Mustanfar A P Dilly
Dizzy Queen F Storm and a Half Confetti Queen
Duffer C Jonesboro Victorious Kiss
Elevenpoint River F J Be K Crucial Bid
Extraordainarily C Ordained Constance
Fastanista F Primary Suspect Courtesan’s Song
Festival Road C Portobello Road Festival Dress
Final Suspect C Primary Suspect Final Bel
Flipstan C Istan Flipette
Gently Tapped C Yankee Gentlemen Tapit Lightly
Gravel Bottom C The Daddy Shesadorabull
Gumshoe C Corinthian Pose
Half a Payday F Storm and a Half Candy Glide
Handsome Roy C Portobello Road Impetuous Molly
Hat F Hat Trick Bright Generation (IRE)
Heaven’s Moon F Portobello Road Alleged Diva
Hot Blooded Song C Cosmonaut Hot Blooded
How About You Dude C First Dude Mount Gay
Humble Romp F Jonesboro Miss Kellynutter
I Am C J Be K Pampered
I Suspect Taylor F Primary Suspect Pretty Toni
Iluvbeefstew C Portobello Road Deep Ocean
I’m Dawnting F Primary Suspect Dawn’s Chance
In Lilly’s Hand F Hand Over Hand Miss Lilly Blue
Instant Beauty C Istan Beauty’s Kitty
Jeri Bella F Portobello Road Jeri Top
Jonathan Way C Portobello Road Silk Dress
Kickstart F Storm and a Half Boo Dee Shaker
Kiowa Can C Canadian Frontier Kiowa Cat
Laura Ray F Temple City Flirtin’ With Fire
Leslie’s Boy C Commander’s Shoes Leslie
Little Mama F Portobello Road My Angel’s Halo
Maize Road C Afleet Alex Becker County Miss
Mattiejoe F Portobello Road Holy Geri
May Be Suspect F Primary Suspect May We
Me ‘n Logan Ray C Arch Arch Arch Me ‘n Linda Marie
Mini’s Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Mini Minou
Mostly Sunny C Storm and a Half Noble Nannie
Mr Ark C Primary Suspect Miss Brown Eyes
Ms. D’s Last Storm C Storm and a Half Ms. Dowden
My Lady J F Portobello Road Be Good Molly
Notmuchtolookat C Portobello Road Lisbonvale
One Last Toga C Storm and a Half Toga Rose
Ordaina F Ordained Only
Our Addi Belle F Primary Suspect Copperelle
Ozark C Pollard’s Vision Exotic Bird
Polish Suspect F Primary Suspect Paillette
Primarily Gold C Primary Suspect Gold in the Pocket
Primary Lady F Primary Suspect Perfection
Primary Patrick C Primary Suspect Thistledew
Private’scheckmark C Unbridled’s Risk Private Equity
Prom Bootz C Prom Shoes Sleek Flyer
Racer C Jonesboro Leading Lass
Real Soon C Primary Suspect Belle Charme
Reordained F Ordained Harbor House
Risky’s Best F Unbridled’s Risk Pulaski
Ristan F Istan Rik
Rita Ann F Big Brown Rah Rah Girl
Roada’s Wish F Portobello Road Jiffy Wish
Rocsi Harbor F Rockport Harbor Chitchat Chitchat
Rook of Kings C Portobello Road Falcon Queen
Roxy Rocket F Primary Suspect Five Star Toni
Salty Suspect C Primary Suspect Miss Auspicious
Seeking Angels F Bob and John Angel Fire
Sham’s Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Seattle Sham
Sheisablackbeauty F Portobello Road She Is What She Is
She’s the Most F Corinthian Miss D’or
She’s Too Cool F Primary Suspect Kirsche
Shoe Money C Prom Shoes Dear Alicia
Skyroad C Portobello Road Eastern Memory
So Ordained F Odained Score Six
Southern Secret C A. P. Million Nancy Slew
Spotty C Spotsgone Everleaner
Strawn’s Cash C Primary Suspect Robin’s Milady
Superlative Top C Top Venture Superlative Star
Surprise Suspect C Primary Suspect Sunny Weekend
Sweet Lute O’Mine F Midnight Lute Soar Above
Tara’s Shoes F Commander’s Shoes Timely Tara
Thunder n’ Lightin F Sun King Rahy Come Home
Tonality F Mr. Nightlinger Touch Tone Gray
Top Tee F Top Venture Gamble La Tee
Twice Ordained F Ordained Twice as Wise
Uncle Goyle C Jonesboro Automatic Audit
Vaguely Suspect F Primary Suspect Vaguely Rich
Watch the Rainbow F Storm and a Half Rainbows Are Due
Whistlin Wesley C Storm and a Half Hanyah
Wilbur C Jonesboro Nicole’s Passion
Wildwood C Flower Alley Spunky Star
Wornout Shoes C Commander’s Shoes Sheryar’s Shark
Nominations Closed 12/31/14
     Fillies 57
     Colts/Geldings 61
TOTAL Nominations 118
Sup. Nom. 3/29/16 1 Colt Florida Bird
TOTAL Nominations 119
Sup. Nom. 2/22/17 1 Filly Explosive Lake
Sup. Nom. 2/22/17 1 Colt Avisionofchocolate
TOTAL Nominations 121
Sup. Nom. 4/4/17 1 Gelding Midnight Ruler
TOTAL Nominations 122
Sup. Nom. 4/2/18 1 Gelding Glacken’s Ghost
Sup. Nom. 4/25/21 1 Gelding Iza Daddy