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17809 C Adams Off Ox Macho Rocket Miss Scat Cat
17436 F Aireonblush Portobello Road Kirstie
17456 G All About Clara Jonesboro Orange Street
17413 F Always Grace Liaison Already Blessed
* 17305 F Another Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Hanya
17284 F Arkansas Alley Jimmy Creek Mad Princess
17269 C Arkansas Red Waupaca Missthewayshemoves
17295 F Art Forgery Jonesboro Modern Art
17539 C Auspicious Calling A. P. Delta Miss Auspicious
17529 F B Gracious It’s So Simple Wake up Maggie B B
17530 F B Relaxed It’s So Simple Cat Express
17430 C Back Road Outlaw Portobello Road Calamity Jeanne
17425 F Back Road Story Portobello Road Pretty Toni
17389 C Bad and Bold Icon Ike She Is What She Is
17390 F Banker Nita Hightail Miracle Rose
17408 F Bendi Blu Flat Out Blumental
17455 F Bettyann Sky Mes Extreme Ways
17318 C Blanco Bronco Icon Ike Reef
17463 C Broken Together Commander’s Shoes True Blonde Beauty
17528 C Burr Oak Giant Oak Dinner Delight
* 17304 F Bye Bye J Uncaptured Red Pine
17329 C Call Me Derby Awesome Again Key Appeal
17349 C Candy Mon Sidney’s Candy Silver Brook
17262 F Cash Me Ousside Portobello Road Mariastheboss
17371 G Cathys Bobby Portobello Road Don’t Picq on Me
17297 F Cloudywithachance Primary Suspect Dare We Dream
17327 F Country Dream Country Day Kitty’s Dream
17314 C Crafty Ike Icon Ike Gaily Field
17399 F Culchiechic Sea Prince Automatic Audit
17339 C D K’s Candy Sidney’s Candy Mayapple
17264 F Daddy’s Angel The Daddy Threelittleangels
17291 C Daddy’s Luck The Daddy Double Your Luck
17289 C Dark Ninja Bold Warrior Fancy and Free
17364 C Del Rio Gold Hightail Jena’s Gold
17541 C Delta Reward A. P. Delta Meafarel’s Reward
17457 F Dena’s Bold Move Mt Pro Katrina’s Star
17473 C Destintobeastar Hamazing Destiny J Star
17497 C Destiny Way Hamazing Destiny Nana
17385 F Dixie Cat Cougar Cat Sweetheartofdixie
17374 C Don Carlo El Padrino Windstream
17527 F Don’t Blame Bunker Silver City Don’t Blame Wayne
17847 C Double John Double Irish Motokiks Dancer
17306 F Dresden Green Double Irish Upland
17350 F El Flirty El Padrino Unbridled Flirty
17345 C Explosive Humour Drosselmeyer Explosive Disco
17442 C Fetch Back Road Portobello Road Fetch You Back
17386 C Fire To Cougar Cat Bellamy’s Fire
17395 F Firm Alexis Afleet Alex Firma
17322 F Flamin Icon Icon Ike Flamin Josie
17300 F Flat Out And Foxy Flat Out Every Day Is Good
17462 C For Too Long Commander’s Shoes Missippi Martini
17471 C Forevera Commander Commander’s Shoes Forever Grace
17367 C Frequent Traveler Special Rate Belsay
17426 F Goldie Fast Lane Portobello Road Gold in the Pocket
17362 G Gone Dancing Spotsgone Seans Silverdancer
17568 F Goodbye Molly Hamazing Destiny Be Good Molly
17505 C Gotta B Scrappy Omega Code Seeking the Max
17271 F Hamazing Honor Hamazing Destiny Golden Honor
17383 F Hello I’m Here Jonesboro Baffle
17272 F Her Kinda Candy Mykindacandy Grand Affair
17392 C Heritage Park Jersey Town Heartstrong
17467 C Hezekiah Commander’s Shoes Beautiful Bay
17810 C Highway Ten Hamazing Destiny Blue Mailbox
17474 C Ikon Who Icon Ike Hooter Who
17435 F I’m So Tink Macho Rocket I’m So Flattering
17326 C In the Heart of Texas Interactif Posse’s Starlet
17307 C Irish Oak Double Irish Dovecot
17379 C Jesse Jones Jonesboro Jesse’s Giacomo
17414 F Jeweled Crown Shackleford Jewel in the Crown
17358 C Kathy’s Shadow Commander’s Shoes Granny Joy
17334 F Keene’s Desire Crossbow Desire to Change
17335 F Keene’s Knock Out Crossbow K.O. Socks
17333 F Keene’s Promise Crossbow Promise the Moon
17542 C Kinda Stormy Mykindacandy Stormin Nessie
17360 C King Arch Archarcharch Enfiraj
17365 F Laneys Love Portobello Road My Madame
17447 C Lanikai Afleet Alex R Cat Lady
17381 C Late Act Jones Jonesboro Brittney
17396 C Leo Del Reo Hamazing Destiny Jiffy Wish
17391 C Lieutenant Powell Line of David Rah Rah Girl
17370 F Lil Tater Hamazing Destiny K J’s Sweetater
17351 F Little Mercy Ordained Deferred
17361 G Little Tiny Spotsgone Meghan W
17394 F Lively Spell Live from Apollo Springtime Spell
17502 F Lovely Lou Two Step Salsa Flatterific
17535 F Luck’s Good Girl Ordained Alex’s Cat
17446 C Macdouglas MacLlean’s Music Ms Highmaintenance
17503 F Mama of My Dreams It’s My Lucky Day Mama’s Mad Money
17468 C Marvelous Thunder Commander’s Shoes Leslie
17454 F Mary Alice Strong Mandate Hi Heels N Jewels
17343 F Matapan Majesticperfection Kombat Lake
17397 F Millie’s an Angel A. P. Million Kennedy’s Angel
17363 F Miss Funny Gun D’ Funnybone Zip  Gun
17428 C Moon Dog Spot Primary Suspect Cuzi
17496 F Moon Shoes Commander’s Shoes Taylor’s Moonbeam
17537 G Mr. Cotton Tail Bench Maker Kiss On Theterrace
17384 C Mr. Cougar Cougar Cat Remarkable Rocket
17427 F Ms Ridge Road Portobello Road Splashappy
17354 F Ms Sassy Atitude Hamazing Destiny Flosy Has Atitude
17303 C My Buddy Pat Capo Bastone Winning With Style
17434 C My Golden Diablo My Golden Song Lonestar Rocket
17609 F My Little Spitfire Watch Me Daddy Savannah Lane
17526 F My Scarlet Beauty Lime House Mystical Beauty
17288 F Nanabanana Commander’s Shoes Bethsgonewest
17421 F Nana’s Magic Archarcharch Mayan Magic
17267 C Nice for What Hamazing Destiny Secret of the Sea
17313 C No Debate Ordained Heated Debate
17330 C Officer Sid Sidney’s Candy Tactical Officer
17273 F Oochie Double Irish Mary Lou Who Who
17432 G Ordained Cat Ordained Spring Cat
17501 F Owe Her One Guilt Trip Dues Up Front
17549 C Papa Paul Hainesville Miss D’Or
17268 F Portion Hamazing Destiny Saintly Demeanor
17538 C Primary Heart Primary Suspect Meafarel
17344 C Private Lake Hamazing Destiny Private Parade
17409 F Residual Sugar The Factor Cosmo Gal
17444 C River Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Miss Lilly Blue
17453 F Rocket First Macho Rocket Honour First
17495 C Run Rebel Run Brahms Michelleangla
* 17299 G Rusty Cage Laurie’s Rocket Loves to Fly
17372 F Sailaway and Hide Run Away and Hide Sylvia’s Buttercup
17506 C Scoot Dude Podium Roberta’s Magic
17465 F Scotia Queen Commander’s Shoes Queen of Scioto
17437 G Shitake Road Portobello Road Leslieann
17352 C Silver City Blues Silver City Blue Devil Lady
17398 F Sing a Song Too Macho Rocket Vuitton Too
17464 C Slightly Crafty Commander’s Shoes Totally Crafty
17438  C Souixper Charger Portobello Road My Angel’s Halo
17263 C Stealth Commander Commander Shoes Stealth Woman
17466 F Stormin’s Shoes Commander’s Shoes Stormin K J
17380 C Storms a Suspect Primary Suspect Stormbrook
17540 C Stormy Delta A. P. Delta Corner the Storm
17470 F Summer Rocket Laurie’s Rocket Summer Symphony
17294 F Summersweet Ellie Elerton Beautiful and Able
17317 F Suspect the Worst Primary Suspect Pass That Bottle
17323 C Tapit Star Double Irish Thistledew
17498 C Tax Break Brahms Big Mollie
17366 F Texas Flashy Too Much Bling Auditioning
17301 F Tiger Bait Oxbow Go Again Valid
17494 F Tommie Trucker My Golden Song Miss Little Rock
17341 C Tony’s Joy Laurie’s Rocket Ho Joy
17321 C Too Hamazing Hamazing Destiny Yoo Hoo Too
17309 F Tweedia Double Irish Merry Mittens
17359 C Unbridled Shoes Commander’s Shoes Big Elley
17312 C Vans Flying Cowboy Hamazing Destiny Diva Ridge
17311 F Vansflyingcowgirl Hamazing Destiny Darkest Hour
17445 F Wanna Be Perfect Majestic Perfection Rock On Misty
17373 F Warm Beauty Portobello Road Warm Country
17504 F Wild Dez New Year’s Day Tacticmove
17393 F Willow Moon Live from Apollo Gaucho Girl
17500 F You Go Girl Power Broker Lively Vision
* 17302 G Young Bull Bellamy Road Cold Heart Truth
17469 F Zuzu Commander’s Shoes ZanZu
NOMINATIONS Closed 12/31/2017
Fillies 74
Colts/Geldings 75
* Supp (F) 2
* Supp (G) 2